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*Please note that you cannot trade titanite, boss souls, covenant items, or anything related towards the main storyline.*

ID Soul Memory Notes        

36460 and 50m

Helping with 30k soul challenge on xb1. I have a character with just under 40k souls that i have completed the game with and now im looking to help others that are stuck in an area or on a boss. I also have a character with 50 million souls if anyone is looking for help in the top tiers. msg me at my gamertag. (September 07-2017)        


xbox 360, Pacific Time Zone, I am considerd to be a pro from the few hundred's of people i have killed. I can make a second character if i am outa your soul memory. If your new i can help in your playthroughs i am the one to ask. If you have lost items i can be of assisstance to you, but it may take a while because i do alot of farming and have alot of items. If you want illusanary rings i will drop them. oh and by the way free account im putting out, don't change the password because it's a easy one. E-mail =  password = fffffff12 if the password  is wrong send a message to my main account and i will help.        
Vampierian Multiple characters. looking to make a new one. Xbox 360, American, Mountain time zone. Wanting to complete first play through. Willing to make new character. I am still newish to the game, but I can survive most of the time. Dont have the DLCs :(.
IMakeBabysAlot Multiple toons
Xbox 360, American Central Time zone. Looking to do a playthrough (Killing all bosses we can, doing all 3 DLC, killing Vendrick) I'm still pretty bad at the game but can/will survive ~80% of the time :) (I DO have a mic now also) p.s.. I have no idea what I'm doing in the DLC, trying to go through it blind.
SerenityReper7 Multiple Characters, Wanting to start a new one Xbox 360,N America,Central Time zone, Looking to start from fresh character play through the game including all 3 DLCS The build want to do or can do are, A tank(Alot of health and Hits Hard) A INT/FTH build,Hexer/Pyromancer or a Pyromancer/INT/FTH tank
Kiomie77 Multiple Characters 360, North America, SL: 107 & SL: 28, I've been looking for people to play with, mostly so that I can complete all the covenants and finally experience DS with PVP as it was meant to be, but it's hard finding people who play on the Xbox let alone still play on the 360. If you're just looking to have some fun and enjoy DS just drop me a message. I'm about to finish it for the second time. - (09.13.2015)
ThouShallParry   360) - Just got back into Dark Souls 1 so if you have DS2 but still play DS1... I'm Looking for PVP. Willing to start new char. with someone to get to desired SL (125-135) then duel and host. Send me a message and I'll we'll have some good times and I'll teach you speed run tricks like item duping.
TartAadvark 45M
Xbox360 Co-op and stuff, if you need help send a message, new games are an opcion too !
Js2Death 10.4 mil Xbox One -- Looking to do coop to finish getting every achievement. Once I complete that you can have anything I have. (06.06.2015)
Deim Autem Nix 2.4 mil Xbone - looking to do jolly co-operation and boss fights but mostly looking to trade for rampart golem armor.
dorset people (no caps) 2.4mil XBOX ONE - coop or pvp send msg
NG+ 4/4/2015
commander0017 20mil Jolly Cooperation mainly, im on NG++ doing the DLCs. I have many items and will trade things i don't use/want. i am tank/caster SL 250
EPC Lone Wolf lv 1 new char. ive beat the game before and have other chars of different levels but id like to start a co op run with someone who has the dlc
DarkDestroyerBe 46M and 1lvl new char I want trade items only in 46M char and Jolly Cooperation using lvl1 char. I trade whatever for ring of living and all cluth rings.
popezii Lv1 new character Looking to do a full run through with somebody add me if your up for it 3/3/2015
The***** Multiple characters I'll do both Co-op and PvP, and I have a handful of NG characters SM 7mil+
I also have a NG+ character SM 15mil+
I'm up for trades, so message me if you want a certain item, I can try to get it
Finally, for everyone asking about the Ancient Dragon, message me. I'll pretty much kill it for you (NG only)
Jnutter819 15mil+NG+ Co-op, dislike PvP, all bosses beaten. SL 300+, but that's irrelevant for summoning.
DovaSaur lvl.127 NG Mercenary 4 Hire willing2do some Co-Op and also PvP contact me during 5-7 Oahu Time...
DarkShowdown Lvl. 171 More than happy to assist in boss fights and other co-op related stuff, just for the fun of it and for the glory! Message me if you wan't me to assist you on your journey!
gmanwood 121 cant kill ancient dragon, first playthrough.
Badluckman3344 first play through
Want sun sword/ Have most boss weapons, dlc weapons
kingsilver fox multiple characters , will start new for co-op play through co-op play through or will help with bosses, will do pvp also am looking for a fight club.
Inisix 150 -ONLY PVP- Lookin for duels
Pedresk 852 83 need help to kill bosses
KushintheSock 219 co-op play, and item trades
Cronolus 221 Trading plus 10 uchigatanas for full heide set SM 10 mil
paulithon 81 Duels, Summons, PVP anyone want some co-op or need help with bosses then external image arrow-10x10.png me  
KFC Special Deprived Will do things for souls
