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18/07/2020 V_U_X_A_X_U_V PS3 All DLCs Any type

SL 24 & ~700 (SM 260m<)

 chat text better than message

Cooperate/Fun play/As you wish XD.   I know only break english xp

06/08/2019 TheCaskin Ps3 Tank   131+ SM 3M+ coop or pvp  
07/05/2017 Arkham_Mudkip PS4 (SOTFS) Caestus/Demon Hammer   225ish, SM 7M Looking for co-op, sunbro. Looking for helping out with bosses.  
12/1/2016 xsmiggyBallzx Ps3 Great Swordsman   166 (still going) just for pvp or coop  
08/4/2016 shaquille120 PS3 hybrid build   287 need help with the belfry luna boss  
9/11/2016 DoubleAAmark PS3 Paladin   

SL: 238-rising/ 78-rising

looking for some sunbro action, have all dlc's. always willing to start a new character to help someone out.  
05/3/2016 oddodd1331
PS4 Str/dex   162 Need help fighting the Fume Knight, please.  
05/19/2016 StVincent42 ps3 melee/faith   SL 60 Looking for people willing to play the game co op with me and just have fun really.
  Amaru_Hun   Knight/Mundane Santier   132 Would help PvE.
  Arf_Pit   Sorcerer   230 Help other people
4/14/16 Azeir_Del_Crux PS3 (SOTFS) Ultra Greatsword/Quality build hybrid   250+ Mainly Co-op PVE. 18M+ Souls memory
  Bayonet_Priest   Hexer/ greatsword wielder   SL:360 and rising Willing to help anyone in coop or have some light PVP action. I also have around 30 sunlight medals just sitting around in my inventory looking for a good home. I'm also willing to trade/give away some twinkling titanite as I've farmed the giant lord a bit too much.
  Blackninjaforevr   Melee/Faith/Bow   220-250 (Will Update) Looking to PVP, CooP through NG+ and Beyond, Invade or gank in DLCs and I have a MIC!
  Bleach_957   Mage   60(Going up) Looking for people to coop and have some fun
  BlowHound   Sorcerer   115 Co-op, bosses, general help, or mischief
  Celenbor PS3 Melee/Range and when needed simple magic   120+ 1.5m souls and counting at First Game,like to help others at bosses a lot and currently helping at Warden Boss.Dont forget that I play on Sins Edition on ps3.Friend me for mutual help and occational pvp for fan.
  Coffygrinder   Tank   81 Co op. Hit me up will help any way I can
  Darkcooki1000   Melee   SL127 |SM 2038129 Need help with 2nd fight against the Pursuer in Iron Keep and the memorys of the giants. I can help in most PVE cotent too.
  DrearDreams   Knight   88 Relatively frail knight still getting her feet wet in regard to stats and pvp. Will be glad to help with any bosses or have a match.
  ELMADRIDSTA   Melee\Dex   68 currently and leveling up New play through no DLC, just having fun trying new builds (both coop and PVP)
PSN add me if you wanna play , i also have another character @ level 170 if your already at higher level
  FTHEC99   Sorcerer and Melee   235-270 I'm up for anything PVP, CO-OP , also i trade my doubled items if anyone requires any item just add me and message me !
  FaLLeNSiN2000 PS4 (SOFTS) Anything at the time   Quality Build: SL 240
PVP Build: SL 150
Co-Op Build: SL 150
Interested in co-op and PVP, and other things, if you need something I am happy to trade if I have the item you need. I host fight clubs once in a while so send me a message if you are interested. Also tell me which character I should use, or if you really need it, a new character I need to create.
  Filottete09   Mainly caster build (hexes, miracles, sorceries and pyromancies)   232 Help at Bosses and hard areas
  FireFighter1483   Knight   138 Seeking coop and pvp will help with all areas and bosses
  FrankyGarage69   Bandit Axe Hexer, Red Iron Twinblade Melee, Ice Rapier/Estoc Melee, dragon gyrm, heide knight cosplay with greatsword   [[tel:352/150/150|352/150/150]]/155/208 Mainly PVP, Coop (PS3 ALL DLC)
  French   Faith   24 Co-op (Heirs of the Sun)
  GONZA42   Dex/Duals   120
  HaYouDeadYet   Melee/Adp   164 and going up First play through facing Demon of Song ( I would love co-op with anyone and would love to learn more about weapons and pvp) All DLCS
PSN add me characters name is Kaneki I also have demon souls.
  HellKnight1605   Swordman   20 Looking for partner to have fun and co-op my skype: zubarevsuperyakov
  Herbanomics   cleric   250 will help with anything
  Hexer   160     I'd like to start some fight clubs. Add me and message me for more information. Fight clubs at ~4:00ish pm.
8/5/15 Hulksmash003 PS4 (SOFTS) Tank/Shield/Greatsword OR Demon's Great Hammer   SL 70 Looking for Any online activity (PvP, Co-Op, etc.)
You'll have to invade me, though, I lost all my cracked orbs willing to trade anything for anything, just message me. Only @ Heide's Tower. Willing to help lower levels, and looking to expand my network of friends!
  Infernal_Jayed   knight/ faith   120 need twinking titanite. I'll help anything
  Instead2   Mage/hex   150 PVP NG+
  JJac7   Strength   SL-143 SM-1898424 NG, Need Warlock Helm
  Jeffersons-37   variable   244 and rising,
new player lvl 56 and rising on ng
Coop on ng++ currently , all dlc, starting new player to help on ng also
just add me on PSN precising for DS2
  Johnhooper PS3 Strong weapons ( Kings Ultra greatsword) light armor, Sorcerer, blue flame sword)   838 Max, SM over 560 million, over 999 playhours NG+4, (some levels and areas level NG+7) Playing now mostly coop helping others, especially with bosses, having fun, no Invasions. I am using my (female) charakter almost 2 years with over 999 hours. The time count stops with max. 999 and I reached it on 4.4.2016. Currently member of the blue sentinels but sadly you are getting called for help very rarely.
  JuSera88   Melee becoming SunBro   SL 50ish Looking for jolly co-op. Currently in Heide's Tower of Flame about to clear and then head to No Man's Wharf. Please feel free to add me.
PSN ID is JuSera88 as well
  Killua_X_Hunter PS3 Melee/Faith   Soul Level 246 and rising Trading, Co-op, PvP (No Ganking´s Squads).
Send me a request or message
50/50/50 - strength/dexterity/faith
  LightHope   Any   250 - 300 I dunno...I like cookies?
  Lil-Psych   Knight   50 Anyone have a Varangian Sword willing to trade or something.


