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Ring of Thorns is a retaliation ring in Dark Souls 2.
ring_of_thorns.png "Ring granted protection by Kremmel, god of Struggle. The ring's spikes drive into the wearer's skin, so that each blow fuels spite toward the perpetrator.
When damage is taken the ring retaliates and inflicts damage upon enemy."


  • When damage is taken the ring retaliates and inflicts damage upon enemy.
    • Has a 30% chance of counter-attacking when damage is taken
    • +1 = 50%
    • +2 = 70%
  • Durability: 110 (Regular), 85 (+1), 70 (+2)
  • Weight: 0.5 (Regular), 0.8 (+1), 1.0 (+2)


Obtained by killing the NPC Mild-mannered Pate, or by progressing far enough into his questline
Ring +1
Grave Warden Agdayne
Ring +2
Invade a random world as dark spirit and defeat the host player 1000 times


Ring's effect is proc based, meaning that the effect will not trigger every time the player is hit.
It deals physical damage in a 180 degree cone the direction the wearer is facing using bolts/projectiles, the same way a crossbow trap in a chest works. This means if you're too close when it procs you can be hit by multiple bolts, each one dealing roughly 200 damage (that's about how much I was hit, not sure if this was scaling off of stats).
Does not appear to trigger when taking damage while blocking with a non-100% shield.

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      I other words, this is useful but it only works about every 3rd hit you receive. Works best with old sun ring for maximum damage.

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