Soul Bolt

Spell Type
Spell Uses
Slots Used
45 INT
"One of the sorceries devised by Straid, the great mage of ancient Olaphis.
Fires a blinding, piercing bolt of light.

Straid started with an unwieldy spell that back-fired on its caster, and in time, perfected it."
Acquired From
You acquire it after you defeat the Looking Glass Knight. It is found in a chest on the left side before you take the platform down.
Short/Medium Range
The caster lifts their staff into the air, and shoots down a short to medium range beam of powerful sorcery.
This sorcery is best used in narrow passages as it is impossible to turn while casting this spell.
Range is slightly longer if you're standing on an upper staircase and aiming to lower ground.

This spell does high damage to large enemies and knocks down humanoid enemies if cast from close range, but doing so leaves you vulnerable.
This spell completely ignores rolling, making it especially effective against rollers in PvP.

An effective way of using this spell against human-sized enemies is to use the leaping heavy attack (forward and heavy attack button at the same time) with a shield or greatshield to knock your opponent onto their back, then immediately cast the spell. Because the attack starts right in front of the caster's feet, and because the spell has a high chance of staggering enemies, the knocked-down opponent will often take the full force of the attack without being able to react,
getting stun-locked from the spell's repeated hits before fully getting up, inflicting high damage.
If your casting speed isn't fast enough, however, more slippery opponents might be able to roll out of the way before it hits.
Recommend using a Clear Bluestone Ring, the +2 version if you have it. Because the spell has so few uses, it's best to save this combo for tougher enemies.
Important: This only works against human-sized enemies. Larger enemies are immune to the knockdown from the melee attack and the staggering effect from the spell.

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