Character Builds are pages where users may share their chosen stats and equipment for optimized play. The wiki has an upcoming build calculator in the works, so check this page often for more details!


Use this chart as a guide to start your new build:


*NOTE* Vigor raises more HP than other stats.
Please consider the color codes a reference starting point for building a character.

    • 19 Dec 2016 13:37  

      So I'm new to dark souls 2 and I started as a Warrior What would be the best stats to upgrade and the best weapon also I want to get in to pvp so I open to challenges I'm on the PS3 and my gamer tag is bradwolfky032 I think I learn better hands on so I'm taking takers

      • Tank it up!31 Aug 2016 12:08  

        Tank is probably the best bet out of any other. With later enemies and bosses having powerful ranged attacks, tricking the AI into only aiming weak frontal attacks while you hack at them relentlessly is honestly your best chance. Bluemoon Greatsword with added lightning/fire perk is a good idea for tanks. I think the next best thing is sorcerer.

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