PVP Builds in Dark Souls II are a key component to beating other players in the game. Building your own PvP build is all about StatsEquipment and Magic. Once you find the best build for your character, you'll find yourself going toe to toe with players around Dark Souls II. This page will help you create the best possible build for your playstyle or character.

For help on making your own build, look below.

Disclaimer: Builds listed here aren't necessarily well made. Anyone can post builds of varying effectiveness fitting various playstyles. Use your brain when browsing, and don't expect these builds to be min-maxed or optimized, for general usage or your own playstyle.

How to Create your PVP Build in Dark Souls 2

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estus flask

Build Name Creator (Wiki Username) Soul Level Primary Stats Description
The Dark Loyce King ThxUnknown SL 150 SL+ 200
Use the Stat in the brackets if you use S. Ritual Band
Class: Deprived
VGR: 30 (35) SL+: 44 (44)
END: 20 (20) SL+: 20 (20)
VIT: 20 (20) SL+: 29 (29)
ATT: 25 (13) SL+:25 (13)
STR: 25 (25) SL+: 25 (25)
DEX: 40 (40) SL+: 50 (50)
ADP: 13 (15) SL+: 30 (32)
INT: 6 (6) SL+: 6 (6)
FTH: 25 (25) SL+: 25 (25)
Story: You are a fallen King from a far Land. You went to Drangleic to seek the King of Snow (The Ivory King), The King of Earth (The Sunken King) and the King of Iron (The old Iron King)... Now you are here. After you killed Vendric and recived the last Crown, you were beaten by his brother Aldia, The Scholar of the first Sin. Now you stand here... You fight to get your soul back from Aldia even though the crowns make you look humen. You feel, that you are still Hollow...
This Build is an PvP/PvE Cosplay Build!
Head: Any Crown (Kings Crown is best, because it makes youkeep your human form)
Chest: Raime's Armor / Velstadt Armor
Hands: Gauntlets of the Forlorn
Legs: Drakeblood Leggings

Right Weapon 1: Loyce Greatsword (Uninfused) <=== It is your main Weapon
Right Weapon 2: Shadow Dagger (Uninfused) <=== For Backstabs (Optional)
Right Weapon 3: Black Hunter Bow (Uninfused) <=== For Ranged Damage (Optional)
Left Weapon 1: Black Witch Staff (or any Chime)
Left Weapon 2: Any Small Shield OR Parry Dagger (Optional)
Left Weapon 3: Pyromancy Flame

Ring 1: Third Dragon Ring
Ring 2: Chloranthie Ring +2
Ring 3: Ring of Blades +2
Ring 4: Ivory Warior Ring (Southern Ritual Band)
(NOTE: If you want you can use any Rings)

Sacred Oath
Warmth OR Dark Weapon (You can use Dark Weapon if you put ATT to 16 and INT to 16 and any other stat -1)
... But if you want you can use other Spells

Dark Pine Resin (Only for Cosplay) and only if you dont have Dark Weapon!!!
Dark Arrows (Only with Bow)
Throwing knifes

Gameplay: Its really simple: You buff your Weapon and use Sacred Oath... If the enemy is far away do a sprint attack and then a not locked on 1H R1, then lock on and again 1H R1... the rest of the Fight is your problem :P

btw: I play Dark Souls II on the Computer not on PlayStation or XBox
Dark... Red Mage?   SL 200 (or SL 150) Class: Deprived
Vigor: 30 (20 if SL 150)
Endurance: 58 (38 if SL 150)
Vitality: 6
Attunement: 30
Strength: 16
Dexterity: 16
Adaptability: 17
Intelligence: 40 (30 if SL 150)
Faith: 40 (30 if SL 150)
You buff yourself and poke people with your dark weapons or shoot them with your spells. Is kind of squishy but mobile and tactical due to high endurance, 100 agility, 6 attunement slots and very low VIT for Flynn's Ring.

Head: Hexer's Hood
Chest: Hexer's Robes
Hands: Dark Gauntlets
Legs: Dark Leggings

Left #1: Dark Silverblack Shield +10
Left #2: Dark Black Witch's Staff +10
Right #1: Dark Silverblack Spear +10
Right #2: Dark Silverblack Sickle +10

Ring 1: Ring of the Living (fashion only)
Ring 2: Third Dragon Ring
Ring 3: Flynn's Ring
Ring 4: Ring of Blades +2

Spell 1: Dark Orb
Spell 2: Dark Weapon
Spell 3: Sacred Oath

Item 1: Poison Throwing Knife
Belmont Family Build MeowMeowGaming 190 VGR: 35
END: 35
VIT: 20
ATT: 16
STR: 15
DEX: 40
ADP: 20
INT: 7
FTH: 55
This is a build based off of the Castlevana Series from my Childhood. Definitely not easy, but extremely fun and challenging!
Click on the link to see the build, and please, have fun!
The Dexbro Skullboy134 150 Starting Class: Cleric

VGR: 23
END: 22
VIT: 30
ATT: 20
STR: 12
DEX: 40
ADP: 4
INT: 4
FTH: 50
This is mainly a Dex/Faith build that uses a variety of Dex weapons to adapt to your opponent's setup. The Dexbro mainly utilizes Rapiers, Pate's Spear and the Uchigatana, as well as powerful faith spells to pressure the enemy.

This build is perfect for surprising your opponent, as you are using weapons that deal quick damage at high, medium and low ranges. This gives you the tools to dictate the fight with small poison weapons, high counter damage, and ranged attacks, all while keeping the enemy at bay.
Click on the build name to see the full setup and description
The Destroyer Kanukaluk1900 200 VGR: 40
END: 36
VIT: 35 (or higher)
ATN: 10
STR: 50
DEX: 50
ADP: 20
INT: 6
FTH: 6
Starting Class: Deprived
For the most part, this build is amazing. BUT, it does not really work well against opponents with high poise. You want to stunlock your opponent to death. A small weapon that attacks quickly and deals good poise damage is ideal. Also, because of you high poise, you can spam parry. I know this is considered bad etiquette by some people, but whatever.
Click on the name for more details.
Have fun and Praise the Sun!
Sora KH PVP (surprisingly effective) Patrick6160 150 VGR:30
Starting class: Knight
most Sora builds I've seen just use the key-blade, this one uses magic
(cause sora could use magic and it represents Donald), and the watcher shield
(its Goofy's shield, and because the watchers face semi looks like
mickey mouse ears) fun and very surprisingly effective key-blade build. has
agape ring capabilities. since you don't have to upgrade the key at all the agape
ring will put you at a pretty big soul memory advantage over everyone who has to
lvl their character AND their weapon.
includes many optional Kingdom Hearts themed equipment choices for build
variety. Actually viable now that new game players can play with new game +
and is actually pretty easy to set up just some minor farming for your chest
piece and legs. the rest will come as you play through the game. I just use
bonfire ascetics if I wanna fight bosses again since if you go to new game plus
you lose your key-blade until you journey to the demon of song again.
Lord Faraam Bruce Wayne
170 VGR:40
Sorcery (someone request it long time ago)
SC: Knight
Click on the Build name title for a better understanding.
The Alva Monster Bruce Wayne
149 VGR:30
Basic Pyro + one hand build.
Fast and powerful.
Should you try it? Yes.
For a better understanding click on the full name of build itself, since this "Description" box blow up all my text settings I've to move out in a new page.
Dark Flame Artorias Andices 200 VGR 40
END 30
VIT 33
ADP 10
STR 50
DEX 30
ATN 20
INT & FTH 20
This Build is for Expert Player. Your reaction speed have to be extremely fast as you have low ADP and do only medium roll . Fast to counter and trading damage, that's what your high HP and medium Armor for.

Armor like Artorias : Alonne's Helm +5 (The one From the DLC Boss) , Raime's Armor +5 , Charred Loyce Gauntlets +5 , Charred Loyce Leggings +5

Rings for the Fast and Heavy Hitter : Chloranthy Ring +2 , Third Dragon Ring , Dark Clutch Ring , Fire Clutch Ring

Weapons : Right Hand : Fire Black Knight Ultra Greatsword +5 with Cleric's Sacred Chime (Fast casting spd)

Left Hand : Dark Majestic Greatsword +5 with Pyromancy's Flame +10

Spells : Flame Weapon (Buff Fire Black Knight Ultra Greatsword for more Fire Damage, combo with Fire Clutch Ring)

Denial (For a 2nd chance in case you are bad at trading damage)

Remember to switch between 2 handed stance between both weapon as both have very different move set.

If opponent like to parry or roll, use two handed Fire Black Knight Ultra Greatsword that can't be parry and it have large sweeping attack.

For fighting high poise opponent, two handing Dark Majestic on your left hand gave you Artorias poise breaking moveset and also better stat scaling.

That's all, have fun. Praise the Dark Abbysal Sun.
Variety Build BrokenBushido 130 VGR 20
END 20
VIT 31
ADP 27
STR 16
DEX 40
ATN 20
INT & FTH 1/8
This is a close to pure melee build I made and have had a lot of fun with for several months now, the power of this build is not in having a higher attack damage or being able to soak up more hits than your opponent, this build shines because you will be able to counter whatever build your opponent is using, be sure to change your weapons and tactics to counter that of your opponents, if you do not do this you will fail with this build.

