Pyromancies in Dark Souls II is a type of Magic that deals fire elemental damage with its offensive spells. Most of the Pyromancy spells are offensive-focused and best used at short to medium range. The Pyromancy Flame and Dark Pyromancy Flame are the only catalysts in the game able to cast pyromancies. Fire damage scales with Intelligence and Faith stats, but there aren't any stat requirements for casting pyromancies. The soft cap for fire damage is Int+Fth = 60.

What are Pyromancies in Dark Souls 2

Pyromancies are fire spells used offensively that do not require any Faith or Intelligence and can be cast with the use of the Pyromancy Flame or Dark Pyromancy Flame. Since the damage of these spells are fire-based, any opponent resistant to fire damage will not be affected by any Pyromancy spells.

Pyromancy spells are favored by those players who go for physical damage builds but still wants to use magic to surprise opponents and fill the gap from mid to long range combat. One of the drawbacks of Pyromancies is that most of its spells have short range and a long casting time, along with its small number of uses. Pyromancy spells do have high damage output to compensate for its drawbacks.


Best Pyromancies in Dark Souls 2

  • Great Fireball - A basic Pyromancy spells that offers high damage with the range it's given. It also doesn't consume much stamina. It has a decent AOE once the spell strikes a surface, dealing damage to anyone within range even if you missed, it's also useful that it has a bit of tracking too.
  • Fire Whip - A great Pyromancy spell with high damage output, the damage also lasts throughout the attack frames of the move. This spell is perfect to catch opponents who constantly dodge and try to get up close to you. Most of the time, even a timed roll could catch your opponent with this spell. The tracking and AOE of the spell can also make it difficult to avoid this spell completely especially if the opponent is too close.
  • Fire Snake - A very decent Pyromancy spell, it has a fast casting time and medium range where the spell goes in random trajectories, the spell has moderate damage. The random trajectory of the spell can help in mixing up your opponent, and if they're not equipped with a high fire resistant armor or magic barrier, this spell could easily kill them.



