Infusions and Reinforcements in Dark Souls 2 allow the player to improve the total statistics and scaling quality of equipment, and to ' infuse' those items with elemental stones, giving them elemental properties like dark or poison. In certain situations, Infusions can grant the player an advantage over particular enemies, as many have at least one elemental weakness. This section contains an overview of possible equipment modifications, along with their effects and requirements.


Infusion and Reinforcement Upgrades


A significant difference to note with Dark Souls II, as compared to the original, is the ability to infuse weapons with elemental properties already present. For example, a weapon with an inherent elemental property, such as the Heide Knight Sword, can still be converted into a Dark Heide Knight Sword, meaning it will deal both Dark and Lightning damage.

Please see Weapon AR and Scaling Calculator for a simple tool to calculate weapon damage output.

How does one upgrade equipment?


Reinforcement refers to incremental upgrades of a weapon (+1, +4, etc.), regardless of its current Infusion or lack thereof. These incremental upgrades can be performed by any blacksmith. Depending on what type and state of weapon you are reinforcing, the required souls and type/quantity of stones needed to reinforce the weapon will differ. Each upgrade increases the weapon's base damage by 10% of its original, un-upgraded base damage; therefore, every +X bonus, when multiplied by ten, represents a damage-increase percentage over the weapon's initial base damage value (+5 = +50% damage, +10 = +100% damage, etc.). +10 weapons, therefore, always deal twice the normal base damage of un-upgraded weapons.

Unique weapons, that upgrade via Twinkling Titanite, follow the same rules but are capped at +5, giving them +50% base damage, which is why they deal more damage initially.


Boss soul weapons increase by 30% per upgrade, rather than by 10%, but stop at +5 (+150%), granting them higher base damage increases than regular weapons, despite their lower upgrade cap. To figure out which weapon (between regular, unique, and boss) will ultimately have the highest damage when fully upgraded, multiply their current base damage by 2, 1.5, and 2.5 respectively. Note that attribute scaling also increases as weapons are upgraded, so keep that in mind when comparing and choosing weapons.

Infusion is the process of applying an elemental property to a piece of equipment. Dark Souls II features a new ascension system that allows players to infuse equipment independently of its reinforcement level. Applying any elemental ore stone to equipment will decrease all attack ratings, damage reductions, and scaling grades not related to that particular element, but will increase all other statistics and add a scaling grade for the corresponding element type. Infusions are not permanent, either, as the effects can be undone by the application of a Palestone.

Notes on Infusions


  • Weapon infusion can only be performed by one blacksmith: Steady Hand McDuff.
  • McDuff will require a Dull Ember before his services are made available.
  • Infusing a shield will increase its damage reduction for that element to varying degrees, depending on the shield, while lowering all other defenses.
  • Few shields can be infused to receive 100% damage reduction against specific elements.
  • Armor cannot be infused.

Shields with 100% elemental damage reduction after infusion:



Moon Butterfly Shield Poison
Blossom Kite Shield Poison
Magic Shield Magic
Rebel's Greatshield Magic/Fire/Lightning/Dark/Poison/Bleed
Transgressor's Leather Shield Dark
Watcher's Shield Lightning
Mastodon Greatshield Lightning
Havel's Greatshield Magic
Old Knight Greatshield Poison/Bleed
Greatshield of Glory Fire

(Note: The Gyrm Greatshield has 100% Physical and Fire damage reduction by default.)



The following are NPCs who provide Blacksmith services to the player: 


Infusion Paths, Ore & Boss Soul Weapons



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    • Anonymous

      I reckon a petrify infusion would've worked nicely, say it turns certain enemies to stone before their health runs out giving you the choice to leave them be or smash them for extra damage risking the chance of just unfreezing them if HP isn't low enough. PVP kills this idea tho.

      • Anonymous

        Seems like quality builds are seriously gimped until late game. Once you can afford 40/40 STR+DEX they're fine, but in early/mid game you're far better off infusing with fire or lightning and investing levels in more health, stamina and agility.

        • Anonymous

          Hey guys, I wield two Falchion+6 in a power stance. I also wear the Stone Ring (which reduces enemy poise), so when I R1 attack continuously, it stuns most enemies and I can quickly get 8 hits (from both the Falchions) before my stamina runs out. What would the ideal infusion for me be?

          I was thinking of bleed, because the Falchion already has a bleed effect, but in all the time I have played with the Falchions, I don't think I have made anyone bleed, maybe all the enemies have good bleed resistance?

          So, anyway, should I opt for poison or is bleed better on higher bonus, or should I infuse it with something entirely else

          • Anonymous

            Whats DS2's equivalent to the Dark Lothric Knight sword from DS3? I found that once I got the right stats up, that weapon just killed in for me in PvE, not really that into PvP. Is the long sword or another straight sword that has scaling similar that does good dps?

            • Anonymous

              I am curious... I saw that Strength and Dexterity scaling on shields slightly boosts the amount of damage they block, but I was wondering if the same thing applies to scaling gotten from infusions?

              • Magic vs Enchanted infusions... Magic Infusions deal extra magic damage and increase the AR. But they cant use resins. Enchanted transform some Int into physical damage, it has less AR but they can use resins, which makes up for something, I guess. My char is Str 13, Dex 15 and Int 54, and my Rapier 10 with AR of 304, infsd with Enchant gets to 310. So I guess that as soon as I give more Str and Dex(enough to use MLGS), it may be stronger in normal path...?

                • Anonymous

                  I'm not sure where to find this info, I don't see it here or the Staves page or on the stones pages. Does upgrading a staff affect spellcasting? Does imbuing a staff?
                  I started out as a sorcerer and now that I've hit 20 Int I'm wondering if there is another way to spend souls to raise my damage.

                  • Anonymous

                    Is there any pattern as to the kind of enemy and an elemental weakness? Such as beasts are weak against fire, and such?

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