Armor (This is my preference, feel free to change to your liking) Helm--Alonne Captain, Torso--Dark Armor, Gauntlets--Engraved Gauntlets, Boots-- Dark Boots

Rings -- ROB+2, Chloranthy Ring+2, Third Dragon Ring, Stone Ring (the stone ring can be traded out if you are not worried about high poise opponents)

Weapons (Using the exact weapons listed is key to this build, please do not deviate and read the notes for each weapon)

Right Hand:

RH1=Darkdrift Katana+10 (Use against turtles(the R2 gets around 50% shield penetration, be sure to two hand so they can not circle for an easy back-stab, if the first swing connects go for the second swing), also against short weapon users, and frequent dodgers(rolling).)

RH2=Pate's Spear+5 (This is your go to weapon, utilize the running attack to catch people off guard(carefully, a missed attack leaves you wide open) do not use against anyone with a good parry weapon/shield in their left hand. Also be sure to two hand if your opponent has medium to heavy armor on!)

Left Hand:

LH1=Royal Kite shield (This is really only to counter high poke opponents, think thrusting swords or spears, maybe the occasional spin to win halberd. Only use as a combo with the spear)

LH2=Old Whip+5 (This is the key weapon for countering parry spammers, use the running whip attack then follow up with the Darkdrift to punish them when they roll after their parry fail.)

LH3=Pyromancy Flame+10 (I use Forbidden Sun to punish flaskers when I play in the Dragon Covenant and Warmth for Fight Clubs

This build takes a bit of practice but is extremely effective when used correctly, just try to make sure you are using the right weapon combo to give yourself the advantage. To help people I have include the Variety build cheat sheet: 2 hand Spear>Havels(high poise), Spear/shield>rapiers, Darkdrift/whip>parry, Pyromancy/Forbidden Sun>Estus, Spear/Whip>all medium to short weapons(if low poise), 2 hand Darkdrift R2>Shield, Aggressive spear>Mage(if you can dodge).

If you stick to these guidelines and practice a bit I'm sure you'll be glad that you tried this build. I currently have around an 85% win ratio on Iron Keep Bridge and a 70% win ratio in Blood Brothers arena using this build. Good Luck and Praise the Sun! -BrokenBushido
PvP mage/pyro build (PSN: XSV76) 232 VGR 25
END 20
VIT 30
ATN 50
STR 20
DEX 20
ADP 10
INT 62
FTH 52
With this build you will be able to kill any NPC or invader/ World host with ease I was even able to kill the host while taking on his summon my K/D ratio is 320/204 so far it's not a bad ratio this build was mainly designed off my Dark souls and Demon souls build just modified a bit I loved to PvP it's why I decided to share my builds only way I"ve lost was by complete noobs in every way possible or by lag but anyways here's my build enjoy

spells and pyro spells
Crystal soul spears can be found by trading Straid of olaphis old paledrake soul
Affinity bought from Straid of olaphis
forbidden sun reward for his third assasination request
great chaos fireball NG++ or brotherhood of blood+3
Chaos storm in the chest on the lava rocks in Iron keep
moonlight greatsword+5 trading old paledrake souls to weaponsmith Ornifex
dark black witch's staff+10 infused dark
left hand pyromancy flame+10
Rings Chloranthy ring+2 Clear bluestone ring+2 southern ritual band+2
Armor black hood Pate's armor penal handcuffs pate's trousers
Senpai's Faith Build Marcohazard
(PSN: Mhazard)
274 VGR 20
END 27
VIT 33
ATT 50
STR 43
DEX 40
INT 53
FTH 53
Insane Moonlight Greatsword + Bluemoon Greatsword dual wielding build, tend to be impractical yet authentic. Power stance strong attack damage is 812, while you can retain the ability of launching moonlight beam with right handed weapon. also with cute Desert Sorceress gallery :3

For details visit this page:
Ricard 2.0 Bruce Wayne
91 VGR:28

Hello everyone! I'm back today with another PvP Build, and this time I tried to do a cosplay of the famous Undead Prince Ricard.
First off, this build is really personal, I tried to match stopping power with low weight equipment (and I did it, the build it's 50%/total weight)
I used: third dragon's ring, life ring+3, chlornanthy +2, blades +2
ricard's rapier, target shield, elite knight elm the rest is full knight set (not elite).
The Rapier it's really strange, it doesn't have a properly parry animation but it's really fast, it's like a retard version of the monastery scimitar.
And the target shield it's also good for parryes.
Click on "Ricard 2.0" for full dettails
B2ast Hunter (Bloodborne Build) ibewinnerz 175 Vigor-30
Attunement- 30
Strength - 20
Dexterity - 22
Adaptability -34
Intelligence - 30
Faith - 30
A viable PvP cosplay of the main character from the Bloodborne trailers.
Starting class: Bandit
Right hand 1 - Dark Bandit Axe +10
Right hand 2 - Dark Wrathful Axe +5 (or dark halberd +10 if the first DLC is unavailable)
Right hand 3 - Dark Great Machete +10

Left hand 1 - Raw Sanctum Crossbow +10 (with dark bolts and heavy bolts)
Left hand 2 - Lighting Priest's Chime +10 (2 great heals and 1 sacred oath, only used at start of duels)
Left hand 3 empty

Rings - Flynn's ring (steel protection + 2 if first DLC is unavailable), Third Dragon Ring, Ring of Blades +2, Cloranthy Ring +2

Armor - Hunter's Hat, Robe, Manchettes, and Tights of Judgement

Start off the duel by casting sacred oath for that sweet bonus damage and defense. The main weapon will be the great machete, which is decent at mid-range melee combat. Make use of its range and hitbox to surprise people who are trying to roll away from you. Switch to the andit axe for close-range melee and the wrathful axe for criticals, AoE, and for the moveset as a substitute for the machete in mid-range. The crossbow should be used at long range combat and at the end of a meleee combo but be careful using it to finish combos because of the reload time. This build works best in NG with a semi-low soul memory, but is still viable at high soul memory however the great machete and crossbow will be less useful. Your playstyle should be aggressive since the lack of a shield means you will be more vulnerable to attack if you create an opening for your opponent. Try to rely on rolling/backstepping. A good combo if facing someone with a short enough weapon is to backstep and then fire a shot from the crossbow. Have fun and prepare yourself for the stream of messages saying "nice bloodborne cosplay" and such. :)
Double Red blood Iron Blade Bruce Wayne
  • VGR 35
  • END 35
  • VIT 35
  • ATN 4
  • STR 40
  • DEX 20
  • ADP 25
  • INT 3
  • FTH 6
2014 08 09 00002
SC: Knight
So, here It is.
It's quite personal, and it's kinda good.
Yes, it really is.
This build it's also based on 3 ring, third dragon's ring, blade ring+2 and the chloranthy ring+2 I also use dark/fire/lighting/steel (protection) ring.
The strategy it's really easy. it's based on punish the ppls who try to hit you, but how?
just roll and attacky nothing too difficult, but here is the real deal.
I seen really clearly ppls, get distracted by the gesture, and they don't know what to do, and that's your attempt to close the duel.
Darkmoon Shinobi/Kunoichi Kyohyo
PSN: shinobipanther
192 Vigor-22
Attunement- 18
Strength - 18
Dexterity - 48
Adaptability -39
Intelligence - 31
Faith - 24
The Point of this build is to wait for you're victim to make a move.
When you have high agility and high dex attack , you don't need to worry about those huge Havel smashers or Giant Dads. All you need to do is time you're dodges and distract them with fire bombs, throwing knives (lacerating preferably) and unpredictable movements .When in need for extra annoyance to your prey;coat you're blade with resonant blade,dark blade or bleeding serums (also use certain AOE hexes when the time comes like dark fog or dark storm).*ONLY ATTACK WHEN YOU FIND AND OPENING,IMMEDIATELY ROLL AWAY WHEN DAMAGE IS DEALT* .Amour and weapons used in this build.....
Armor:Thief Hood +10 Shadow armor +10 Engraved Gauntlets +5 Manikin Boots +10
Rings: Third Dragon Ring,Ring of Blades +2, Chloranthy Ring +2 and Ring of Giants +2
Weapons: Darkdrift +10 Dragonrider Bow+10 Any Chime or Staff for Dark blade,Resonant blade,Dark fog and other AOE hexes. Decide wisely .
(Note when when leveling past 192, level up endurance, vigor and adaptability)
You must analyse you're opponent before you jump in combat , wait for him/her to make a move. Be unpredictable and constantly evolve you're fighting tactics .
Anti-Mage Crusader Steam: 175 VGR 44
END 28
VIT 24
ATN 10
STR 40
DEX 40
ADP 22
INT 10
FTH 10
Anti Mage%20Crusader%20Build%20175
Click on image for larger version.
Starting Class - Knight
Stat reasoning
All of my typical standards that I like in a solid build
40/40 is pretty fricken solid for weapon variety
VIT enough to make a 50% carry
INT/FTH min for Silverblack
10 ATN for spell variety, original intention was Warmth for Fight Clubs
22 ADP, I take at least 20 always

Weapons and Weapon reasoning
Right hand
Silverblack Spear - I approve of this moveset and I really like how it looks. Damage is good too.
Dagger - Critical Damage is killer for when you parry. Don't backstab fish unless you're a scrub.
Pyromancy Hand - Works better in Right than Left, needed for spells
Left Hand
Magic Magic Shield - Good for laggy mages, but I mainly used to go with the color scheme. Buckler parry animation.
Sanctum Crossbow - This thing is a beast. You can poke with regular bolts, or two hand it and shoot a massive death shot. People don't expect it.
N/A - Quick Switching between shield and crossbow

Armor and reasoning
Thief Mask - Complements G. Warden Top amazingly, and I'm always liked how it looked on Males, but could never match it well.
Grave Warden Top - Fits well with Thief Mask and Havel's Gauntlets. Approve of the kind of Toga style across the chest.
Havel's Gauntlets - A bit of poise, defense, and style, all in one. Mainly used for style, also used because I love H. Gauntlets
Imperious Leggings - Loved the look of these since I was experimenting with a lot of builds. Decent armor/poise and good style.

