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Shaded Woods Map




  1. Head of Vengarl
  2. Creighton Of Mirrah
  3. Manscorpion Tark
  4. Weaponsmith Ornifex
  5. Darkdiver Grandahl
  6. The Forlorn (NPC Invader)
  7. Bradley the Old Guard (NPC Summon NG+)





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Shaded Woods Walkthrough

Area begins after the player opens the gate originally obstructed by the petrified Rosabeth of Melfia. Once you pull the lever a number of enemies will fall and attack you. Once passed go to the door on the left at the bottom of the stairs to light the first Bonfire. The room to the right of the stairs holds a Chest containing Estus Flask Shard x1. Head up the stairs but make a jump onto the left ledge. ( The right ledge holds nothing of value). Circle around to find multiple doors, some containing Infected Hollows one holding a corpse with items Soul Of A Proud Knight x1 Human Effigy x1. Back at the top of the stairs continue on into the Shaded Woods.

Up ahead are two Infected Hollows and a corpse holding Fading Soul x1. Kill them and move on. You will come to a clearing with multiple Infected Hollows, some of which are on the ledge above to your left and will throw rocks at you. Move up the hill and turn sharp left and walk along the ledge the Hollows were on. At the back end is a corpse holding Pharros' Lockstone x1. Grab it then turn around and head on. You will eventually reach a crumbling building which holds a Bonfire. Up the stairs are 3 different paths. The one straight ahead, and the one to the left are areas currently off limits which will lead to roadblocks unless you have certain prerequisites completed. If this is your first time in the area, to progress you need to head through the right. For the sake of item collection here are small guides to each section regardless.

Left Path

Head out and confront the Hollow Falconers ahead. Move past the tree and make a left after the castle wall to find a small pathway with two more Falconers. At the end of the path is a corpse with Human Effigy x1, Large Soul Of A Proud Knight  x1 and Twinkling Titanite x2. Return and keep heading left to eventually see an Invisible Rogue guarding an archway. By the archway is a corpse holding Dragonslayer Crescent Axe x1 and Gold Falcon Shield x1. The archway is blocked by broken stone pillars. A small pathway lies back to your left which leads to the Shrine Of Winter . ( To progress here, you need either all of the four Souls of the Old Ones and lit the Primal Bonfires, or have collected a specific number of souls since starting your game. The required number of souls is 1 million on NG, 2m on NG+, 3m on NG++, and so on until it caps on 7m in NG+6 and higher. However, this only counts the souls you've gained since you started NG+ - so if you started NG+ with 2.5m souls, you'll need 4.5m souls to go through.).

Straight Path

Move ahead to soon reach a pool of water and a path leading up to the right and an Ogre blocking your way. At the other end of the water is a corpse holding Red Tearstone Ring x1. Far up the path is a Kings Door leading to Aldia's Keep and a Syan Knight guarding it (you need the King Ring to open it so....dead end). Head back to the bonfire and take the proper route to the right.

Right Path

Go upstairs and take the path to the right by hugging the wall & then continue towards the mist.

Fog Area

TIP: The Jester's Robes is the single most important item to equip when coming into this area, as it nullifies enemies Critical Hits (you cannot be backstabbed).

This area is very easy to get lost in so we will be returning to the starting area for reference sometimes. There are also many trees with faces on them. If you attack them they let out a deep cry which attracts nearby ghosts. Note that the following area is actually circular: not that you should, but if you follow one edge all the way around, you'll end up back at the entrance; part of the edge is a fatal drop, so watch your step closely. Also, if you work patiently and keep killing ghosts, it appears that they will stop coming at some point; i.e., they don't infinitely spawn (~10-15 ghosts). I got the talismans and both rings as well as spoke with Vengarl). The hex Profound Still also leaves an unclear aura marking onto the ghosts due to the nature of the spell, not quite helpful but better than none. You may also wear Moon Butterfly Cuffs to leave the poison buildup marking onto the ghosts to make them visible. (needs confirmation) Note that Homing Soul Mass and Affinity don't chase the ghosts. A light source such as a torch, or Cast Light sorcery helps add some contrast, and causes the ghost to cast a shadow, making them slightly easier to detect.