  Dex or Str




100's, 150, 40, 20's all rising
Still getting used to pvp. about to go into ng+ ShinnyMetal on forums

I can help in most places. Msg me if you'd like some assistance.

Will help with all areas, with the exceptions of Bright Stone and The Gutter. Will dual, and help get items. Msg or friend me.
  MGR_Raiden4   Swordsman   175 (NG+) Trading for Old Mirrah Greatsword
  MauPeru   Melee   222 NG, PVP, CO-OP, i´m always at iron keep looking for duels, lets have fun
06/01/2015 MaxCuddling PS3 (SOTFS) Starting class Bandit; melee build.   SL 87 (first playthrough, building) Only looking for co-op PvE at this time - noob on my first play through. Would love help clearing areas and/or bosses - currently stuck on Belfry Gargoyles. Please add me on PSN.
  Mhazard PS3 Melee (Vanquisher's Seal Owner)   SL 477, SM150m above NG, Dragon Remnant / Red Sign Duelist, PvP dedicated, feel free to message me on PvP build hints and experience sharing.
  MsTrishana   SL 466     Basically Can Do Anything / I Want And Happy To Help If Im On
NAMIKAZE-84 PS3 Melee Strength Builds   SL: 160
SM: 3M
PvP Focused
  Nebezialx   Mostly STR builds   1/45/230(NG+~) Helping with anything, PvE+PvP
  Ombra_Asura   Anything   50 and rising CO-OP mostly...trying to gain platinum trophy...still on 1st run
  Oysterhead14   Warrior/Dex/Pyro   158 Need twinkling titanite. I'll help with everything
8/22/2015 P-Fife

