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Twinkling Titanite is a type of upgrade material in Dark Souls 2.

"A form of titanite with special power. Reinforce equipment that cannot normally be reinforced up to +5.
What cosmic event could have created such a powerful class of titanite?"



  • Reinforce special equipment up to +5



  • 3 Sold by Stone Trader Chloanne after obtaining the King's Ring. She can also give you a twinkling titanite when talking to her after spending 20,000 souls at her shop.
  • Can be traded for either Small Smooth & Silky Stone or Smooth and Silky Stone by Dyna & Tillo at Things Betwixt.
  • 1 inside the metal chest blacksmith McDuff sits on in his workshop. Light the torch in the workshop to move him off of it
  • 1 on a dead body in Earthen Peak after purchasing the ladder for 2000 souls from Laddersmith Gilligan. (You are able to drop down with the cat ring and an at least 15 Vigor, I believe more.)
  • 1 in an iron chest in Iron Keep, behind the second Archer Captain on a, which you have to climb a ladder to reach.
  • 1 on a corpse in the Shaded Ruins guarded by four basilisks (3 in NG+ and onward can be farmed here using bonfire ascetics, however, the boss will need to be killed).
  • 1 in a chest at Doors of Pharros, first Pharros' contraption on the right after going up the ladder will unlock a path below it with a chest containing one and a Faint Stone.
  • 1 on a corpse in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. From the Chapel Threshold bonfire, go out the exit toward Prowling Magus fight, take a right, drop down onto the ledge with the crystal lizard, turn around to find another ledge with the treasure. Use Silvercat Ring to fall down to the ground. Watch out for homing magic.
  • 1 in a chest in The Gutter, in the middle level of a tower, reachable by jumping off a narrow ledge before you get invaded by Melinda the Butcher. (Is a Mimic in SoTFS)
  • 2 on corpses in Drangleic Castle. The first in the room with the poison dart faces and the second in King's Passage, just before the Mirror Knight.
  • 1 on corpse in Shrine of Amana. After the first bonfire, open the door down the first set of stairs and attack the branch holding the glowing item just outside the door. The ore will drop down into the water where it can be picked up once you go down the spiral staircase and take a right.
  • 1 in chest in Shrine of Amana. In the cave before the second bonfire with 4 lizardmen guarding it. (does not respawn)
  • Unlimited farming: 7 from the crystal lizards in the Dragon nests in Dragon Aerie. If you can kill or avoid the dragons, farming this place with Bonfire Ascetics will get you a ton of upgrade materials. (NOTE: If you kill the dragons they might drop twinkling titanite which may make it seem like the twinkling drops from the lizards are random but they're not.) One of the titanites is located down on a dead-end ledge, which is just next to the endpoint of the zipline, which leads back to the bonfire. In SOTFS There is Bonfire Ascetic in the cave which is directly after bonfire.
  • 1(3 in NG+) found in a wooden chest at Dragon Shrine, up the stairs to the left of the first Drakekeeper wielding a Giant mace. (Note: This chest guarded by another Drakekeeper. If you aren't careful, the drake keeper's swings may break it).
  • 2 on a corpse located just before the Memory of Jeigh, in the Forest of Fallen Giants. Just before accessing the memory, drop down on the left. This corpse is useful for farming twinkling titanite via Bonfire Ascetics, however you do need to kill the Giant Lord. Thankfully, there is also Bonfire Ascetic located within the memory, so you can essentially farm this area infinitely. Scholar of the First Sin, the Titanite no longer respawns.
  • 3 on a corpse in Shulva, Sanctum City.
  • Unlimited farming: 3 in a wooden chest in Dragon's Sanctum, in the hallway you reach after passing the first two Sanctum Knights and their bodies and past the trap room with the Sanctum Soldiers and Dark Witch, you enter the hallway after going through the circle mechanism, go in the room to your left after you jump over the hole in the floor. Be careful of the soldier around the corner and the spike trap on the floor at the top of the stairs - it'll trigger spears from the wall along the stairwell down, but you can also use it to lure the two enemies who will chase you up the stairs. The chest will be on the right at the bottom of the stairs. Also contains 3 Petrified Dragon Bones. Fantastic farming place here because there is a wooden chest before this one with an ascetic (SOTFS version does not have the ascetic in this chest anymore) in it, hence you can keep doing it as many times as you'd like. Make sure you use the ascetic on the Tower of Prayer bonfire. You might also want to pick up the two large souls and the repair powder on your farming run as well, as they're also respawned by the ascetic and along the route.
  • 2 on a corpse in Dragon's Sanctum on the spiked surface.
  • 6 total on 2 corpse in Dragon's Sanctum near the last set of Drakeblood Knights.
  • 2 on a corpse in the tower where you retrieve the Scorching Iron Scepter.
  • 2 on a corpse in Brume Tower after activating the elevators and going down two levels near where you find the Tower Key.
  • 3 in a wooden chest in Brume Tower after the Upper Floor bonfire. (Can be farmed with bonfire ascetics from the foyer bonfire; third one)


Drops from

Weapon Cost:

Weapon 0 to +1 Weapon +1 to +2 Weapon +2 to +3 Weapon +3 to +4 Weapon +4 to +5
1 2 3 4 5

Armor Cost:

Armor 0 to +1 Armor +1 to +2 Armor +2 to +3 Armor +3 to +4 Armor +4 to +5
1 1 2 2 3

She gave the titanite after I had bought all the twinkling titanite she offered

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