Events held in the world of Dark Souls 2 as a courtesy from the developers are listed on this page.

Dark Souls II Patch 1.10 Re-Skinned Weapons Event! (Feb 5th 2015 ~ Feb 12th 2015)[Ended]

From has announced a new promotional event for the release of the latest Patch 1.10.


Dark Souls II DLC3 Launch Event! [Ended]

From has announced the 3rd promotional event for the release of their 3rd, and possibly final, DLC, Crown of the Ivory King! Your next treasure in the Majula basement will be a reskinned Longsword! It will match up wiith your Moonlight Greatsword rather well. Happy Fashion Souls!

This event will be active and available during the following dates:

  • September 30th to October 13th *


Dark Souls II DLC2 Launch Event![Ended]

From has announced the 2nd promotional event for the release of their 2nd DLC, Crown of the Old Iron King! You will find in the Majula basement a reskinned Blacksteel Katana this time around!

The schedule of this content will be:

  • August 26th to September 5th


Dark Souls II DLC Launch Event [Ended]

From announced a promotional campaign for the Dark Souls II DLC release. From is changing the contents of the Majula Mansion treasure box every week until the first DLC is released.
The scheduled contents are:

Community testing:

  • The event has already started.
  • The chest will re-close if you already opened it prior to today.
  • The chest does not reset via ascetics.(although it WILL reset if entering NG+ and onward. tested from NG+ to NG++. tested at the time bonfire ascetics were given)
  • You can only obtain that weeks prize once per Xbox LIVE/PSN/Steam account.
  • If you have no Xbox LIVE/PSN/Steam account or are playing offline the prize will not be there and the chest will be opened and empty if you have previously opened it.

PC Launch

The game was released on PC on 25.4.2014

Cosplay Day
The cosplay date is April 14th.


The Game will release on March 11th, 2014.

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