Status Effects in Dark Souls 2 are those which are detrimental to players and NPCs. The following is a list of the status effects in the game, with an explanation of the effect and relevant items.


All Status Effects


Bleed icon-wp_bleed_22.png

  • Bleed causes one's maximum stamina to be severely reduced to around 75% for 5-10 seconds. It also causes around 200 damage.
  • Being bled will also cause slower movement speed, agility and roll recovery. It is advised to avoid combat during this state as enemies are able to exploit your lowered stamina and speed.
  • It can be applied to one's weapon with Bleeding Serum. Red Leech Troches   can be used to temporarily increase Bleed resistance. Use of a Bleed Stone  can make a weapon permanently cause a bleed effect to enemies.
  • Several weapons have innate Bleeding effects, such as the Morning Star  and Flamberge.


  • Several enemies can inflict Bleed, most notably Dark Stalkers in No-Man's Wharf and Stray Hounds.
  • Bleed can be built up through 100% physical resistance shields, and is a method to punish users who don't lower their shield.


Poison icon-wp_poisonbld.png

  • Poison acts the same way, no matter how it is applied (melee, arrow or spell), inflicting about 990-1035 HP damage on NPC enemies.
  • Poison causes one's HP to drain rapidly, at a rate of 15 HP every half-second (about the same rate a Lifegem restores health).
  • Once poisoned, it will drain around 1k of your HP.
  • Poison and Poison buildup can be removed by eating Poison Moss, using a Monastery Charm, Dragon Charm, Divine Blessing and Caressing Prayer. Poison resistance can be temporarily increased by eating a Common Fruit.
  • Use of a Poison Stone can make a weapon permanently cause a poison effect to enemies.
  • Some weapons and spells have innate poison effects, including the Poison Mist Pyromancy and Black Scorpion Stinger.
  • Many enemies can inflict Poison buildup,  including Giant Rats and Pyromancer Giants.
  • Traps using Poison abound. Beware of jars filled with toxins and small lakes of poison in the Earthen Peak and the statues that spit toxic gel in Black Gulch.


  • Toxic

  • Toxic is an alternative type of poison. Toxin inflicts the same amount of damage to players, but over a shorter time period, thereby causing damage faster.
  • Toxic Mist Pyromancy inflicts Toxin, which on NPC's drains 15 HP every 0.25 seconds, totaling 1365 - 1410 damage.
  • Being afflicted with Toxin makes the same sound effect as poison, although a much darker poison cloud will follow you and the otherwise green poison drop icon will be purple.


  • Both Toxic and Poison can be built up at the same time on the player, allowing for them to be afflicted by both at the same time.



  • Petrification causes one to turn to stone, instantly killing them. If the player is killed via petrification, the resulting Hollowing is far worse than if the player had simply died through damage or falling, taking around 30% of the players' health upon death rather than 10%.
  • Some NPCs are petrified initially, but can be cured later.
  • A Fragrant Branch of Yore can be used to cure petrified NPCs, which is required to access the Shaded Woods. Rosabeth of Melfia is blocking the entrance to the woods, and once cured, will move to Majula as a pyromancy trainer.
  • See the Fragrant Branch of Yore page for a list of things that can be unpetrified.
  • Enemies that can cause Petrification include Basilisks and Stone Rats.


curse-statuseffect-dks2 Curse

  • Being cursed lowers one's health equal to the amount of one death, as well as turning them hollow. The effects of being cursed stop once one's maximum health is reduced to half (like being fully hollow). It bypasses the Ring of Life Protection, but not the Ring of Binding.
  • Curse cannot be cured. Once its buildup is complete, it takes effect immediately and the buildup gauge is reset.
  • Curse buildup can be cancelled through spells and items, such as Divine Blessings. The Ring of Resistance and Cursebite Ring can slow its buildup significantly.
  • The effects of curse can be reversed by using a Human Effigy.
  • Many enemies and traps cause Curse buildup. Lion Clan Warriors are the most infamous enemy that causes Curse, and the Cursed Vessel trap causes significant Curse buildup.
  • Note that as a summoned phantom, sources of curse buildup such as Cursed Vessels will constantly damage you rather than hollowing you.
  • Even though Curse will turn you hollow, any summoned phantoms will stay in your world, rather than be kicked.
  • If the player wears one of the four available crowns (King's Crown, Crown of the Sunken King, Crown of the Old Iron King, Crown of the Ivory King) after recieving Vendrick's Blessing, all curse buildup is prevented.
  • The Hollow Skin helmet found in the Iron Crown DLC gives full immunity to curse.
  • If the player becomes hollow this way, will not count as a death (you can still get Illusory Ring of a Conqueror).

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    • Anonymous

      What is the best weapon for a poison bleed build? What bleed weapon or poison weapon should you infuse for the best result? And i'm talking about a weapon that does more bleed damage then poison damage if infused.

      If you know what weapon is perfect for that plz answer me i am trying to make a bleed poison build and i wanna use the best weapon for that.

      • Anonymous

        What is the best bleed weapon? in turns of how many times you need to hit somthing in order to get the person inflicted with the bleed

        • Anonymous

          There are other effects that hasn't been listed here, at least one. There's an effect somewhat similar to bleed caused by enemies that cause bleed. But it has a round shaped effect icon (maybe like a balloon shape?). It can effect at same time as bleed as well. I'm guessing it's like poison/toxic kind of variation? Can anyone confirm?

          • Anonymous

            So is there just no petrify resistance gear at all on the game? kinda like the curse resist +1000 one you get in the dlc, is there nothing like that for petrification?

            asking for the sorry saps still stuck in Cave of the Dead to this day (me.)

            • Anonymous

              The bull*****bosses in this game become trivial once you start using poison weapons. Such an easy exploit.

              • Anonymous

                Not sure why people are saying you can’t have two status effects at once when you obviously can, Jesus. Find a weapon naturally imbued with a status effect (e.g. Black Knight Halberd, Dragonslayer Axe) and infuse it with a different damage type; it keeps both.

                • Anonymous

                  What I was looking for was can bleed attack rating on a weapon be boosted in any sort of way through stat alignment.

                  • Anonymous

                    The Toxin and Poison status effects must be a standard thing in this game, because my brother's mouth SPEWS it when he's playing a brutal match of PvP.

                    • Anonymous

                      might be a dumb question but im guessing that the 200dmg that the bleed causes happens right when it reaches its max buildup, correct?

                      • Anonymous

                        The status effects in this game are actually quite brutal compared to the other games. I actually like the cutthroat stance DS2 has on this - it can pressure you into making a fatal mistake during combat. A piece of criticism, though: the curse mechanics in DS2 don't seem to reach a full potential. The curse manifests in 2 is an understandable feature; unlike 1 & 3, curse and petrification in 2 are distinguished features with their own effects. Nevertheless, they integrate into the system very similarly. That said, I think petrification should punish you in a different way than simply insta-death (it would kill you, of course, but instead of hollowing maybe give a different penalty, instead; something like a penalty to encumbrance, stats, application of your stats for scaling modifiers, and/or spellcasting until reversed) and hollowing, since dying makes you hollow, anyway, which kind of defeats the point of separating curse/petrification as two different statuses. What does anyone else think?

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