PS4 Main is diverse with a SL of 200+. Several lower SL characters. Miracle caster, sorcerer and Hexer.   SL - Varied Looking for primarily Co-op. Not very experienced in PvP, any help/training/sparring is more than welcome.
  PATFansfan1222   Warrior/Agile   94 Help on bosses
  Phonetwist   Melee/range   301 NG+ and up Mainly Co-op will help with any boss just message me or send a friend request
  Prazik   Warrior/Tank   54 Need help to defeat Ruin Sentinels / Help with anything
  PxIxMxPxC   faith/"warrior" build
caestus build (no spells)
(may 21st,2014)
PVE,PVP,Trading, or anything that someone would be interested in doing. played demonsouls and dark souls . interested in doing a new toon (caster) and playing jolly co-operation from start to finish. add me.
  Rauta-Ohtakyaro   Warrior/Tank   231 (NG++) I'm in it to help others along
  Razarafat   Melee/caster   127 Just looking for some jolly coop. Lets do this
  RunningYak         Need partner for fresh start on ps3. :D
3/08/2015 Ryder_1991 PS4 (SOTFS) Swordsman   1,196,052 SM Lvl - 122 Looking for co-op PVE, first run through game starting to enjoy but still struggling time to time! Feel free to add me on psn Ryder_1991
2/17/2016 SargntSprinkles PS4 (SotFS) Melee   Low? Jolly Cooperation!
  Shadeon PS3 Black Knight   75 World PVP; Agape ring to freeze SM at 265,000. Into olschool DeS play (anything goes). Will Co-op if requested.
  SkullGraymon230   Warrior/Tank   126 Getting Items
7/18/2015 SkyboundSword PS4 (SOTFS) Swordsman   5,070,000 SM/ Lvl 180 Always up for some jolly cooperation, and a fight club occasionally.
  SmokeAlittle   Warrior/Tank   105 Co op and help
  Somacruz123   Melee/Caster   SL 241 I like doing pvp im currently in the Brotherhood of blood covenant if you want to play with me message me anytime :). I can also trade things w you!
  SophieKitty PS3 Poison Warrior... or anything else with poisonable builds at some times   ~100 Random Boss Fights ^_^ just enjoying it waayyy too much xD
(will get the game on ps4 soon)
  Steven5619   Mostly Melee   240 and rising Looking to boost Master of Miracles trophy and need 10-15 more sunlight medals. Willing to trade items and will also Pvp/ Co-op.
06/16/15 Super_N64 ▴PS3
physical attack, build   SL 108 and raising looking for PvP and PvE co-op message for both. and just want to have fun.
  Terey282   SL 70ish     I am trying to make a Kratos cosplay build with dual manikin sabre's, ive farmed them for hours and have yet to find any if anyone wants to trade or has any ideas pls PM me Thx ;)
  TheEldestScroll   Knight   121 Just took down The Iron Knight. Looking for Coop, PvE and helping out whoever. PSN:TheEldestScroll
Shoot me a Message and ill help out anyway I can.
  Knight / Faith
  184 NG+
I try to help
Like to play coop
  Torokal PS4 Trying to figure out what I like.   no idea >.> Trying to get into the game looking for some people to play with, I really enjoy the game so far and want to help out others if I can.
1/11/2015 TowerFu PS4 Melee dex   190 - 5.5m sm willing to help with co-op.  
  Vorginia   Warrior   170 Helping with anything! All areas & bosses!
04/10/2015 Wakeup27 PS4 Any Build     Looking for someone to chat and slowly progress through co-op with.
  XGoGoPanMasalaX   All   250 and going up NG+6, if your looking to co-op or you want help with any boss (i have all the dlcs) let me know or just ask me on psn
PS3/PS4 different   any
mostly co-op, also bloodborne and other souls games, add me for help, also streaming PvE