All Pyromancies in Dark Souls 2

Quick Search of All Pyromancies in Dark Souls 2

Name Uses
icon attunement
Description Acquired from Cost Type
8-15 1 A standard spell for pyromancers. Creates a fireball that is hurled at foes.
To use pyromancies, equip a pyromancy flame to serve as the catalyst, and assign a pyromancy to an atunement slot.
The power of a pyromancy is directly affected by the quality of the catalyst.
Rosabeth of Melfia, Flame Lizards, Chest after Flexile Sentry 1200 Ranged Attack
Very Small AoE
fire orb
Fire Orb
4-8 1 A stronger form of Fireball. Creates a fireball that is hurled at foes. Also inflicts damage to foes near point of contact.
The power of pyromancies is influenced by one's pyromancy flame, which can be strengthened through reinforcement.
Rosabeth of Melfia, Flame Lizards 3400 Ranged Attack Small AoE
great fireball
Great Fireball
3-6 1 The strongest form of Fireball.
Creates a giant fireball that is hurled at foes.
Flame Lizard, Brightstone Cove Tseldora   Medium Range
great chaos fireball
Great Chaos Fireball
2-5 2 Create a chaos flame, and hurl it at foes. The spot where the spell hits will melt into lava, dealing damage for a short time before disappearing. Brotherhood of Blood (Rank 3), Chancellor Wellager(NG++) 17,400 Medium Range
4-8 1 An ancient, primal pyromancy. Pillars of flame erupt near the caster.
The Firestorm is said to be the wrath and ire of the spell's creator.
Titchy Gren, Poisonous Horn Beetles, Drangleic Castle 4500 Ranged Attack
Large AoE
fire tempest
Fire Tempest
2-5 1 Giant pillars of flame erupt near the caster. Shrine of Amana, Guardian Dragons   Ranged Attack
Large AoE
chaos storm
Chaos Storm
2-4 1 Creates multiple pillars of chaos flame. Iron Keep   Ranged Attack
Large AoE
10-15 1 An elementary spell for new pyromancers. Releases flame in front of the caster.
The simplest pyromancy of all, but surprisingly effective.
Rosabeth of Melfia, Huntsman's Copse 1500 Short ranged Attack
Small AoE
Great Combustion
Great Combustion
6-8 1 Superior spell to Combustion. Releases intense flames in front of the caster.
A very powerful spell, but so simple that it can be awkward to use.
Titchy Gren, Drangleic Castle 4800 Short ranged
Small AoE
fire whip
Fire Whip
4-8 1 An ancient, primal pyromancy. Sweep foes with a whip-like flame.
One of the original pyromancies. Effective use of it demands agile footwork, making it a difficult spell for most.
Titchy Gren, Bell Keepers in Belfry Sol 3800 Short ranged
Small AoE
poison mist
Poison Mist
2-5 1 A fringe pyromancy of unknown origin. Creates a cloud of poison mist.. Stays in place for 8 seconds.
This spell contradicts the very principles of pyromancy, suggesting that its creator had a heretical streak.
Rosabeth of Melfia 3400 Ranged AoE
toxic mist
Toxic Mist
3-6 1 A fringe pyromancy of unknown origin. Creates a cloud of poison mist.
The poison gradually erodes the target's body, inflicting damage all the while. Whoever created this spell did not believe his enemies deserved a swift death.
(Creates a cloud of toxic mist around your target. Does double the damage of poison and stays in place for 8 seconds.)
Straid of Olaphis 1500 + Royal Rat Vanguard Soul Ranged AoE
acid surge
Acid Surge
2-5 1 A fringe pyromancy of unknown origin. Sprays an equipment-eroding acid.
Does not directly damage foes, but eats away at their equipment instead. Yet another pyromancy inspired by perniciousness.
Straid of Olaphis
by trading in Royal Rat Authority Soul
1500 + Royal Rat Authority Soul Ranged AoE
lingering flame
Lingering Flame
4-8 2 One of the pyromancies devised by Straid, the great mage of Olaphis. Release a static fireball that explodes when foes draw near.
Straid was an oddly gifted mage, well-versed in both sorceries and pyromancies, but his curious temperament never allowed him to settle down in one place for very long.
(Casts a fireball that travels a short distance before floating in the air for 30 seconds, after which it dissipates. Explodes when close to an enemy.)
Straid of Olaphis, Undead Jailer in Lost Bastille 6700 Ranged Attack
Large AoE
flame swathe
Flame Swathe
2-5 1 One of the pyromancies devised by Straid, the great mage of ancient Olaphis. Great flames envelop and immolate faraway foes.
Straid, always immersed in magic, never accepted an apprentice. As a result, much of his extensive knowledge is permanently lost.
Straid of Olaphis, Bellkeepers 9500 Ranged Attack
Medium AOE
forbidden sun
Forbidden Sun
1-3 3 Casts a giant fast moving fireball with long range, causing damage on impact and more so with an explosion. Royal Sorcerer Navlaan   Ranged Attack
Large AOE
flame weapon
Flame Weapon
4-8 1 Pyromancy that imbues weapon in other hand with fire. Adds fire damage to the types of damage the weapon already inflicts. Pyromancy and sorcery are said to be like oil and water, but in fact their origins can be traced to a common source.
Adds 50 fire damage and increases overall fire elemental power by 15%(1.06 reduced it from 30% so it could be 20%) for 90 seconds to equipped weapon.
Straid of Olaphis by trading in Old Witch Soul. 10000 Weapon Buff
flash sweat
Flash Sweat
4-8 1 A pyromancy that internalizes the power of flame. Sweat profusely, reducing fire damage.
Most useful when facing other flame-manipulating pyromancers. Just don't take the looks you get personally.
Increase fire defense by 300 for 60 seconds.
Rosabeth of Melfia 2300 Self Buff
iron flesh
Iron Flesh
2-4 1 A pyromancy that internalizes the power of flame. Turns the body into iron, increasing defense and resistance.
As one might guess, the rock-solid flesh enabled by this spell dramatically slows movement. Guaranteed to cause trouble if used at an inopportune moment.
(Increases defense by 100, all resistances by 10%, poise by 100 but reduces movement speed. Lasts 20 seconds.)
Rosabeth of Melfia 3500 Self Buff
4-8 1 One of the lost pyromancies preserved only in the Undead Crypt. Creates a gentle, warm flame that heals those who touch it.
Fire can be a show of strength, but it is also a symbol of wisdom and comfort. Fire is what the caster wishes it be.
Corpse Rats, Grave Warden Agdayne 5200 AoE Heal
8-15 1 A pyromancy that creates a coating of flame, allowing the caster to incinerate nearby foes. Needless to say, this is a perilous spell that burns the caster while active. (Lasts 30 seconds.)
If a person is truly desirous of something, perhaps being set on fire does not seem so bad.
Belfry Sol   Self Buff