Rings and Reasoning
Third Dragon Ring - Health, Stamina, Increased Load
Ring of Blades +2 - Damage, Damage, DAMAGE
Chloranthy Ring +2 - Stamina Recovery everywhere
Life Ring +2 - Little bit of extra health to effectively trade or survive with, can be swapped with other rings

Effectiveness Ratings (NEW)
Mage/Hexer/Pyromancer - 89% - Worked extremely well against nearly pure Spell/Hex/Pyromancy users.
Tank - 72% - Varies with tank style, not many tanks in DS2 for good reason. Silverblack is good poke either way.
Standard Warrior - 79% - Depending on style, was mildly to greatly effective with pokes. Switch up a lot with R2s.
Super Buffed Monster (SBM) - 48% - Using every buff in the game is difficult to deal with. Figured out toward the latter fights to constantly avoid and very few jabs.
HAVEL MONSTER - 61% - Havel Monsters have been nerfed, but are still existant. Few of these could be classified as SBMs?
Squishy Backstab Fisher - 74% - Play smart and don't go for second attack if you don't hit. Spear set leave you open. Use R2s though.
Jester's Monster - 82% - Not many criticals are needed on this, but I parried over half of these guys. Sorry Jester's users, but some of you are bad.
Tell me if I could put more categories for ER. Minimum for me to put a good ER rating is 10 matches at least, though I factor damage/remaining health.

Flexibility Options
With a 40/40 build, it's extremely easy if you don't intend to host fight clubs or use the ATN for anything to just
set ATN back to it's base of 4. Same aspect with Silverblack, set it back to 6 FTH and 3 INT. Overall, that's 17
extra points for you to use back in the bank. Personally, when I tested flexibility, I put it into Endurance and Adaptability.
With the 40/40 build and the carry weight, a lot of weapons can be used with this. If it gets to heavy, use extra points for VIT
or pick up Royal Soldier's Ring +2. Also note you can swap in a lot of ranged weapons for Sanctum, but I suggest Sanctum Crossbow.

If you'd like to find me, search Crusader Dan on Steam and friend the one with [PJ2014] in front of his name or just leave a comment on my profile.
If you're on Fextralife looking at the PvP build, just click on my avatar to find my profile.
Rip in Rektness Bruce Wayne
150 VGR 35
END 35
VIT 35
STR 45
DEX 15
ADP 25
2014 07 17 00003

The Starter Class it's the knight due the fact he allready have a alot STR points.
The glorious Mastodon Halberd it's quite heavy (16.0), and with 35 points in VIT plus the third dragon's ring you have 99.0 Eq.Load, and that's great, if you want change the weapons it's perfect becouse you have actually a great wayside of Load for your equipment to have also the good roll (the mid-fast roll of dks2).
So what now?
The build itself it's basically doing the "fake move", all the dark souls 2 player when they see you have an halaberd in your hands roll against you when you do the dash, becouse they think you gonna do the "spin2win" move, but that's also don't happen due the fact, when they roll you just have to go behind and go for a darn backstab, if you have enchanted your weapons will do also a really great damage (1.5k+), and also in level range 140-160 not much ppls have more than 1900 hp.
So it's basically 1h1k, but when the oppent understand your strategy he will not roll against you, go for a spin2win, you will also deal damage, but remember the "spin2win" move it's really easy to parry, so becareful with that.
Dark Guardian Steam: 150 VGR 45
END 24
VIT 28
STR 20
DEX 45
ADP 20
FTH 14
Starting Class - Knight
Started off as a spin-off of a build I helped someone make, has turned into
one of my builds I like a lot.
Armor is mostly aesthetic, although has a lot of utility.
Stats are distributed in either necessary spots or for bonus to damage or survivability.
Manikin Knife is my favorite knife. Hunter's Blackbow has an S scaling in Dexterity.
Previously I had a Washing Pole ready to switch off as a quick swap with
Dragonslayer, but I tossed the idea.
Dragonslayer is effect at it's range and can be used to just throw people off their game.
Rings are Ring of Blades +2, Chloranthy Ring +2, Third Dragon Ring, Ring of Giants +2

If you have questions or just want to know more about me,
you can message me on or also now on Fextralife!
Third Dragon King Steam: 150 VGR 45
DEX 32
VIT 17
STR 20
DEX 56
ADP 20
*Ignore the Typo. Below VGR is END not DEX.
Starting Class - Knight
Quick Stat Explanation
Just a lot of min/maxing

Dexterity got a lot of extra points thrown into it
Endurance has a good amount for plenty of swings
Vigor has a decent amount put right at the border of how much I wanted in it
Strength is at the minimum I need to use most of the
weapons that go well with this build
Vitality is at it's minimum to be efficient

Quick Item Explanation
I'm using Mirrah Greatsword because Lucatiel is
a character I absolutely love as well as the A scaling in Dexterity
Other weapons can be used, as I've also used
Washing Pole, Murakumo, Drakewing Ultra Greatsword, Black Knight Halberd,
and others.
Blossom Kite Shield can be left unupgraded, but it's secondary purpose comes
after upgrading it and infusing it with poison. 100% Poison Blocks.
Mytha's can be replaced by any Knife or Dagger that you prefer
that has high Critical if you can't afford to use a lot of Petrified Dragon Bones
Chloranthy Ring+2 is easily acquired
Ring of Blades +1 is fine for this build
Third Dragon Ring is best for this
Last ring can replaced by Covenant, I use Giant during Blue Sentinel
duels to increase my poise (tested, has positive effects)
Alonne Greatbow because this build is for NG, although can be carried to NG+
Using Greatbow is good for invasions at range strikes and also
switching it up with your opponent when you get distance
Greatbow can be replaced by other ranged options that aren't magic
Black Dragon armor is light and thankfully only takes 20 dragon scales

Strategy is more geared toward rolling than blocking for defense
You are also advised to be more aggressive and on the attack rather than defending and waiting

If you have any questions or just like the build
or want to know more about me, you can find me on .
Maskodon, Son of Giantdad Steam: 150 VGR 60
END 30
VIT 32
STR 16
DEX 12
ADP 37
The Legend never dies, and neither does his son.

Starting Class - Knight
Penal Mask - Avaliable after Lost Sinner boss fight in Sinner's Rise. Raises Equipment load.
Mastodon Set (Excluding Helm) - Avaliable from Primal Warriors in Drangleic Castle. Offers extremely high protection.
Blossom Kite Shield - Stamina Recovery. IT'S WHAT YOU NEED.
Zweihander - Chaos Infusion may have died, but the Zweihander lives on. You can either put Fire or Lightning on this, but personally, I like Lightning better.
What rings you got *****?
Chloranthy Ring +2 - Even more Stamina Recovery. Had to look up on a few wiki spots to see if this stacks, and apparently does. Lots of Stamina all the time.
Third Dragon Ring - Health, Stamina, Equipment Load - IT'S THE NEW RING OF FAVOR AND PROTECTION WITHOUT THE*****TY BREAKING.
Ring of Blades +2 - Damage, since now we have four ring slots instead of two. Putting more power behind your Zwei.
Ring of Giants +2 - This increases your poise, which with Dark Souls 2's famous stunlock of death, makes it harder to stunlock you and allows you to just carry through your opponents swings to let you TRASH them.
from Alagaësia
Bruce Wayne
100 VGR 40
END 30
STR 20
DEX 13
ADP 30
It's a simple cosplay, the build is really solid.

First of, you have to get the second reward of the dragon's covenant.
Then, get a claymore, once you done it +10, infuse it flames, when you done this part, (skip all of this if you're on ng+)you have to bonfire all the intere areas of The Lost Bastille, when you have done everything, go back and fight again the Lost Sinner.
Done this again, you will need a "fragrant branch of yore", now go back and use it on Straid of Olaphis, he will be petrified on the second floor of the last bonfire before the Lost Sinner.
Now, trade the Old Witch Soul and 10,000 (10k) of your souls and get the flame weapons.
Now, I use the chloranthy ring+2, southern ritual band ring +2, ring of steel protection +2 and the third dragon's ring.
The duel strategy it's basically on roll and attack, little jump, rotation hit, but take in your mind you have 30 ADP if you timing you can roll against him when he use a slash, and that will be a 100% sure hit.
And ofcourse before the duel use the flame weapons.

Sé onr waìse sitja hvass!

Gyrmastodon The Grandmaster Marcohazard
(PSN: Mhazard)
284 VGR 20
END 27
VIT 43
ATT 50
STR 43
DEX 40
INT 53
FTH 53
It is believed to have the highest physical defense among all armors within normal titanite upgrading path, it can even outclass fresh Havel Set, also possible to mid roll.
Malformed Skull / Pyro build Ukkoclap
150 VGR 50
END 45
VIT 39
ATT 20
STR 20
ADP 12
Showcasing the Malformed Skull / Pyro build for PvP. I don't see many people mention the Malformed Skull so I wanted to share my build.