LWK DIEDEEP 217 will give anything to someone, co-op or need help with bosses then message me
NWK FLASH 07104 120 and 1 CO-OP, PVP,willing to trade, and am also down for a full co-op play through from the beginning ;) also can play at anytime 2/9/15
ICUboom 120 Will help with boss runs, Human Effigy.
TheSystem08 200 i just want to co-op, i'm on ng+, i also have over 100 human effigies to trade
Sasan87 ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍104‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ Looking for Co-Op oppertunity. external image arrow-10x10.png for New external image arrow-10x10.png Char to play from the start together.
xShakaBrahx 30 Boss Souls for Strong Weapons, some help would be cool too
Skybloop NG+ Looking for Defender Greatsword will trade anything for it I have bunch of boss/rare weps or armor to trade
CryptoSuave 150 will trade for katanas, a great club, or other neat things
SepiaCarcass739 109 Looking for Co-Op or Duels
Sodo25 85 Archmage avail for co-op. Need help with setting up my caster gear.
sniperbackfire 235/58 Currently: NG++/NG Message/Add for help with areas or bosses and PVP. Trading for Human Effigy's: Have Titanite Slabs to trade(You give me your weapon +9 and I update to +10). Praise the Sun!
SaberWolfman 250 Ninja Action - Only use 2 handed katanas and ninjutsu (pyromancies and hexes) - no shields
Available for Jolly co-op. Any area. Will help with item and soul farming. Can provide guidance. Currently on NG+, feel free to message me or add me.
Also available for Blood Fight clubs. Anyone interested in creating starting a fight club, hit me up.
RegentCougar826 83 Need help ASAP! I'm currently stuck at the boss; Mytha, The Baneful Queen. I can't get rid of the poison because the windmill has bugged on me. I sat it on fire but the poison is still there. Can't take their down alone, so I need help from a skilled player to take their down. Will trade some rare items in external image arrow-10x10.png .
Language: English & Norwegian.
Covenant: Heirs of the Sun.
Build: Quality
woler14 246+ willing to co op or just run a kick some monsters asses
AcheronJay 143 - 118 - 95 are on NG.
166 - 195 are on NG+.
Will help in NG or NG+.
moneybags85 308
SM: about 39mil
i am willing to co-op, i also may need some help to get through my part of the external image arrow-10x10.png . i need help getting to whatever boss is in the blizzard area of the dlc...
Le Dardeur 125 I need help with the brightstone boss, not that it's so hard but i'm dead afraid of spiders and I can't look at it without shivering.
EpiCz x ReaPeRz currently
i am willing to help anyone in need, i am a sun bro after all. lets progress together with jolly cooperation!
will also PvP
TheTrueShot 110 If need help call me, also if you know somone spanish-speaker that plays the external image arrow-10x10.png i would be very gratefull
Vvv MAYHEM vvV 150 Youtube uploader for guides, pvp and trolls. Always willing to help =)
T3RRY95 100/200 Add me i have alot of free items to give out which i dont need :)
SPro Unlucky 155 i trade anything by knife AK-47 a arma perfeita para o combate, pela sua rapidez no saque
Reisuji 150 Co-op, Pvp and all sorts of shenanigans
snerts50 55 Always ready for anything, Co-Op at any time
PhantomGenetics 150/55ish PvP and looking for coop on my 55 Hexer PST 2-11 PM generally
Peripheral Lamb 157 looking for help at crumbled ruins upward
Alwayys Dope 520+ Willing to help people fight bosses. Hmu !
TSS RocknRolla 80/170 Looking for PvE and jolly cooperation (need 30 Sunlight Medals, will trade effigys/souls and other stuff for them)
Language: English & German
llLolocaustll 74 Trading boss souls for efiigy
KobraByte 100/200 Looking to coop and generally help out. I have some sun medals among other items I could trade to any one who needs them. Add me!
a4089naruto46 212 im on NG+ and im willing to help anyone on NG+ and beyond. just message me anytime, i do have school on weekdays and im generally available 3pm-10pm EST... im in desperate need of amber, twilight, and wilted dusk herbs, crimson, and rouge water. I will trade or work for these herbs. if you ever want to play then hit me up during those times. if you want to play together and you are not a high enough level, then we can use the name engraved ring to play together.
Graphiccoma 1 wanna do a full Co-op playtrough
GESSJOKER 1 wanna do a full co op playthrough. as a physical build.
Zen Raloc 150 I am a very skilled hardcore player, Looking to Duel, for PvP, Trading, Jolly Co-Operation, Shenanigans, and soon to be uploading to my Youtube channel.
Sir Starscream 195 Looking to be a Sunbro for anyone who is needing assistance, Power Dual-Wielding Blacksteel Katana Sunlight warrior. Praise the Sun!
a Ganker 150 Skilled PvP player, send me a message if you're doing a fight club.
Heffae 190 good at PVP against physical users but I really suck at fighting magic users. message me for club fight, summon sign, Etc.
McSwiper204 220 Summoning Merchant looking to buy/trade unwanted armours, weaponry, and items for souls or items! Use the name-engraved ring to make summoning easier for both of us. I do PvP and tonnes of co-op, I am currently in NG+. I strongly suggest to get your soul memory to over 6 million in order for us to connect (Check Summon Range calculator)