I am from Austria [GMT+1]
Zimc PS3 Melee/Occational Magic   206 Interested In: PvP, PvP and more PvP.
Looking for honor duels mostly and pvp practice sessions, will accept no rules invasions. Please pm me on PSN.
NOTE: I live in New Zealand, so times maybe out of synch with america or other countries.
  ant_dog222   Omnipotent   823/325 NG+# Co-Op, PvP, Boss Help


  238 & Rising
38 & Rising
(Two Seperate Characters)

50's atm
Will help w/ anything and also require help myself. Send me a Friend Request on PSN and you can join my Team Speak channel: Address: Password: heroes1

I'll help anyone out, as long as anyone is willing enough to be polite and add me as a friend or just help me in the future! Deciding on a covenant ATM
Latest updated info
blade259 PS3 Melee/Mage/Pyro/dark
and my newest is a faith swordsman
and a lvl 60
Currently on NG+10 started a new playthrough, I have all DLC's,
and will help with anything just message me when and where and what your soul memory is and will gladly explain the game to new comers so you all can enjoy the game as much as I have
  chuckiebronzo   Paladin/Knight   lvl.161 up for co-op/boss help (Heirs of the Sun) also in need of some spells. NG+ and beyond, curently in ng+
  daryltkc   Deprived/Mundane   175 General assist
  deadunclemario (ng+)   sorcerer and cleric   lvl 198 co-op heirs of the sun/can help with anything
  desjm84   Mage   99 Help / Items / Pvp / Any / Fun
  die-by-pie   sl: 130   pure melee. Mainly pvp but can also help with pve :) PSN
  dilldaman   Warrior priest   SL-300+ w/ 40dex/str and 65 fth I do great in pvp and will always be happy to have your back Pm me if interested.
04/09/2015 dirtpoordogman PS4 (SOTFS edition) physical attack build. usually wielding dual caestus.   25 (still building) I mostly Co-op, but occasionally dabble in PvP. Just message my PSN (dirtpoordogman) about any details. Usually playing for at least a couple hours a day.
Also playing Bloodborne if anyone wants to join up.
  ghosht1111111111   all lvls     can help on almost all Places in the game.
i am looking for some 1 to start a New game whit where we play game from beginning to end i will give all Equipment that u woud need messege me/add me
  grneyedassassin   Mage   168 looking for coop also have lvl 70 warrior XxFrancoBxX looking for a fresh start with a nice person to co-op every map & boss
  hecubus   Melee   225 I will help with anything, just message me on PSN.
  kdrink   Anything At The Time   SL 196 I will honestly help with anything, just message me on PSN. I do trades for items I do not have, just ask. I hope I can do my job as a Sunbro and help my poor, lost brothers and sisters.
  kingsley666   warrior/tank   139 co-op/
  mcheally223   melee/ spear build (santier's spear)   LVL: 78 (still working on leveling) interested in PVP, co op, and anything else. I did just get the game a month ago so I'm still new.
  merely3   Melee - Faith/Strength   SL 75ish (as of 5/13/14) Would love to help with bosses or PvE content! Demon's Souls/Dark Souls veteran. Msg or friend me.
  mhunter8   Alot Builds   40-150 Help / Items giveaway / PvP
  pnery   melee/Hexer   600 NG+5, all DLC´s
04/20/16 qwerty67pwi PS3 Str/dex   Soul memory on main is 1.8m to 2.0m
like to coop can restart a new character with request. dont have borne or souls 3 but have darksouls 1 and 2. also enjoy a bit of PVP if at all possible  
7/13/15 rakkangel PS3 dex/int   SL 250 looking f/pvp/pve. active player. locked SM 20m pst for invite
  rixfamily   Knight   146~ NG+ Need End Boss help and general NG+ help
  robertdelgado44 (Yea i know stupid name :P)   Melee   130-150 Co-Op and Pvp. Looking to start a new play through co-op run pm me if interested in teaming up!
  seraiph   Death Priest
(Dual Mace,
  167 Looking for some buddies, Pvp practice partners, or any co-op adventure. I'm willing to help with anything.
  shinobipanther   Melee/sorcerer   211 Fight me cowards.
  soulbanesouls   Battlemage   trying to be more involved with this awesome community of this game i love so much PSN
  sparda1234567890   Strength/Pyro   SL 189 Looking for someone to trade with, looking for 10+ Espada ropera, Llewelyn armor,Heide Knight gauntlets. I'm willing to trade a 10+ Grandlance, most of the Heide Knight set, or anything I feel I can spare. Please message me if you're interested.
  stephen_b_1993   palladin/mage   108/62
(as of 23rd of april 2014)
help both ways. Im da Best! ur all n00bs. people want me to help them not u noobers (***** HEAD) I NEED TO GROW UP
  walkbyfaith76   swordsman   60going up looking for someone to co-op with mic and help me learn more of the game and make let's play youtube videos, message me on psn
month/date/year weggie_1 PS3 Melee   13,400,000 SM/ 280 SL First playthrough, Jolly CoOp partner wanted
Add/message me on PSN, I have access to practically anywhere in game
  wejio4658   sl 50     love to play and growing five me a call
  xBlackmagic20x PS4 (SOFTS) Melee   380k and rising COOP, PvP, DLC
  xSKRIPx   Any   Multiple (350-50) Looking to expand my network of "Souls" friends. Always up for Co-Op and PVP practice! Thanks!
  xtomakanza   Melee   200 and rising PVP, COOP, Trade on NG (ALL DLC)
▴03/28/2016 ▾AtlasMech Ps3/Ps4 Melee Caster Dex Curved GS   Any SM, SL 80-423 Looking for players to have fun with, can also help with all souls games (and demon's souls) Platinums.