The goal : *extreme* single hit damage. I am talking about 1000+ a hit with R2, with instant kill backstabs. I aimed for 50% equipment load for fast stamina regen while still being able to move swiftly. Enjoy.
The Magic Zweihander Build killerkord
(Youtube: )
75-85 VGR 10
END 14
VIT 12
ATT 12
STR 24
DEX 12
ADP 18
INT 22
A lower level PvP build that uses the Bell Keepers covenant for PvP. The entire build can be ready to go in 3-4 hours for newer players, but faster than that if you're already familiar with the game.
The build uses a Magic Zweihander as the primary weapon, which is then buffed with Magic Weapon, before 2-handing and mauling your opponents. Most opponents at this level / soul memory range will die in 1 or 2 hits to this build. It's a very high risk and high reward build.
Video of the build (with PvP gameplay) included on the build page!
Dark Pyromancy Flame Glass Cannon Build (Beta) Marcohazard
(PSN: Mhazard)
Depended Depended on variant Theory build on Dark Pyromancy Flame, which is an elitist weapon since it scales with hollowing, however it does offer a better scaling than the default Pyromancy Flame, this is an attempt to put the flame to full potential by overclocking the stat with Soul Vessel and Curse, once Red Tearstone Ring is activated, it may deal a formidable damage, twice as damaging as default Pyromancy Flame per hit?
Details: https://darksouls2.wiki.fextralife.com/Dark+Pyromancy+Flame+Glass+Cannon#

feel free to leave comments on the page to tell whether it work or not. (Warning: elitist experimental build)
King Favel - the killer of annoying little mage/wizard gankers Oggab0gga SL150 VGR 38
END 20
VIT 24(level this further after other attributes are done - faster rolling is always better)
ATT 12
STR 40
DEX 20
ADP 20
INT 15
FTH 15
This build is supposed to be pure melee, unless you are willing to farm spices. 15 intelligence and faith works for chameleon (fun in pvp) and heal if that is necessary as a phantom. If you are good at rolling and have decent timing, this build will wreck just about everything pretty easily.
Starting class - any, but preferably warrior/knight if you are not willing to use a soul vessel. Determine starting gift yourself - i like to use petrified something.
Fully upgraded Faraam helm, kings armor, havels leggings and gauntlets. Upgrade as much as possible, of course. Early game drangleic and Vengarl also works. All offer great defense. The differences are just about negligible. Use what looks cooler to you.
Right hand: Bastard or mastadon or claymore - greatswords scale more off strength (Dex is awful in ds2) and are still faster and lighter than ultra greatswords/halberds/clubs as well as staffs if you are going to use them (though as mentioned, not for attacking - only for healing/ chameleon)
Left hand: Any shield with 100 phys defense, as long as you maintain under 70% capacity. If you have plenty to spare i recommend magic shield+magic imbuement for avoiding pesky spell-spammers. A parrying dagger is also nice to have if you are facing a great-sword wielding tank. If not fighting a mage, any crossbow at all will work wonders.
3rd dragon ring, old leo ring (if claymore - works well - if not, ring of blades), old soldier ring +1(or ring of blades if plenty VIT to spare) , chloranthy ring +1
If you meet a caster - switch to magic magic shield and close the distance until you can heavy attack with claymore - guaranteed to do a lot of damage if fully upgraded with leo ring
If you meet a tank(full havel using heavy weapons) roll and block until his stamina is just about gone, try to move in for a backtab - if not, use a crossbow with some good bolts (if he is not using shield) if he is using a shield, circle around with shield up and wait for opportunity to backstab
If you meet any medium melee build/ a hybrid of caster and melee - keep your physical shield and try to roll away if he tries to attack you with a spell. Then keep him at range by using heavy attack.
When you win, spam "very good" carving
The Boxing Dandy Andre
150 Vgr: 30 / End: 20
Vit: 30 / Atn: 02
Str: 40 / Dex: 40
Adp: 30 / Int: 03
Fth: 08
Starting Class: Bandit
A Boxer build that works in both PvP and PvE
Let's fight, like gentlemen
Nights' Watch MindOfTheSwarm (PSN ID) 150 Vgr: 82 / End: 30 / Vit: 20 / Atn: 6 / Str: 20 / Dex: 8 / Adp: 25 / Int: 6 / Fth: 6 Join the Nights' Watch and defend the realm!
This build focuses on melee only with lots of endurance and absolutely NO MAGIC! Follow the link for more details and welcome brother to the Nights' Watch! Don't forget to say your vows!
This build requires great skill, as such only the most hardened of warriors will survive.
DARKMUSH Thormush 120 Vigor: 15/ End: 15/ Vit: 5/ Atn: 20/ Str: 50/ Dex: 19/ Adp: 8/ Int: 22/ Fth: 19 Build focuses on fast attacks of the dark longsword, defense of a great shield, and diversity of hexes and spells to change it up.
Dark Paladin Anti-Mage
1 / Vgr 40 / End 20
/ Vit 43 / Atn 40
/ Str 40 / Dex 15
/ Adp 15 / Int&Fth 50

This build is centered around hexes and anti-mage buffs. Lets start with the stat breakdown.
Vgr 40
 / End 20 / 
Vit 43 / 
Atn 40 / 
Str 40 / 
Dex 15 / 
Adp 15 / 
Int 50 / 
Fth 50
Weapons, Chimes, and Wands:

Dark Sacred Chime Hammer +5 / Dark Chime of Want +5
 / Dark Sunset Staff +5
 / Avelyn +5 (for those special occasions)

(Alternatively to Chime Hammer: Dark Crypt Blacksword, Dark Santiers Spear, or Dark Chaos Blade)
Hexes and Miracles:

Great Magic Barrier (Anti-Magic Buff) / Affinity
 / Resonant Weapon
 / Profound Still (Stops mages ability to cast)
 / Great Resonant Soul

Third Dragon Ring
 / Ring of Blades +2 / 
Southern Ritual Band +2
 / Pilgrims of Dark Crest

(Alternatively to Ring of Blades: Dispelling Ring for extra magic defense)

Mad Warrior Mask +5
 / Armor of Aurous +5
 / Havel’s Gauntlets and Leggings +5

(Alternatively: Throne Defenders Helm, Heide Knight Chainmail)
Really enjoying this build right now, hope this helps some people out!
      • * * Also SL means nothing for Online, only factor is SM, so don't be intimidated to lvl to 260!! * * ***
easy4MEEE (xbox gamertag) 150 [[tel:43 / 20 / 29 / 2|43 / 20 / 29 / 2]] / [[tel:40 / 40 / 20 / 1|40 / 40 / 20 / 1]] / 8 / Starting class: bandit
Ring: vitality+2 / cloranthy+2 / royal soldier+2 / third daragon
Gear : elm variaghi+10 / havel's gauntlet+5
Weapon: bastard sword+10 and dagger+10 (for parry)
Shield: buckler+10 (for parry)
- weight 24.9% balance 39.0 and defense
vs shot 415
vs cutting 507
vs penetration 465
(this class requires experience of playng dark souls 1)

Mastodon Clown

  (SLV 150) Vgr 36 / End 30 / Vit 40 / Atn 2 / Str 40 / Dex 20 / Adp 26 / Int 1 / Faith 8 starting class: Bandit
gear : manikin mask / Jester's chest / Havel's gauntlet / Gyrm boot
Weapon : mastodon halberd / mastodon greatsword

Divine Fireblade

  150 VGR 12 / END 11 / VIT 10 / ATN 30 / STR 21 / DEX 37 / ADP 33 / INT 7 / FAITH 43 Starting Class: Swordsman
Rings: Cloranthy +2 / Third Dragon Ring / Southern Ritual Band +2 / Ring of Blades +2
Armor: Saint's Hood / Armor of Aurous / Penal Handcuffs / Jester's Tights
Weapons: RH: Fire Uchigatana / Lightning Priest's Chime (or better) / Lightning Hunter's Blackbow
LH: Lightning Blacksteel Katana / Magic Royal Kite Shield / Pyromancy Flame (or Dark)
Spells: Great Heal / Great Lightning Spear (x2 or 1 + WOG) / Great Magic Barrier / Great Fireball / Fire Tempest / Flame Weapon / Toxic Mist / Flame Swathe
The main tactic of this build is this: use flame weapon on the uchigatana and switch to blacksteel on left hand. Use power stance and make use of rolling, occasionally using spells for extra damage. Toxic Mist works wonderfully as both a poison and a sight-blocking barrier to fire lightning spears from behind. Pyro flame is in left hand so you can buff the right hand and switch to pyromancy without losing the buff. If prefered, use sunlight blade to buff the left hand and use miracles as secondaries. The shield gives very good defense against most types of damage at +10 and imbuing it with magic brings the magic and fire defense to around 75 while keeping the physical at 98.

Kolari Veiled's Min-Maxing Dex-Faith

x_Veiled SL 202
  • VGR: 31
  • END: 30
  • VIT: 34 (this will vary with the gear you wear, try to keep below 50% load for the fast rolling.)
  • ATN: 13 (2 slot min, 1 slot if you don't want a ranged spell)
  • STR: 25 (I really like Avelyn, although it's pretty much unneeded in this build. If you don't want this, mine would be 16 for King's Shield.)
  • Dex: 25 (Minimum stat requirements for Chaos Blade, adjust this with your weapon of choice.)
  • ADP: 36 (Gotta get that Agility)
  • INT: 1 We love the mentally challenged Bandit Class. (If you want Dex/Int obviously you'd swap around the stats you pour into faith and your starting class.)
  • FTH: 60 (This is your max stat)
Basically you're a hyper aggressive weapon buffer, 1 ranged spell thrown in to deal with those pesky Int/Hex builds. This pretty much revolves around being an in your face melee monster, spam the crap out of the Katana sprinting poke for huge, unexpected damage. Chaos Blade has fast, low swings on RB meaning you'll often hit targets as they come out of their roll. Dexterity damage scaling (~70 damage more at 40 DEX with an A scaling? From pls.) is thrown out of the window for enormous Lightning scaling from that Faith pump.

