Fire Longsword

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"straight sword. This straight sword is sufficient in most respects, and effective in most situations if wielded properly. Those who aspire to master the sword are certain to wield this at some point during their journey."

Type: Straight Sword
Attack Type: Slash/Thrust
Weight: 3.0
Durability: 60

Acquired from:

Hints and Tips:
  • Fire Longsword is a powerful early-game weapon due to the elemental properties on it that are normally obtained far later in the game.
  • It can deal extra damage to fire-weak enemies and bosses like the Last Giant and is a good alternative to the Heide Knight Sword.
  • A player can level Intelligence and Faith equally to make it even stronger, despite inferior to Dark infusion, Fire is always handy for most situation.
  • Be warned that hitting powder kegs with this weapon, like other fire weapons, will cause them to explode, potentially killing you or draining your health.
  • Is not a unique item, but rather a standard Longsword infused with Fire.

Youtube Guide:

See: Longsword

    • Anonymous

      06 Jun 2017 19:01  

      For SL1 runs, even if you lack the required stats, the fire infusion will still work. You can use this to make explosive barrels explode or set those oils/tars aflame. Better than wasting firebomb/s in Lost Bastille McDuff shortcut.

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