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    • Anonymous

      hey, i started ds2(SOFTS) a few days ago on ps3, some help would be great, my ID is: yazizke

      eae brs, alguem ainda joga no ps3? Uma ajudinha viria a calhar... Meu nick é yazizke

      • Anonymous

        I'm playing PS3 Dark Souls 2 and I use a melee build focused around my adaptability. My PS3 ID is BloodLusttt66699. I'm on pretty much every day feel free to add me.

        • Anonymous

          Hey guys I really need help with some bosses in dark souls2 I am planning on my ps3 My ps3 ID is Mo7d7yder I'm correctly at level 325 with a souls memory of 44 million souls

          • Anonymous


            Add me for dark souls 2 vanilla im level 238 and wreck this game, so unpess you wana get wrecked probably wana add me

            • Anonymous

              If anyone needs a hand, hit me up. My ID is palurdo1 on PS3, playing Scholar of the First Sin. I use melee most of the time, but I can cast a few spells.

              • Anonymous

                Add me on PSN: Alex_E_Pro_94 on PS3
                I have a SL415 in ng+8 and a SL256 in ng+ that I'm constantly leveling up. My SL415's soul memory is 100million+ and my SL256's sould memory is 27million+ With my SL256 I've almost got the platinum trophy and have done a ng+ no death no bonfire run, so I can help anybody 7million to 100million+ soul memory with anything.
                So feel free to send me a friend request along with a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible, I'm online daily/nightly.

                • Anonymous

                  I seem to not be able to co-op on ps3. Like I am able to see and summon people but when I summon someone it gets timed out and when I get summoned to someone elses world there's a connectivity error........ massive struggle. ...sept9/2016

                  • Anonymous

                    Can we fight with my friend ? Pls help... He has got a PS4 and i've got a PS3 both of us Champion Tablet. My soul memory 390 million and his soul memory is 80 million. My soul Level is 807 and his soul Level is 390. We are in same city. We try everything but we didn't see any sign. PLS HELP !!! I want to beat him :)

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