Cthulu_Cuddler's Pure Dex, Bell Bro

140 - 164   Very detailed, see link~! Starting Class: Sorcerer
So this is a build I've been having a lot of fun with. I keep him at SL25 and get TONS of action with the Bell Keepers. Feel free to interpret and change according to your style, but here's the idea-
I hated the swordsman on my first play, but I decided to revisit him. I pumped dex to 29, and str is at 9. Alvaa set (all +9) with wanderer manchettes +9 for armor, until I beefed up Creighton's set to +9 (has a bit more defense but less poise-you decide). Still using Manchettes though, ok defense and light weight.

Dark Lord Build by Vaurk: Starting Class - Sorcerer, Soul Level 120

Vaurk 120
  • Vigor: 15
  • Att: 40
  • Str:10
  • Dex: 9
  • Int: 40
  • Fth: 40
Weapons: Right Hand: Dark Long Sword +10, Dark/Lightning Priest's Chime +10. /// Left Hand: Dark Sunset Staff +5, Llewwellyn Shield
Armor: Aurous Set/Lion Mage Set
Rings: Clear Bluestone Ring +2, Third Dragon Ring, Clhoranthy Ring +2, and any ring
Spells: 2x Soul Spear, Affinity, Dark Weapon, Any magic
How to be OP: Cast Affinity, Buff your Dark Long Sword +10, Spam Souls Spears, if he survived you finish him with your Dark Sword of Hell!!!

Builds by Octopus

Octopus 130-140 Several Five builds for all situations!

Duelist Build

  • Vigor: 15
  • End: 25
  • Vit: 30
  • Adp: 15
  • Str: 75
  • Dex: 42
  • Int: minimum
  • Fth: minimum
  • Att: minimum
Ultimate set for switching weapons on the spot (Considers the highest possible strength and dexterity to duel wield anything and everything) Warning, you will be a glass cannon.

Grimm's Pure Faith Cleric build

Grimm 120
  • Vigor - 40
  • End - 20
  • Vit - 8
  • Att - 30
  • Strength - 12
  • Dex - 5
  • Adp - 4
  • Int - 4
  • Faith - 50
Weapon: Lightning Mace +10, Lightning Dragon Chime +5,
Armor: +10 Insolent armor set (grants additional 2 faith bonus and mobility due to being a lighter armor with good defense)
Rings: Third Dragon Ring, Cloranthy Ring +2, Ring Of Prayer, Southern Ritual Band +2
Miracles: 1x Sacred Oath, 2x Sunlight Blade, Wrath Of The Gods, Great Sunlight Spear

Dog's Righteous Knight

the dog keeper
  • Vigor: 12 (Standard Knight Health)
  • Endurance: 30 (Handy When Switching From Offense To Defense)
  • Vitality: 18 (Minimum Vitality For Heavy Armor)
  • Attunement: 10 (Required For 1 Magic Slot)
  • Strength: 50 (Required For Dealing Large Amounts Of Damage)
  • Dexterity: 20 (Not Required)
  • Adaptability: 21 (Very Handy Against Players With Poison/Bleed Weapons)
  • Intelligence: 3 (Standard Knight Intelligence)
  • Faith: 12 (Required For Heal Miracle/Should Be Raised Over Time For Lightning Spears)
Use Some Sort Of Infused Longsword (Or Fast Striking Weapon), NOT Massive Swords!
Use Tower Shield Infused With Lighting (Helps Protect Against Lightning Spears)
Try To Upgrade All Of Your On-Hand Equipment To The Max Before PVP'ing


  • VGR- Minimum 15(If having trouble surviving you can put this to 20 instead.)
  • END- Minimum 15(Important when casting spells now and most melee ranged champs will run straight for you so keep some endurance handy.)
  • VIT- Minimum 15(Light-weight keeps you agile, no need for heavy armor.)
  • ATN- Minimum 30(Gives you plenty of slots for spells, if you feel you need more throw on the Black witch hat.)
  • STR- Minimum 15(Good shields require some strength, Tower shield is 30, Havel's 45.)
  • DEX- Minimum 15(Many uses if you are going for a spell-sword build, but doesn't need to be too high.)
  • ADP- Minimum 20(For going against people who abuse bleed and poisons.)
  • INT- Minimum 40(Soul spear is too powerful to pass up, most spells vary in actual usage in a pvp fight. Single target and soul masses earn high placement, soul great-sword is great for when the get in melee rang or back you up in a corner.)
  • FTH- Minimum 15(If you feel like you want to through some hexes into your build and to raise certain resistances.)
Starting Class- any class will do, for the easiest time to lvl up go for deprived. Max lvl round 120-140.
Recommendations- Staff or Amana +10 is you're best friend when pvping. High damage for low Intel and bonus's while human.
Tower shield handy but not required a shield with good stability will do fine.
If seeking a mixed build as in Spell-sword highly suggest Blue flame which can be obtained in the Un-dead Crypt.

Up Close And Personal

  • VGR- 15
  • END- 20 (So you don't run out of stamina to fast)
  • VIT- 20 (Nice Amount of Equipment Load for Fast rolling and slight Health boost)
  • ATN- 10 (For a single slot for your Fireball, or other Pyromancy choices)
  • STR- 50 (For more damage on your melee attacks)
  • DEX- 20 (Enough to power stance Claws or Caestus)
  • ADP-15 (Just to have some resistances against Poison and Bleed weapons)
  • INT-Minimum
  • FTH-Minimum
(Fist Weapon Build) Starting Class Deprived is preferred but doesn't matter.

Witch Duelist

SummonTheNight 150
  • Lv: 150
  • VGR: 50
  • END: 20
  • VIT: 10
  • ATN: 25
  • STR: 10
  • DEX: 16
  • ADP: 26
  • INT: 40
  • FTH: 6
Intellect/Staff/Fast weapon - Deprived start
This build focuses around Crystal Magic Weapon buff on fast, magic-infused weapons, accompanied by powerful spells like Crystal Soul Spear and Soul Greatsword. A hefty health pool will help cushion your low VIT and lighter, high resistance armor. No shield! No heavy armor! Strong dodge mechanics required ahead.


  • Vig: 25 enough with third dragon ring
  • End: 20, third dragon ring...
  • Vit:19, third dragon ring...
  • ATN:20--->all you need is two weapon buffs and slots for some usefull pyro (to go threw fire) and great combustion to be annoying in pvp
  • Str: 14 for the uchi or black steel katana
  • Dex: Obviously, 40
  • AdP: 20, goes very well with the 20 end
  • Int: 40 (to use the s scaling magic staff of amana+10)
  • Faith: 5(base)
Using Falchion +10 and magic uchi + 1O, bleeding black steel katana+10, dual wielding or not depends on the situation
right hand:if dual wielding: falchion or bleeding black steel katana and a staff(infused with magic)to buff the magic uchi, plus the pyro hand
+10; if not:uchi and pyro hand
left hand: uchi if you're dual wielding and and hunter bow+10; if not:a medium shield like kite shield+10 , the staff and the hunter bow
magic slots: Crystal magic weapon, a pyro buff, great combustion, and whatever you want
Rings: blade ring +2; cloranthy ring; third dragon ring ; knuckle ring+2(the one that prevents fragile weapons from beeing broken too soon)

Manliest Fairy Princess

      All right guys, it's time to get down to business. This builds theme is to crush and maim your sissy opponents in the manliest way possible. And the best way to do that is by looking swagger as hell while you show them their entrails. The Rings and Weapons are up to the individual, but personally I go for a strength build with this set. Standard STR weps and great shield's to bash your targets skull in. Disorientate the foe by constantly applying poison thanks to your magic fairy dust. Keeping up a good offence is key with this set because one hit on the princess leaves her open to attack from all manner of nasty suitors. Show the world you arn't just a helpless princess. Cut, stab, and slam your enemies like the foreign scum they are. Show your dominance as the Fairy Princess and protect your lands as the next heir to the throne.

Battle Hex Drag Queen

Shanky-Smurf 150
  • VGR - Vigor 48
  • END - Endurance 21
  • VIT - Vitality 20
  • ATN - Attunement 25
  • STR - Strength 16
  • DEX - Dexterity 16
  • ADP - Adaptability 3
  • INT - Intelligence 27
  • FTH - Faith 27
Soul level 150 build that is Great for PVE and PVP and is not a drag queen but just an ordinary queen if your character is female.

Recommended Starting Class - Bandit or Warrior

Ultimate Whipping Butterfly

      This is a PVP build that revolves around the tactic of not only pressuring your opponent with whippy status conditions, but looking absolutely fabulous while doing so!
It's recommended to upgrade you DEX as high as it will possibly go (for extra bonuses to poison and bleed). Once you're there feel free to upgrade your stats as you see fit (personally i use Faith as well for extra lightning speary fun).
Suggested Equipment is the full Moon Butterfly Armor, but you may wish to sub the headgear for the King's Crown for that ultimate Royal Look!
As for Weapons, you will need the Spotted and Notched Whips and you must Fully Upgrade them. These will be your bread and butter for the build. You could also use Dual fist weapons for keeping close for the poison effect.
Rings should include the Third Dragon ring for the HP and Stamina. The Crest of Blood for Bleed attack, the Rat Crest for Poison attack, and then another ring you want to wear (ring of Blades is a good idea for an attack boost).
The main aim of the build is to Dual wield your whips and pressure your opponents at a slightly comfortable range. If the opponent tries to move away, dash forward and use a running attack, as this will put you in close and will hit anyone going sideways. The poison pressure from the armor should heal keep opponents wary of approaching too closely, allowing you to whip away at their sheilds to inflict some tasty bleed and poison.