If you are a pure caster, just keep walking around, don't stop until you find an item. Use Dark Storm/Chaos Storm until all the enemies die, pick up the item, repeat. Go back to the bonfire if you need to.
Enter the mist and move forward hugging the left wall going up hill. You will soon reach corpse behind a tree who is holding Soul Of A Proud Knight  x1 and Human Effigy x1. Continue onto the high left path to reach NPC Head of Vengarl. Exhaust his dialogue to receive Vengarl's Helm then circle around the outside of his alter to find Fire Seed x1. Head back down the hill to reach a corpse holding Soul Of A Nameless Soldier x1 and Radiant Lifegem  x1. Beware of the Ghosts of the woods, they are hard to see and can't be locked on to. tip: use a torch to see their shadows. Head back right until you reach the starting area. This time head straight through the trees. Its near impossible to describe exactly where the following items are but somewhere in the middle area you will find corpses with Soul Of A Nameless Soldier x1 Amber Herb x2 and finally between two trees lies a chest containing Clear Bluestone Ring +1 (see later in this section for an good way to find this chest). Careful: there is also at least 1 Urn that emits Cursed Gas in the area as well. Follow the closest wall back to the starting area. From here hug the right wall and follow it religiously. Soon you will reach a corpse holding Lloyd's Talisman x2. Continue on and you will soon reach a small hill with a Chest at the top containing Old Sun Ring. Ahead is a cliff edge so be careful. If you have not found the Clear Bluestone Ring + 1 yet, an easy way to locate it is, after opening this chest, head in the direction it faces. You will encounter a facetree, continue past it and run a bit more and you will see an iron chest on your left next to another facetree. This is where the Clear Bluestone Ring + 1 is.

Follow the cliff along to the left and you will soon reach a small pathway leading uphill towards the left. At the top is a chest containing Chloranthy Ring +1. Note that this is an excellent spot to wait for the ghosts to come to you single file--just wait here with your shield up, and when they attack you take them out one by one. Directly from the chest, Drop down from the path and keep moving while hugging the right wall. There will be a steep hill to your right which eventually brings you to a stairway.

You are now in the Shaded Ruins.

Keep heading up and behind a broken make-shift ramp on the second floor is a Bonfire. The Forlorn might invade shortly after this bonfire. At the very top is a corpse holding Radiant Lifegem x1. From the bridge jump toward the glowing hole in the far wall on your right (the ledge contains a Curse Urn). Break the Curse Urn before it curses you and head left to reach a corpse holding Soul Of A Brave Warrior x1 and Firebomb x3. Head back up the hill to the fallen tree. If you have a Fragrant Branch Of Yore, unpetrify and defeat the nearby Lion Warrior to receive the Fang Key, as it is necessary to access Weaponsmith Ornifex soon. Go across the fallen tree to reach the bonfire bridge. Halfway across, near where you jumped off, is a ramp on the left leading to a lower room and a ghost, sitting against the wall, wil be guarding the ramp. Inside is a Chest containing Magic Bolt x10. Head back up and continue across. Near the end is a Curse Urn above you, just out of sight. Break it if you have the means, or just quickly run past and up the hill to the left. You will come to an area with multiple Curse Urns.

Note: There are a few places to go from here so we will be using the main entrance from the bridge as a direction reference so assume each start from there.

1. Sharp left, pretty much behind you is a grassed over building and a pathway leading down to a corpse holding Flame Butterfly x1 and Torch x3. Head into the building and go downstairs quickly as there are 3 Curse Jars (top-unreachable, ground, bottom). Break the barrels downstairs to find a corpse holding Soul of a Brave Warrior x1 and Pharros' Lockstone x1. Go through the door under the stairs to enter sandy ruins. Below you is NPC Manscorpion Tark so don't attack him. Before dropping down, go through the doorway to the left to find a Crystal Lizard around the far wall holding Titanite Shard x2 Titanite Chunk x1 and Boltstone x1. Head back out and go through the broken wall to find an iron Chest containing a Dark Scythe. You can now drop down and approach Manscorpion Tark (you need the Ring of Whispers purchased from the Cat in Majula to communicate with him). Exhaust his dialogue and he can be summoned for the boss fight.

After you defeat Scorpioness Najka you can talk to Tark again and he will give you Fragrant Branch of Yore  x1.
After you defeat Duke's Dear Freja you can talk to Tark again and he will give you Black Scorpion Stinger and Second Dragon Ring.

