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Fan Art for Dark Souls 2, showcasing fans and artists devoted to making beautiful creations.

By Russell Jones

Russell's Website and Russell's Twitter
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By John Devlin

John's Instagram
Dark Souls Inktober

By Tommy Suhartono

Dark Souls: Natsumi
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By Chris Brandt

No-man's Wharf Map

By Paper-pulp

Boss Drawings
Find my DeviantArt page here

By Scarecrow

Hammers of the Swamp - Guarded by Swamp Mistress Neneko
external image zxT1nVV.png
Praise The Sun.

By: Kauan Panda

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By Emma Paplinski

Dark Souls 2 Enemy Compendium Entry 001:
This is the first drawing for a video series which details the enemies of Dark Souls 2. I am in charge of all the illustrations.
The video can be found here, if you're interested in watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07Tg6BFZMHc . :)
external image x9RLvq3.jpg

By Patrick Hastings

Dark Souls 2: Into the Light
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