I am also looking for specific items if anyone wishes to sell them for a fair price. I am currently searching for:
-Drakekeeper Greatsword*
-Heide Knight Armour and Leggings*
-Silver Tailsman
StealthMonkeyDC 225 Have a wide range of boss souls etc to trade. Also willing to help those in need of a Sun Bro. Hex Knight build, Good at range and up close fights.

Looking to trade for x2 berserker blades, updated if possible.

I have dragon scales and sun tokens to trade, also have some spare catarina armor and full sets of hiedi knight armor.

Message me to arrange times for trades or boss fights.

Languages: English
CptWeenieHut 125 Looking for help with Dukes Dear Freja on bonfire ascetic starting from the chapel threshhold bonfire. Soul memory is 1.9 million. Will pay 15 effigy for your help. PM my profile on the wiki, or add me on xbox and send me a message. Indiana born and raised, will use my mic if i have to xD
Lloyde Gildner 130 Looking for a royal solider ring plus 2. Not wanting to asectic or wait for velstadt in NG+
Grimex Reaper 147, 173 Knight {147, NG+} and Hexer {173, NG} available for summons and/or trade. I am 15 years old, sound younger. (Puberty is a D)
Teaghen 136 Willing to start new character. Looking for some Jolly Co-Operation! Full Co-Op Playthrough for Youtube. Mic needed (Xbox or PC.) Will records on certain dates. Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time.
FreeFall Heaven currently 210 I will help you with what you need if I can.i use a Mundane Build with Pyromancies. I'm working to NG++. I have a mic. send chat invite or text message if you need me in anyway. *notorious ganker from DKS 1. partner in crime, Lord Pandaaaaa *
America and i speak English.
Fahn of Rhasia 170-175 Looking for somebody to trade me a Greatshield of Glory. I am willing to trade a Channelor's Trident, Demon's Greathammer, Smelter Sword, Rebel's Greatshield, or whatever. Usually online after 3 pm Central time. Located in Florida, USA.
xGRKx Renegade 210+ Looking for someone that wants to start a new character and do co op. I am on PST time but i can play anytime.
MasculineGecko 5 95 Will help out for souls and humanity I will mostly be on the weekends or at night so if you need help call me
I Chaos I 270+ Looking for co-op. Currently in ng+, but can move to ng++ at any time. Spells, Miracles, Hexes, and Rapiers with the Dragon Torso Stone.
OrAnGe BoI 13 130+ I'm just looking for any one random piece of aurous armor, i'm sure i've got something for you!
I'm a sunbro on NG+
Willing to help any and all, i will do my best to get you to your destination! :D
Madman2k99 150+
just look for some co-op .....
maliciousfrog27 225 Always happy to lend a hand on bosses or maybe do a couple of trades. Currently NG+ but will move on to ++ soon.