Dark Souls II DLC Pyromancies

The Crown of the Sunken King DLC added no new pyromancies.
The DLC Crown of the Ivory King added no new Pyromancies
Name Uses
icon attunement
Description Acquired From Cost Type


1-3 2 A pyromancy of Nadalia, Bride of Ash. Spouts multiple Dark flames.
"This child of Dark, bearing inconceivable strength, found herself in a kingless land devoid of souls. And in journeying there, has all but condemned herself to a fate most wretched."
Straid of Olahpis 45000 Souls + Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash Ranged Attack Large AoE

dance of fire pyromancy magic dark souls 2 wiki guide 75px
Dance of Fire

3-6 1 Pyromancy created by the magus Eygil, loyal follower of the Old Iron King. Cast flame in a sweeping motion across a targeted area. "The fire seems to dance, and makes its victims dance with it."
Brume Tower -- Ranged Attack Small AoE

fire snake pyromancy magic dark souls 2 wiki guide 75px
Fire Snake

2-4 2 Pyromancy created by the magus Eygil, loyal follower of the Old Iron King.
"Eygil sought to grant fire a will of its own. This pyromancy was conjured up to behave like a snake, writhing toward its prey, with a mind to strike."
Brume Tower -- Ranged Attack Small AoE


Pyromancy Showcase

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    • Anonymous

      I feel like pyromancy works better when combined with playstyles, not solely dependent on it. Melee? Ranged attack with no investment. Hexer? Your stats match up, so you can melt what your hexes can't obliterate. Best of all, it upgrades with a unique material, so you don't lose much if you don't like them.

      • Anonymous

        A lot of people mention pairing pyromancies with hexes, which is a good combination, especially for dealing with dark-resistant foes, but remember that pyromancies scale off EITHER int or faith, meaning you can use them effectively in both pure int and pure faith builds. Combustion and Great Combustion serve well as melee attacks for sorcerers, and the fireballs are solid ranged options for clerics. Lingering flame is a great pyromancy to have for many situations, and of course poison/toxic mist (they do stack together) to cut down anything big. Very versatile school of magic overall

        • Anonymous

          Pls update this page with the dlc pyromancy’s, it’s rather annoying to separately go to the dlc page regarding achievement hunting.

          • Anonymous

            There's a total of 20 offensive pyromancies (15 if we exclude lingering flame, inmolation, and the mist ones), then there's a total of 4 support pyromancies. In the end, there's a total of 24 pyromancies, 21 if we exclude the DLC

            • Anonymous

              Pyromancy costs zero investment( apart from attunement slots), and upgrades using a unique material, I think it is a way for melee users to have some range attacks in their arsenal, but unless you make a build dedicated for pyromancy alone, it is not that strong.

              • Anonymous

                Pyromancy is good in DS2, but you really have to work hard to get the build going. Even then, with no dark pyromancy, you still need dark orb in your back pocket for certain enemies/areas.

                • Anonymous

                  I thought the class sucked early game because of how many casts sorcerers get.

                  And then I made a miracle build...

                  • Some guy at from software really hated pyromancy:
                    - no pyromancer class
                    - pyromancy flame hidden behind boss
                    - very small amount of casts
                    - fire seeds needed for upgrade pyromancy flame instead of titanite
                    - scaling from both int and fth.
                    - best spells ludicrously hard to get
                    - no power within

                    • Pyromancer starts weak on this game, but end game he is incredibly powerful.
                      -Very easy to multiclass although not optimal, you can cast spells with 0 investment.
                      -Most spells are on 1 attunement requirement and some on 2.
                      -Has most aoe spells and actually consistent and efficient aoe. Will help on ng+ and covenant of champions since literally ds2 bosses gang on you. Great chaos fireball for example is insane spell.
                      -You don't have to invest materials and souls every time, just fire seed your flame and you done.
                      -Poison mist is good early game farm (and can cheese gargoyles too). You can kill the 2 giants for farm near that forbidden key gate where dark covenant guy is.