Drangleic Mercenary Build

  • VGR: 40 (This will give you a steady HP pool without experiencing much of a drop off)
  • END: 20 (The soft cap for stamina is 20, after that it becomes expensive maintaining a higher stamina)
  • VIT: 30 (Getting to 29 for the equipment load is essential if you want to use heavier armour, I went with 30 for a nice even number.)
  • ATN: 10 (This allows you one slot for magic)
  • STR: 20 (Soft cap for strength, allows some versatility for weapons and shields)
  • DEX: 60 (While 40 Dex is essential for this build, I find that boosting Dex to 60 helps with your bleed and poison bonuses, which is necessary here)
  • ADP: 10 (It isn't necessary to raise your ADP for this build, but I found that a couple extra points is helpful)
  • INT: 10 (This allows you to cast basic spells)
  • FTH: 5 (Leave at default. Faith is unecessary for the mercenary, you rely on yourself and not a higher power right?!)
Recommended Class: Swordsman
Strengths: Your biggest strength is your aggressive attacks. Your high DEX and moderate STR in conjunction with the status effects from your weapons makes you a ferocious melee attacker. You can utilize your bow to do substantial damage as well, provided you time your shots. You will have speed and time on your side, provided you properly poison enemies and dodge attacks. Your fast attacks and status effects will keep your enemies on the defense, and your moderate reach will allow you to play close or medium range with some versatility. You have the defense and health to take hits, but you have the flexibility to avoid them entirely. You are not a heavy tank, but you aren't a glass cannon either. Use your high damage output to charge and destroy magic users, use your speed and status effects to outmaneuver tanks. Against tanks with high Adaptibility, you will still be able to take advantage of your high damage and speed, just be patient and time your rolls. Lure them into an attack and work your way behind them, or let them drain their stamina and counter. You have a high versatility with your weapons, you can keep everyone on their toes by switching between sword/shield, dual swords, whips, bow. Keep the enemy on the defensive and you can widdle them down 90% of the time, make them fear lowering their shield or opening up for an attack. Keep mages close, they aren't a threat if they don't have time to use their spells. Use magic weapon to take advantage of melee fighters who lack proper magical defense.
Weaknesses: Let's be honest with ourselves, there is no such thing as a perfect build. Everyone is going to be better in some way. Your biggest and most glaring weakness is going to be your lack of offensive spells. If you set yourself up properly, you can avoid damage from fire, poison, curse, or magic provided you know what you're facing in advance, though that is rarely the case. If you don't know, try to anticipate. I typically keep my magic defense higher as the biggest threat for me is longer ranges. Since pyromancy has more close range spells, it is easier to counter (though devastating if you fail) A low Adaptability means you may suffer the same fate that you're trying to inflict on others, fortunately your high attack and moderate defense can often counter people who try to poison you to death. The last flaw is timing. You have several weapons and if you're caught with the wrong one at the wrong time it can lead to a quick departure, make sure you work on your timing. Keep your weapons ready for each scenario and keep rolling. You're faster than almost everyone else, whether you're smarter or not is debatable.

Mugenjura's Strength is Stronk Build

Mugenjura 150
  • VGR: 50
  • END: 20-22
  • VIT: 30-32
  • those first three stats need not be explained
  • ATN: base (we dont need actual attunement slots because of the southern ritual ring. It would be sort of a waste to even care about this stat.)
  • STR: 42 (we need to powerstance some hilarious things, so lets do it! Also allows for one handing some rediculous weapons like the smelter demons sword)
  • DEX: 20 (allows us a wider range of weaponry, scales for the sunlight sword, required for the dragonslayer greatbow (which you want) also allows us to powerstance things like the zweihander)
  • ADP: 22-26 (more I-frames is good, faster estus use is good, poison resistance is very good)
  • INT: base (if you are going Explorer it will be possible to use sorceries, if you are going bandit it wont)
  • FTH: base (you will be able to use miracles as either class with the ring of prayer. It could be useful say when invading when a spiced down great heal is almost required.)
This build is designed to do some hilarious and fun things with strength weapons and abuses giving weapons other weapons movesets via powerstancing. It has some backup with pyromancy available to you. This build can also do very well PvE as it has access to a large range of weapons.
Soul Level: 150
Recommended Class: Bandit/Explorer

In the Name of Fire

  162   Close combat:
Start with immolation.. its a risk.. try only if are badass... The visual of immolation makes the other players rolls to flee... so use Flame swathe while he is rolling and he can't escape from the spell.. probably OHKO..
Other way, Great Combustion is very strong sell and very fast.. you don't need a weapon..
Ranged Combat:
Dual Avelyn with power stance fires 6 shots.. causing large damage.. if the players rolls.. flame swathe .. X)

PSV's casuals are such scrubs because my katana is an overpowered sword.

lvl150 BY:PSVxHER0
starting class is deprived
  • VIG-40
  • end-30
  • VIT-20
  • ATT-16
  • STR-20
  • DEX- 28
  • int/fth-25
I made this build solely for hatemail, but I loved it so much I kept it and improved it so much for me and all of you. so go wreck some scrubs, but don't forget your manners. DON'T BM PEOPLE ITS STUPID.
Use the dark chaos blade +5 with kings shield, monastary scimitar, and the sacred chime w/ lighning
for spells I use
  • resonent weapon
  • GMB
  • Great heal
Use the alva chestpiece and the rest the alonne knight armour
try to spam the running attack, especially when they roll away! Thas when they are open and vulnerable for a super 700 dmg counter attack. The chaos blade has a 150 counter damage so try to trade some hits.
I use the life ring+2,cloranthy ring +2, 3rd dragon ring, and the royal soldier's ring +2
good luck!
Unstoppable melee build     LVl 230
Become the ultimate dark warrior with this build rulers sword +5 with flame weapon on it + as much souls you can carry to boost the damage of the sword.it does 800 damage each light attack and 900 Heavy attack. Then the plus 5 scythe of want for backstabing which takes away 1897 of the opponents health when ever you get a chance to block break the critical damage is staggering and is an instant kill.i also wore the mad warrior armour to make my character look very evil if you do not have the mad warrior set you can try to farm it at the belfry sol approch at the iron keep but the drop rate is very low.you also need to be in the bell covenant in order for the red phantom mad warrior to spawn.CAUTION!-this may take you up to 5 hours to farm if you do not get lucky with the drop rate.if you do not want to try this farm find the most evil armour you have and equip it Rings-ring of blades+2 cloranthy ring+2 3rd dragon ring and the ring of steel protection +2
Enjoy and praise the sun !
Anarchist's Glass Cannon Build (Hexes, Miracles, Pyromancies & Sorceries) Anarchist26 SL 150 Vigor - 20
Endurance - 10
Vitality - 5
Attunement - 40
Strength - 10
Dexterity - 8
Adaptability - 8
Intelligence - 60
Faith - 40
You want to run a strong Glass Cannon who wrecks bosses and kills players in 1-5 shots depending on the magic used?
Can you roll through most attacks but will sometimes need a shield to block some attacks?
This build was made based on my own understanding of the game, stats, mechanics and whatever made sense at the time. In my estimate, I can say that the build was finished 3/4 into the game, it was wrecking things 3/8 into the game.
It is a monster in both PvE and PvP provided you know how to handle it.
Click on the Build Name for the equipment and spell loadout and additional info but that the stats are provided to the left.