420 Praise it.
Country - UK.
demodoomocculta 160 looking for royal dirk will trade shadow armor and helm , and other items
Ezro501 150+ Looking for the visible Armor and Gauntlets of Aurous. Can trade lots of things, Mad Warrior Set, Berserker Blade, Shadow Set, generally anything I have I will trade, I only use a few weapons, and very little armor.
Also, I would love to do a full co-op playthru from the beginning. If interested in either, message me anytime on xbl.
moses024 160+ need either illusory ring will trade for anything u need message me on xbox!!!!
detseightyone 120+ jolly co-operation! will play from beginning!
Hefellmyliege 177+ 17 M...lookin' for some...JOLLY COOPERATION MY FRIENDS! Finishing my dragon remnant covenant and then moving to SUNBROS. YEAAAAHHHH. I just beat NG+. I'll play from the beginning, it doesn't really matter to me. I am the Pursuer. Nuff said.
RedFoxDust 100 If you need help or guidance i am your person. I also need some help^^ I trade most of my items (i dont need) for Souls/Humanity and more ~~ i finished all 4 boss souls
SilverGabe23 140 Im all about co-op. Need a tank, a fighter, someone to aggro the hell out of enemies or support in general im your person. Boss fights AND area clearing. Not interested in PvP at the moment. I have a PvE build for co-op.
ObjektBoss69628 250+??? Watch out for this person. Likes to spawn kill Bell Covenant invaders in Belfry Luna whilst wearing Heavy Armour. Wields Drakekeeper's Sword (Right Bumper spam, has a ton of stamina), Havel's Greatshield and also spams Soul Greatsword. Chugs estus when they starts losing. Fairly predictable to parry though, and is susceptible to backstabs.
theFa11enDreams 150 I'm at 3,000,000 SM in NG, and I have the Name-Engraved Ring.
I'm always down for SL ~150 fight clubs and duels, and I love jolly coop. I'm a reliable summon for all bosses besides Freja (still working on mastering that fight, but I'm still fully capable of providing tons of support). Old Iron King is a popular spot for coop, as a lot of players have trouble with that fight. I'm the person to help you with that fight as I've beaten them numerous times with no armor, fists only, and no Vanquisher's Seal up to an NG+7 level.
As for duels/fight clubs: I'm uninterested in parry spammers, healers, and backstab fishers. I also dread Ironclad tops, Jester tops, and Gower's Rings, but I won't refuse a battle to any of those as they're items with disadvantages that can be worked around.
Message me on XBL if you're looking for a fellow player who likes having fun with the game.
P.S. - I trade Great Hero Souls, Large Souls, Souls of Proud Knights, etcetera for human effigies :)
x66cernunnos99x 50+ Cleric :3, just to have a good time and be happy!
I can heal you or be the tank while we do bosses, i may not be the best one but i surely like to help newbies!
My english may not be the best btw! Kisses and hugs, ADD ME!
Stankinator X Co-op Playthrough Only on the Xbone .... Message me tho :D
kingsilver fox   looking for co-op, just finished first playthrough , will help with bosses if you message me and i will drop my summon :)
DONxGISETTO 150 willing to participate in anything related DS2, main is slightly overpowered for PVE, so PM me for a summon
