Image immolation.png
Spell Type


Spell Uses 8-15
Slots Used 1
Requirements None
Description "A pyromancy that creates a coating of flame, allowing the caster to incinerate nearby foes. Needless to say, this is a perilous spell that burns the caster while active.

If a person is truly desirous of something, perhaps being set on fire does not seem so bad."
Acquired From Found in Belfry Sol, in a treasure chest past a fog gate.
Type self/short

Damage to self can not be reduced.
Damage to enemy is independent of flame reinforcement.
Can not be stacked with Flash Sweat.
Spiritual successor to Power Within from Dark Souls 1.
This spell makes it easy to find invisible enemies in the Shaded Ruins
It is possible to roll through the self-damage.
Casting Replenishment while Immolation is active will cancel Immolation. The reverse is also true; casting Immolation will cancel Replenishment.
Casting Immolation and running through the tar pits in the gulch will catch them on fire.

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