Have fun!
PSkillz22 Dark Death Dealer PSkillz22 Sl150
NG plus
Vigor - 40
Endurance - 20
Vitality - 5
Attunement - 20
Strength - 12
Dexterity - 26
Adaptability - 20
Intelligence - 30
Faith - 30
Starting Class - Sorcerer
This build is all about dealing massive amounts of damage in versatile ways and looking cool while doing it. The stats are set up to support the two most important spells for this build, Resonant Weapon and Great Resonant Soul. The most of important piece of equipment you can have is your weapon and your catalyst. For this build I chose the Chaos Blade katana. The damage is amazing and the drawback is minimal for pvp. The running R1 attack of the katanas is incredible and this one is no different.The moveset is amazing and my favorite of the katanas. Infuse this with the Dark Infusion. The catalyst I use is the Dark Caitha's Chime plus 10 with dark infusion. One in each hand so you can buff as well as cast GRS from either hand.
Recap of all Equipment
Weapon - Dark Chaos Blade plus 5
Catalysts - 2 Dark Caitha's Chimes plus 5, one in each hand
Bow - Dark Hunter's Blackbow plus 5. Great utility bow with great damage.
Shield - Llwellyn Shield plus 5
Rings - Chloranthy Ring plus 2, Clear Bluestone Ring plus 2, Ring of Blades plus 2, Third Dragon Ring.
Now for the Fashion Souls. The outfit is made to look intimidating as well as sweet. Everything matches well together and looks pretty mean on male or female characters.
Head - Mad Warriors Helm plus 5 or Penal Helm plus 5
Torso - Executioner Armor plus 5
Hands - Engraved Gauntlets plus 5. Looks great and causes critical hits on regular attack every now and then, which is great for a fast weapon like the Chaos Blade
Legs - Bone King Skirt plus 5
This build is super aggressive. Bait rolls and chase them down with the running R1 attack. I try to keep things strictly melee and chase down runners with GRS or switch when all hope is lost. I use poison daggers and holy water urns for consumables. The weight of this build is at exactly 70% so there isn't a lot of wiggle room. If you don't like the soul loss so much, drop your attunement to 16 and attune Dark Weapon instead of Resonant Weapon. This spell lasts 15 seconds longer in a fight which is nice and you can pump your points into Vit if you wanted some more equipment / heavier gear or into dex for slightly more physical damage to compensate for the weaker buff . The damage from this buff is quite a bit less . I've had tremendous success with this build and hope you can wreck some people with it. Enjoy !
Kalaniar's Mystic Knight PvP Build Kalaniar 125 20 Vigor
20 Endurance
20 Vitality
25 Attunement
13 Strength
15 Dexterity
20 Adaptability
39 Intelligence
6 Faith
Starting Class: Deprived.
A build that focuses on utilizing the balance between melee and Sorceries by harnessing the power of the Blue Flame.
Basic Outline:
Weapons: Blue Flame x2 (Yeah, you heard me).
Helmet: Alva, Elite Knight, etc. (something "Knightly"), or Black Hood, Black Witch Hat.
Chest: Something Knightly, Lion Mage, something Mage-oriented.
Leggings: Something Knightly, Lion Mage, something Mage-oriented.
Gauntlets: Something Knightly, Lion Mage, something Mage-oriented.
Ring 1: Southern Ritual Band.
Ring 2: Blue Clearstone Ring.
Rings 3 and 4: Rings of choice.
Blue Flame Weapon Set     Vigor: 20 ~ 25
Endurance: 30
Vitality: 25
Attunment: 30
Strength: 25
Dexterity: 20
Adaptability: 20
Intelligence: 40
Faith: 10
Class: Sorcerer
Right Hand Weapon 1: Blue Flame +5
Right Hand Weapon 2: Dragonrider Bow +5
Right Hand Weapon 3:
Left Hand Weapon 1: Slumbering Dragon Shield +10
Left Hand Weapon 2: Sunset Staff +5
Left Hand Weapon 3:
Magic Slot 1: Soul Spear 2 ~ 5
Magic Slot 2: Soul Spear 2 ~ 5
Magic Slot 3: Soul Spear 2 ~ 5
Magic Slot 4: Soul Greatsword 3 ~ 6
Magic Slot 5: Dark Orb 20 ~ 30
Magic Slot 6: Dark Weapon 4 ~ 8
Helmet: Faraam +10 (4.8) (Helmet)
Chest: Black Dragon (4.8) (Chest)
Gloves: Desert Sorcerer +10 (1.5) (Gloves)
Leggings: Chaos (2.0) (Leggings)
Ring Slot 1: Ring Of Blades +2
Ring Slot 2: Old Sun Ring
Ring Slot 3: (Delicate String or Dispelling Ring)
Ring Slot 4: Ring Of Knowledge
Arrows Slot 1: Magic Arrow
Arrows Slot 2: Lighting Arrow
Item Slot 1: Estus Flask +5
Item Slot 2: Lifegem 15
Item Slot 3: Radiant Lifegem 10
Item Slot 4: Green Blossom 10
Item Slot 5: Amber Herb 10
Item Slot 6: Witching Urn 10 ~ 15
Item Slot 7: Hex Urn 10 ~ 15
Item Slot 8: Poison Throwing Knife 20
Item Slot 9:
Item Slot 10:
PSV's top decked and wrecked build lvl 150 by:PSVxHER0   vit -40
starting class is deprived
weapons- lightning falchion +10, sacred chime, kings shield,
use great heal, WOG (for them gonkers), and sunlight blade.
NOTE you need some sklepics spices to do this, try farming for them
full alva set
enjoy your new dks1 build in dks2

Inside's Yolo Build. F* it.

  SL 150+ Vgr 40 / End 20 / Vit 30 / Atn 13 / Str 50 / Dex 18 / Adp 20 / Int base / Faith base Rings: Cloranthy +2, Third Dragon/Royal Soldier +2, Ring of Blades +2, Ring of Giants +2, etc.
Gear: King's Crown +5, King's Armor +5, Engraved Gaunts +5, etc leggings (Throne Watcher +5)
Weapon: King's Ultra Greatsword +5
Alt Weapons: Pyromancy Flame +10, Dragonrider's Bow +5
No Shield
Dual Wielding, Max-Power Sorcerer   Soul
Vigor - 28
Endurance - 40
Vitality - 10
Attunement - 50
Strength - 15
Dexterity - 15
Adaptability - 10
Intelligence - 61 (with ring and hood)
Faith - 51
Do max damage with the best spells/hexes in pvp combat. Out smart and over-power EVERYONE under ANY circumstance. Also, look bad-ACE wielding the sunset with the wisdom simultaneously.
Supreme Master Overlord Build RabidDogOnCrack
(PS3 username)
Soul level: 204+ END: 10
VIT: 20
ATN: 60
STR: 40
DEX: 20
INT: 55
FTH: 40
Class: Deprived
Your goal is to master almost every spell class, and the physical weaponry.
Head piece: Black Witch Hat (for an extra attunement).
Rest of the body: Heavy Armor of your choice, Though I suggest Vengarl's set.
Main Weapon: Pursuer Great Sword +5 (or something similar).
Secondary Weapon: Black Witch Staff.
Tertiary Weapon: Pyromancy Flame +10
Main Weapon (left): Pursuer Shield
Secondary Weapon (left): Dragonrider Bow +5
Ring 1: Life Ring
Ring 2: Ring of Blades +2
Ring 3: Third Dragon Ring
Ring 4: Southern Ritual Band +2
  • Crystal Soul Spear
  • Soul Geyser
  • Crystal Homing Soul Mass
  • Lightning Spear
  • Great Lightning Spear
  • Great Resonant Sou;
  • Scraps of Life
  • Life Drain Patch
  • Flame Swathe
  • Forbidden Sun
  • Climax
  • Climax should only be used if fire is not good against a certain boss, or you want to highly damage something, this is more for Player Vs. Boss.Note: You'll notice that by the time this build is finished, it will still be slightly easy to level up. Once this happens, level up whatever you want or need, perhaps to max out your physical weapon stat, or add more HP or whatever. You'll also need a lot of Simpleton's/Skeptic's Spice for Soul Geyser and Climax.
BEEDRILL Evilpoptart1990 Any Minimum to dual weild Grand Lances Moonlight Butterfly armor
Dual Grand Lances, poison or regular.
Poison Resin if regular.
Rat Ring, Old Leo ring
Enough said.
MDK Cleric An!mA 187 Vgr 20 / End 20 / Vit 23 / Atn 32 / Str 45 / Dex 14 / Adp 30 / Int 1 / Fth 55 Join Heirs of the Sun asap and enjoy playing god (originally PvE but also rocks in PvP it seems)
Gyrm Red Lion CrazyAwsome 150+ VGR 25
END 40
VIT 25
ATN Base
STR 45
DEX 20
ADP 30
INT Base
FTH Base
Starting Class: Warrior
R1: Lion Greataxe +10
R2: Hunter's Blackbow +10
L1: Lion Greataxe +10
L2: Shield of your choosing
*Power stance the lion greataxes.
Third Dragon RIng
Ring of Blades +2
Chloranthy Ring +2
Ring of Giants +2
Red Lion Cape +10
Gyrm Glove +10
Grym Warrior Boots +10
This build is mainly for PvP however it can hold its own for PvE, I personally use this build for both, and it works fine.
Pursuer Cosplay Hefellmyliege   My stats:
VGR 20
END 25
VIT 47
ATN 13
STR 50
DEX 28
ADP 10
INT 15
FTH 22
Elite Knight Helm +10
Steel Armor +10
Throne Defender Gauntlets +5
Throne Defender Leggings +5
Right Hand: Magic Pursuer Ultra Greatsword +5, Archdrake Chime +10
Left Hand: Pursuer Greatshield +5, Sorcerer's Staff
Chloranthy Ring +1
Redeye Ring (creepy red glowing eyes) *ABSOLUTELY NEEDED*
Dispelling Ring
Third Dragon Ring
Spells: Magic Weapon/ Great Magic Weapon, Magic Barrier/ Great Magic Barrier
Skeleton Shenanigans: Electric Boogaloo miba (Steam) SL: 130 - 140
  • SL: 130 - 140
  • VGR: 26
  • END:26
  • VIT: 27
  • ATN: base
  • STR: 40
  • DEX: 20
  • ADP: base
  • INT: base
  • FTH: 40
Read more on the build's page!
Class: Warrior OR Knight

Dirty winning Adibouchou 150 str : 38, dex 23, vit 22, others 20. Easy to use, yet powerful. I will format soon.
Melee Brawler DJL2 110+
  • VGR: 30
  • END: 20
  • VIT: 20
  • ATT: base/10
  • STR: 28
  • DEX: 18
  • ADP: 20
  • INT: base
  • FAI: base
Check the Build Page for details, strategy, etc.
Weapons and Armor are up to preference, but the goal is to go heavy on both to maximize up close damage.
After initial stat investment, build to:
  • VGR: 40-45+ (once you reach the point of diminishing returns on weapon/spell stats, VGR and ADP are where to spend)
  • END: 20 (leaving END low requires more care towards stamina management, but is workable)
  • VIT: 30-33+ (this is hugely dependent on the rings you wear and your desired mobility - armor should be Alonne Knight or heavier)
  • ATT: 10 (with Southern Ritual band, you can select an attack, a buff and a heal or a combination for utility and versatility)
  • STR: 30-35+ (UGS love strength, but the lighter weapons - greatsword, katana, curved greatsword - tend to be more versatile)
  • DEX: 38+ (enough to dual wield Blacksteel Katana if that's your thing, or just help scaling on DEX based damage)
  • ADP: 25+ (take it when you can afford it)
  • INT: 12+ (this allows use of Black Knight Greatsword - can be tweaked for access to buffs, utility spells, or other weapons)
  • FAI: 22-36+ (even on a NG play through, this is enough for good healing/utility miracles, helps fire/lightning bonuses)
Ninja Stabber
Quality Build
30% Equip Load!
osmo 150
  • Vigor: 40
  • Endurance: 27
  • Vitality: 15
  • Attunement: 2
  • Strength: 30
  • Dexterity: 40
  • Adaptability: 40
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Faith: 8
Build Notes:

