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    • Anonymous

      30 Oct 2020 13:01  

      Does anyone know the best miracle for a 99 faith cleric?? cause I’ve been using the great lightning spear and its taking five or six shots to kill anybody, if anyone knows please,please,please tell me i need to know.

      • Anonymous

        30 Oct 2020 12:53  

        Through all the weapons that I’ve used the best was and still is my Greatsword i have reinforced it to +10 and imbued it with raw and right now I’m at ng+7

        • Anonymous

          28 Feb 2020 10:04  

          Is there anyone who can help me find out what the best armor is for a 99 INT mage? I've been using the Black Witch set for a while, but it doesn't seem to do very much.

          • Anonymous

            18 Mar 2019 18:41  

            Hey, I just killed a warlock wearing that animal skull & used a bonefire acetic. Now I have like four of them. Are they rare?

            • Anonymous

              29 Aug 2016 05:00  

              By the way it goes, Hexes/Pyromancies/Miracles/Sorceries ... Armor ... Shields ... Weapons/Boss Soul Weapons/Flames/Chimes/Staves ... Rings ... Items.

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