Bonfires in Dark Souls 2 are covered on this page. Bonfires are places of rest where players can replenish health and estus and serve as checkpoints on your journey. When you die, you respawn at the last bonfire you rested at. 


Bonfires Information


The following are the functions you can perfom at bonfires:


Attune Spells

Add or remove spell scrolls from attunement slots.

  • The Attune Magic function will appear on the menu after acquiring a spell scroll (Hex, Miracle, Pyromancy, Sorcery)
  • The starting classes which begin with a spell will have the Attune Spell function available immediately



Burning an item in a Bonfire gives effects as described in the table below.

Item Effect
Bonfire Ascetic
  • Increase the area's difficulty to the next NG level (So NG will become NG+, NG+ will become NG++)
    • This effect is permanent, and carries over to subsequent play-throughs
    • Allows the player to obtain items and secrets normally found in the next playthrough
    • Add more enemies (new enemies will glow red like invaders)
    • Increase damage dealt by all enemies in the area
    • Increase maximum HP of all enemies in the area
    • Respawn wooden (not metal) chests and items that were looted prior to burning an Ascetic
    • Raise the Bonfire Intensity of the kindled bonfire by +1
    • Create various other effects unique to each bonfire
Sublime Bone Dust (Far Fire in Majula only)
  • Increase the amount of HP restored by the Estus Flask by 50 (max +5 for 800hp)
Human Effigy
  • Prevents invasions and cooperative play for 30 minutes. NPC summons will remain available. Even if the player defeats an area boss, the effect will keep active until the end of time counting (confirmed on PC version)


Item Box

  • Use to deposit items at the bonfire. Items stored at a bonfire cannot be retrieved by characters on a different save slot



  • Use this menu to travel to any kindled bonfire
  • After talking to the Queen in Drangleic Castle, unkindled bonfires will be marked with "???" icons on the travel menu


Bonfire Locations



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    • Anonymous

      every bonfire that you missed will be revealed in the travel menu as ??? specifically after talking to nashandra, skipping her will not reveal any bonfires or areas.

      • Anonymous

        uh, so... i was playing normally on my Xbox, and i was going to warp to Majula to spend some souls. completely normal, right? well, i opened the warp screen and i just got surprised with a unknown bonfire??? it's name is literally "???" and the image is all blurry, i scrolled down a bit and apparently, i "know" every bonfire in the game exists but i don't have it at the same time. idk if it's a bug, an intentional thing, etc. so, if anyone can help me, i'm grateful.

        • This page is a mess. I'd love to fix some of it, but i cant find any options to switch to a better editor. With this graphic editor i'd had to do too much stuff from scratch.

          • Anonymous

            Rested at the Soldier’s Rest bonfire in hollow form and saw the bonfire action “reverse effect of human effigy” or words to that effect. Any ideas what this means? I tried looking at Majula bonfire but the option didn’t show up.

            • Anonymous

              can you fk up more the orders pls like place the last bonefire at the begening wtf is this list so useless

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