Turn around and head down through the doorway to the left of the stairs. Down here is a petrified Lion Warrior, blocking the entrance to the room. Inside the room is the body of Vengarl, headless and ready to kill you, defeat it to get the rest of Vengarl set. Now you can also pay a visit to Head of Vengarl, he will mention the defeat of his body and will be available as a summon later in the game. Outside, through the large doorway and up the path to the left is another petrified Lion Warrior blocking a bridge. Don't waste your Branch here, there's a better way to reach the other side. Head all the way back to the bonfire and go to the very top. Move forwards and look over the left side until you see the small broken bridge below. Line up your jump over the edge so you will land on it. Alternatively, just jump out the window at the same level as the bonfire overlooking the bridge in question. Much easier. Now that you have saved yourself a precious branch, head up the stairs to the left. Inside is a sentinel so watch out. In the room is an iron chest guarded by a Syan Soldier containing Sublime Bone Dust and Soul Of a Brave Warrior x1 & Twilight Herb x1 respectively. Head back down stairs and you will notice a doorway on the other side of the small broken bridge. Make the jump to find a chest containing Black Knight Halberd x1. The doorway on the right can be used to jump to the small ledge ahead. Head back up and to the right to return to the bonfire. From here head back across the bridge to the initial big open area.

2. Slightly left is an area with 2 Urns and a petrified Lion Warrior blocking an iron chest containing 3x Human Effigy, 3x Bleeding Serum and the sorcery Repair.

3. Far ahead is a ruins with big barrels and a couple of Lion Warriors inside. Stairway leads to a corpse holding Pharros' Lockstone x1 and Soul of a Brave Warrior x1. Behind the stairway in the corner of the room you can find another petrified Lion Warrior, killing him yields a Warlock Mask.

4. To the close right, is a small archway leading back onto the upper level of the bridge. Jump across towards the Curse Urn to break it if you didn't earlier and loot the chest ahead for Titanite Chunk x1 and Petrified Dragon Bone x1. Head back either by jumping back or dropping down.

5. Go far right to face a Curse Jar and a corpse in a corner. The wooden platform near the corpse will break as soon as you step on, so tread carefully along the wall. Grab Lifegem x1 from the corpse. Now its time to go down, step onto the platform and prepare to fight multiple Basilisks. Clear them out and head into the small caves they came from. One has a corpse holding Twinkling Titanite x1. There is a wooden door here that you can open with your Fang Key. Inside is Weaponsmith Ornifex  and a corpse holding an Fragrant Branch of Yore. Talk to her and she will mention that you should visit her at her home later on. She is located much further ahead in Brightstone Cove. Go out and head down the pathway making sure to avoid the orange puddles, as they do corrosive damage to your equipment. Head forward to find Darkdiver Grandahl sitting up above. You can't reach him from here, I just wanted to make his presence known. Go out through the hole in the wall, head up to the left and return across the fallen tree towards the bonfire.

Note: We are now done with the multiple paths therefore continue on as normally.
Head across the bridge once again. Return to the wooden platform which you broke previously. Above the corpse is a ghost and another one hidden near tree, the upper pathaway holds no items so no need to fight them.

I think it should be common knowledge by now to break the Curse Jars you come across. In the ruins to the right you will find a Basilisk and another petrified Lion Warrior blocking the entrance to a Chest which contains a Fragrant Branch Of Yore x1, Lion Mage Robe x1, Lion Mage Cuffs x1 and Lion Mage Skirt x1. Head towards the ruined building across from here. There is a grassy area and a few trees to the right which has another collapsing floor near the left corner. This will drop you onto the ledge in the with NPC Darkdiver Grandahl  and a Chest containing Homing Soul Mass x1. Exhaust his dialogue to further help your progress in joining the Pilgrims Of Dark. Drop down and head out the hole in the wall once again and return to the ruined building right next to the fallen grassy floor. The door all the way right has a staircase winding up. Upstairs approach the NPC Creighton the Wanderer who is resting against the wall ( he is here only if you have previously spoken to him in Huntsman's Copse.) Exhaust his dialogue and loot a corpse holding Soul Of A Brave Warrior  x1 and Skeptic's Spice x1. Go down to ground level, face the ruined building and head through the large archway in the middle, where the Bradley of the Old Guard summon sign is. There is a big Moth on the back wall of building, dispatch it if you want. Continue up to reach the Boss Fog.

Boss: Scorpioness Najka

Note: In the boss arena is a tree trunk with a corpse on the top. You can't reach this unless you make her run into it and break it. The corpse only holds a few Flame Butterflies though, so don't get yourself killed over it.

After defeating the area boss immediately head back and speak to Manscorpion Tark with your Ring Of Whispers on if you want a Fragrant Branch of Yore.

Return to the boss area and proceed through the doorway to the right to enter Doors Of Pharros.

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