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    • Anonymous

      19 May 2020 05:51  

      This game *****ing sucks, It's terrible. They *****ed up rolling, now the I-Frames are determined by a stat. The hitboxes are somehow even worse then Dark Souls 1. They prioritised difficulty which is missing the whole point of Dark Souls. Believe it or not, difficulty was never the point of Dark Souls. It was there to provide a sense of achievement upon a difficulty challenge, and Miyazaki thought a deeply challenging game would work into a realistic world and atmosphere, which worked amazingly. The developers literally *****ed up the easiest thing to get right from Dark Souls. Now they thought placing 30 enemies in a room was a challenge. Dark Souls 2 is unfair. It's designed horribly. You don't get the feeling of "Holy*****, I beat that challenging boss, I feel great" you feel "Thank ***** that is over." which is literally the worst thing Dark Souls can make you feel. The atmosphere is not there, the game is constantly breaking immersion. Remember when you were at Earthen Peak, took a huge elevator up and all of a sudden you were in some hellish landscape? So *****ing*****ty. Worse 70 dollars I've ever spent.

      • Anonymous

        15 Mar 2020 14:47  

        Not a bad game, but definitely the weakest of the souls. Bosses are really uninspired, they are all giant dudes with swords or maces (and even some enemies as well)

        • Anonymous

          01 Nov 2019 16:09  

          I am still little confused. If I purchased dark souls 2 schollar of the first sin from steam, have I all content (all dlc's) avaible for me? The reason why I am confused is that I've bought it yesterday for 9€ and session pásy was for about 12€

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