Starting Class- any class will do, for the easiest time to lvl up go for deprived. Max lvl round 120-140.
Recommendations- Staff or Amana +10 is you're best friend when pvping. High damage for low Intel and bonus's while human.
Tower shield handy but not required a shield with good stability will do fine.
If seeking a mixed build as in Spell-sword highly suggest Blue flame which can be obtained in the Un-dead Crypt.
VGR- Minimum 15(If having trouble surviving you can put this to 20 instead.)
END- Minimum 15(Important when casting spells now and most melee ranged champs will run straight for you so keep some endurance handy.)
VIT- Minimum 15(Light-weight keeps you agile, no need for heavy armor.)
ATN- Minimum 30(Gives you plenty of slots for spells, if you feel you need more throw on the Black witch hat.)
STR- Minimum 15(Good shields require some strength, Tower shield is 30, Havel's 45.)
DEX- Minimum 15(Many uses if you are going for a spell-sword build, but doesn't need to be too high.)
ADP- Minimum 20(For going against people who abuse bleed and poisons.)
INT- Minimum 40(Soul spear is too powerful to pass up, most spells vary in actual usage in a pvp fight. Single target and soul masses earn high placement, soul great-sword is great for when the get in melee rang or back you up in a corner.)
FTH- Minimum 15(If you feel like you want to through some hexes into your build and to raise certain resistances.)
EQUIPMENT!!!(This is all suggestions, in the end you'll decide what items suit you best.)
Head- Black Witch Hat or Black Hood.(Black Witch Hat increases your ATN slots, while Black Hood increases your Intel by 2 and adds to casting speed.)
Chest- Lion's Mage Robe(Adds 5 points to casting speed, while it may not seem like a lot it can be very helpful)
Arms- Lion's Mage Cuffs(Also adds 5 points to casting speed.)
Legs- Lion's Mage Skirt or any Heavy Armor with poise(I know i said light-weight keeps you agile but since the new weight percentage is at 70 for being encumbered, one piece of heavy armor shouldn't put you over that threshold.)
Right Weapon 1- Staff of your Choosing(Some staffs have perks built into them so choose wisely. Make sure you look at the casting speed because some staff cast incredibly fast.)
Right Weapon 2- Heide Knight Sword(Not just for Spell-swords. This weapon when augmented has one of the highest rates for poison going to base 191 at max rank. That is about 3-6 hits on most players.)
Left Weapon 1- Shield of you Choosing(Just make sure the stability is at least 65.)
RINGS!!!(Again just suggestions)
Old Sun Ring(This ring is the most amazing thing I have seen yet. When they have you corned you can take a hit and the ring has a 10-30 percent chance of causing an explosion. Give you time to cast a spell or drink and estus. The damage is usually round 400 too.)
Ring of Intelligence(This ring increases your intel by 5, very handy if you know you want to pull other stats up while being able to keep high intel.)
Any Dragon Ring(The new ring of Favor and Protection, useful for that extra buff on everything.)
Chloranthy(Stamina re-gen for casting in succession,)
Hopes this helps guys and girls.
Contributed by Kotobaru
System Ps3.

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