Starting Class: Bandit (required)

1. 30% equipment load for fastest roll.
2. 61 equipment load (points) for good Flynn's Ring Damage
3. Power stance Mytha's Bent Blades for Toxic buildup. I think you can stunlock opponents who have zero poise (needs verification)
4. Equip Dark Drift (it weights just 3 units) and strong attack through shields.
5. Uses Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring to make backstabbing easier.
6. Needs Southern Ritual Band +2 so you can equip spells. You can also ditch this ring if you don't care about pyromancy.
7. Ring of Blades +2 stacks with backstabbing (Flynn's ring does not add backstabbing damage or so I've read)

See the rest on the Ninja Stabber page.
Artorias/flame mage Ezlimon(Xbox one) 163
  • VGR: 30
  • END: 20
  • VIT: 20
  • ATT: 20
  • STR: 25
  • DEX: 25
  • ADP: 6
  • INT: 40 -20
  • FAI: 20 +20
Build Notes:
1.Raime set
2.Majestic Greatsword+5(Dark upgrade) or Watcher Greatsword+5 and Archdrake shield+10
3.Staff of wisdom+5/Pyromancy flame+10
4.You can change int to faith
5.The rings may be those who like, I recommend the third dragon ring, cloranthy ring+2 and Bracing Knucle

6.Is varied, it does not change much the sword attack, for having the lowest str and dex.
DarkLord Scumble373 235
  • Vigor: 28
  • Edurance: 28
  • Vitality: 37
  • Attunement: 40
  • Strength: 20
  • Dexterity: 20
  • Adaptability: 5
  • Intelligence: 56
  • Faith: 56
Build Notes:
1. Rings: Ring of faith (+5 faith), Ring of intelligence (+5 intelligence), ring of attunement (extra attunement slot), (whatever you want)
2. Wear: You want to be wearing very heavy armor, like havels without the head. With these stats you should be under 70% so you can still move fast
3. You'll need a shield (any one you prefer (med))
4. You'll need a good dark casting staff like the sunset staff (infused with dark, all leveled up) PUT IN LEFT HAND
5. You'll need a good dark casting chime like chime of want (infused with dark, all leveled up) PUT IN RIGHT HAND
6. You'll need these hexes equipped: Great resonent soul, profound still, scraps of life, affinity
7. Have a katana or some weapon in your right hand just in case (I use a poison manslayer +5)
8. Have a good amount of souls on you

When invading someone's world, first use profound still to make sure they can't use magic, immediately cast affinity.
Now, get great resonent soul ready. Run towards your opponent until your affinity orbs all fire off, a second after they fire off, cast a great resonent soul. The trick here is that they will roll to miss the orbs, but get hit by your great resonent soul after the roll animation completes, this should take a good chunk of health.
At this point, cast scraps of life and cast affinity again.
Rinse and repeat.
Note: This build is all about timing, if the resonent soul is not cast at the right time, it can be easily dodged.
Enjoy! :)
Flaming Angel Nazo 253 VGR: 50
END: 68
VIT: 30
ATT: 12
STR: 50
DEX: 50
ADP: 30
Build Notes:
Starting Class: Cleric
Armor: Desert Sorceress Top+10
Arms: Vengarl's Gauntlets+5
Legs: Vengarl's Boots+5
Right Hand: Fire Warped Sword+5
Left Hand: Fire Warped Sword+5
Left Hand 2: Dark Pyromancy Flame+10
Spells: Flame Weapon
Rings: Ring of Blades+2 Chloranthy Ring +2 Simpltons Ring Stone Ring
Side Note: Build looks best with a female character.
Black Fire Demon Bouveti 170
  • VGR: 40
  • END: 20
  • VIT: 36
  • STR: 50
  • DEX: 16
  • ADP: 26
  • INT: 20
  • FTH: 20
Starting class: Warrior, Knight

Head: Warlock Mask +10
Smelter Set +5 for armor, legs and gauntlets.

Right Hand: Fire Black Knight Ultra Greatsword +5, Fire Sun sword +10
Left Hand:(Dark) Pyromancy Flame +10

Rings: Chloranthy Ring+2, Third Dragon Ring, Ring of Blades+2, Southern Ritual Band+2
Spells: Flame Weapon, Great Combustion, Great FireBall (or Warmth).

This build is very fun to play against any melee opponent thanks to the BK Ultra Greatsword nice move set, it has high damage and quite good defense. Facing caster builds can be much more difficult as you do not have so much stamina to close up while dodging spells and be able to strike when in range. Stay mobile, use jump attack against parry spammer, bait easily with Backstep + R2, you can trade damage easily as you will almost always deal more damage in one swing than your opponent (and might also stagger them). When you manage to hit with your R1, do not swing more than twice as the second hit will not stagger and the third swing will be dodged 90% of the time. When you hit with a R2 or running attack, follow with a Great Combustion as a waking attack.

Note 1: I am actually playing this build on SL 230 with a lot more END and VIT to have more stamina and be able to carry anti cast shield (Magic Magic Shield and Dark Transgressor Leather Shiled) as well as a Magic Dragon Rider bow +5 (OP Damage) against runner and healer.

Note 2: This build can also be done with a Cleric, changing Southern Ritual Band for Soldier's Ring and switching some VIT point into ATT.
  HugstheMarshmalo   50 Vigour, 50 End... What more do you need? Starting Class: Knight
I went to the desert sorceress set, or minimal weight and the increase in Int
King's crown was too heavy, I couldn't work it into the build.
Weapons are Crypt Blacksword, Parrying dagger/Small Leather Shield and a Pyro Flame (probably unnecessary)
Flynn's, RoB and Chloranthy. Go look at the build on Mugenmonkey
Saber (Type-Moon Fate series) PSN : khaledsalem889 172
  • VIG: 40
  • END: 30
  • VIT: 19
  • ATN: 10
  • STR: 51
  • DEX: 50
  • ADP: 9
  • INT: 10
  • FTH: 6
Starting Class : Knight lvl 13

Armour :-
  • Head: Naked
  • Chest: Throne Watcher Armor
  • Hands: Throne Watcher Gauntlets
  • Legs: Throne Watcher Leggings

Weapons :-
  • Left #1: Bare Fist
  • Left #2: Sorcerer's Staff
  • Left #3: Pyromancy Flame
  • Right #1: Bare Fist
  • Right #2: Grand Lance
  • Right #3: Drangleic Sword

Rings :-
  • Ring 1: Chloranthy Ring+1
  • Ring 2: Second Dragon Ring
  • Ring 3: Southern Ritual Band+1
  • Ring 4: Ring of blades

Spells :-

  • Spell 1: Magic Weapon
  • Spell 2: Fire Tempest
  • Spell 3: Firestorm

This build was not really hard (not at all) and it fits both PvP and PvE prefectly and as you see it is str and dex oriented build . Saber is one of my favorite anime characters , if you are into anime you must know her or even heard about , the hardest thing to do was to find good armor pieces that fit the cosplay and I couldn't find something better than the throne watcher armor (excluding the head gear for cosplay purposes) also decided to max out Dranglic sword and use magic weapon with it (for cosplay purposes too) , however when it comes to pvp I start switching to grand lance (which is also maxed) , if you are good with backstabs and rolling (duh) this should be one of the greatest builds for you.
Note 1: You can notice that the Strength has 1 extra point , this point should have gone to the vitality but it was a mistake and did not really feel like wasting a soul vessel for it
Note 2 : This was made on the scholar of the first sin version
Note 3 : currently trying the build on NG+ and it's super effective (well until now)
Here is a Preview :-
Bloodborne Hunter None, just call me Bromora No limits Like BB YOUR STATS ARE THE LIMIT Start as swordsman: focus levelling on 2.Health, 1.Stamina, 3.dexterity, 4.strength.May need: carry weight, faith depending on armor weight and weapon (eg. Sanctum crossbow)
Only useable axe= black dragon greataxe, butchers knife (classed as an axe in game) in right handStraight/curved/stabbing/katana swords useable in right handAll great swords can be used, only in two handed modeScythes can be used in two handed modeSpears can be used in two handed mode (thanks to TOH:DLC)Crossbows/small shields can be used in left handBows allowed (thanks to TOH:DLC)No spells= no staves, no chimes, no sanctum shield, no pyromancy flames.
Wearable (full) armour sets include:Black leather setDark setBlack dragon setLeather/hunter setHeide Knight setImported setRogue setWanderer setWearable (specific) armor pieces include:Alva helmetAurous chest/leggings/gauntletsJudgement chest/leggings/glovesManikin chest/leggings/glovesDurgo's hatCrown of the sunken KingDrake blood chest/leggings/gauntletsMirrah hat
Level as much as you like! Use crossbows to cheese the AI in PVE if you like! Use any bolts! Any enchantment is ok on a weapon! A flexible build based on a a flexible game that contains many moves, which will you make?

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