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Streamers from our community. If you participate on our network, feel free to add your channel!
Streamer Name & Link
Description (ie PvP focus, PvE, Lore)
external image fextralife-profile_image-8aadb0fc69771e7a-300x300.png

Fextralife - Wiki Main Stream:

Fextralife - Youtube Channel and Wiki Walkthroughs:

(contact us to get uploading rights to the shared channel. Any earnings are used to pay for site)
PvE, Events, Fun!
external image eaa.jpg
Youtube -
PvP Builds, Fun, Montages
external image Water_mark.jpg
ThatsNotMyPirate - Steam -
ThatsNotMyPirate YouTube -
MySercretPirate - Twitter -
ThatsNotmyPirate - Facebook -
PvE NG+. PvP Great Axe Free Aim User.
Join Pirate and his crew in Dark Souls 2!
Stat Chat, Fun, Relax, Music.

H1NERD1 (dotGAME):
PvE, PvP, Fun, Lore, Derping

PvP, PvE, Fun, Hail the Rat King

PvE, PvP, Fun, constrained run
Bone Scythe.png
PSN : mhunter8
Youtube :
Invasion, PvP

Retr0J - 360,PC
Youtube -
Comedy/Fun, Review,Co-Op

Navi -

Youtube-Irishman N7

Youtube- Xbox-Kid Conquer
Invasion, PvP, Bow Weilder

Invasions, PvP, Duels, Montages, fun. IRISH, Finish folk music, BASTARD SWORD

external image photo.jpg
NightHawk's YouTube Channel
YouTube Walkthrough for Platinum Trophy/All Achievements
Boss Guides Playlist Channel
Walkthroughs and guides.

Occasional PvE Streaming

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