Fadex u 203 I'll help anyone that needs it and also I'm looking for the old mirrah great swords even though its extremely hard to get I'll try and make it worth your while i have 5 heide chain mails and 4 hejde gauntlets as well as some ruin stuff
ChfHngLkeHrse 193 Looking for help getting into Drangleic. Please help me, I'll trade you some effigies...or some slabs.
Nosamdean   looking for more jolly co-op, add me!!
SOJORN 187 Willing to trade. Into dueling and co-op. Just started NG+. I'm one of the few I've yet seen to use the Stoneblade as my main weapon. I have a lot of extra rings, armor, weapons, etc. Looking for the Curved Twinblade (I don't want to go through the whole siblinghood of blood - not my style). Message me if you want to trade.
xibvlbv 180 (SM 11233681) Looking for Durgos hat, I can never get the drop.
Willing to get rid of Lightning Dragon Chime +5 and Lightning Defender Greatsword +5 if needed.
Message me over XBL, Thanks.
Tubs9531 lvl 249 - SM 11 mil If you're havin' beast problems I feel bad for you offspring, I got 99 problems but a Dragon ain't one. Sunbro Sign at the bottom of stairs in the Shrine.
Nebraska Batman 220 SM 9,000,000 Jolly co-op or anything pretty much. If you wanna fight then I'll
CPTN CHATOT lvl 175 In NG++ and willing to help anyone in need!
MundaneMars45 lvl 132
Sm1.8 mil
Need cracked red eye orbs, will trade for things :) I am in NG
AGuyRippinA3ft Lvl 274 Down for anything ;) but seriously PVP, co-op, or just messing with invaders message or add me on XBL, NG+ but moving on to journey 3(NG++) soon
Sirbrandino lvl 105 just need help with the game down to make a new character and have fun
orbitalblimp lvl 184 jolly co-op wanted on ng+ 1st time. Willing to start new character. Just looking for co-op. Play mostly evenings, based in the U.K. Do strength build. Add me on xbla. Look forward to hearing from you :-) No mic so can't chat :( Posted 12/10/14
Riot Kittenz
(Located in the United States. I have cross-region game play enabled)
Multiple Characters
Level: 100-350
Sm: 1.5mil-51.3mil
Trading: Have almost 2 of anything in game besides all the DLC items currently. Willing to trade anything I have 2 of for anything else I don't have or anything that's updated to +5 or +10. Currently looking for the Bell Keeper armor set, Shadow helm, Ruin top piece, and a few other items as a priority. (November 7th, 2014)
Co-Op: Willing to help anyone if I have time when they need me. All DLC's purchased and I know the location of all items within them.
Pvp: Mostly fight on the bridge before the Iron Keep. Will Pvp with anyone who wants. I use basically any gear besides some frowned upon weapons and armor.
mrgamerdude95 Sm 9.5m
lvl 232
Looking for a coop buddy on ng+ from shrine of armana til the end
KimiSenpaiX 60 mil / 1 mil Will do anything for illusion rings. If not, then jolly co-op and PvP are good too ( 7 / 19 / 15 )
germanoh1 lvl 89 Lookng for joojojolly co op, both PvP or PvE. Still first try in DS2.
NHamone 1.7 mil NG Xbox One: Looking for coop to help and receive help as well.
noctustheowl55 random Mainly just playing through the game, but will Coop or PVP once i get the ability to use those items. 360 only right now.

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