                      -Limited uses
                      -You have to find your spells to cast them!
                      -Fire weapon is super late in game
                      -Eventually you will invest on int and wisdom to make them stronger and attunement to increase their uses.

                      For me personally, initially it serves as a filler class for multi build and after I find enough pyromancies and can reallocate my points then it becomes viable. No point having 5-6 fireballs while spellcaster and hexers have 21 early game. Same concept for miracles, why have some random healing spells instead of ranged attack pressure. Miracle users get like lightning spears per slot on start, wow..

                      • Anonymous

                        i use them for bosses weak to fire. the dukes freja, nashandra, and darklurker. they are best used situationally rather than as a primary build.

                        • Anonymous

                          Go for flame weapon with any weapon that has starting fire damage, and try other pyromancies to supplement. Easy way to get some good use out of pyromancies. You'll be using fireball, etc for a while until you can get flame weapon by using bonfire ascetic on the lost sinner, but those are still very useful early game.

                          • Anonymous

                            im so happy that there is a buff for pyromancys so i could use more intresting builds and not have to mix it with faith or intelligence.

                            • I haven't tested the pyromancies yet, but from what they are saying, I think they will only make the pyromancy worse because it was VERY POWERFUL on the DS1, I didn't need any status to use, I didn't (I don't have to) change the equipment to get stronger, the hand or regret
                              the guy realized that he must be weak, but he was very weak, I think
                              maybe they are noob talking

                              • Anonymous

                                For everyone complaining that pyro sucks in this game I wanna know if it just because you can't one shot bosses like in DS and Demon souls.

                                It isn't its own class in this game but it's still very good either as a supplement or focused build, the damage scaling is ok but can be ignored without losing too much and the Iron King dlc pyro's are silly good, except dance of fire which just looks cool

                                • Anonymous

                                  If you want to do a pyro only run and have trouble figuring out how to defeat the iron keep bosses just use toxic and poison mist

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Played pyro in both 1 and 3, and it just feels so bad in this game. Why does it feel like they practically killed pyromancy in favor of sorceries? Sorceries (generally) have a lot more casts, faster casting speeds, faster travel times, and at best slightly less damage than most pyromancies.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      If anyone is still reading this page these days... could you tell me if these do okay damage with low INT/FTH? I am looking to do mostly melee, but would like to have just enough attunement to slug some of the harder-to-dodge spells at enemies that think tricky footwork will save them from my greatsword. I would test it, but I am doing a DS3 playthrough I do not wish to interrupt to make a new DS2 save.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I said it when the game first came out and I’ll say it again, Fromsoft needs to punish the game designer who decided to remove “Pyromancer” class from the selection. You have NO bloody idea how much of a pain it is to run to get the pyromancer gear and flame from The Gutter without dying once...then again, you probably do. I always pick a Deprived class from the start, make a mad rush for the dragon slayer and cheese him off the edge for an instant victory. From here I get the cat ring, boost health, go down the hole, try NOT to miss my landings and when I reach the bottom it’s a quick run to the Gutter. From the first fire it’s easy to get the gear but holy heck is it a pain with crazy hollows with dark infused weapons. Once the gear is collected, homeward bone home and the game starts...all that hard work just to get an early pyromancer. Bonus prize, the rats drop Warmth and is an awesome first pyromancy spell to have.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Master of pyromacy trophy not poping up. I have all including dlc ones. It showed on my screen but trophy remains locked.... Any help?

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Does it make any sense to go higher than 30/30 FTH/INT?
                                            I'm 40/40 right now and thinking about spending the points otherwise.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Magic is as follows. All magic users use the ATN stat. This unlocks spell slots and increases the amount of uses each spell has but it requires a lot of points. Think you get your first slot at 10 and another every 3-4 levels after give or take. You can also equip rings that give you more slots. INT Is for Sorcery magic, FTH is for Miracles, and both INT and FTH combined are for Hex and Pyromancies. To cast a spell you must first equip a catalyst for sorcery, a chime for miracles, a pyromancy flame for pyromancies, and hexes use either a catalyst or a chime depending on the hex. Dark orb is one of the best hexes in my opinion and in this game it requires a catalyst. Then you most go to a bonfire and attune a spell. After that the chime/catalyst/ pyro flame light attack will cast that spell.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                if you don't pick a magic class at the start of the game, can you still use magic? i can't use any magic items and idk if it's because i'm a warrior or if i need to up my stats.

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