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    • Anonymous

      The first time I beat this game about a year ago I didn’t beat the dlc because I got so fatigued. I am finally in the process of replaying it and finishing the dlc, but I am starting to feel fatigued again. This game has so many things going for it, but the mobs and the slow reactions my character has in combat is frustrating. Brume Tower is such a cool area, but I got completely frustrated having to constantly take out 4 or 5 (sometimes more) tough enemies. And while the Sir Alonne fight wasn’t terrible, it would’ve been great if not for the stupid stab/geab attack he does. I perfectly timed a dodge and was almost behind him when I got sucked backwards into the tip of his sword. I know from soft has had terrible grab attacks in past and future games, but this is absurd. I heard the dlc for this game was good, and while I agree, it is also incredibly frustrating.

      • Anonymous

        I gotta come here even if nobody cares at this day and age to gieve my two cents, I really like ds2 but this game is flawed and the people who dislike it give all the wrong resons for it, at least conserning the Bosses, the ADP and SM criticismns I`ve seen are really valid and should be read, but I will talk ab it, like dudes in armour, no the dudes in armour are indeed some of the best in this game, bc everything else is really really bad, in fact dudes in armour are the only redeming quality on this game`s boss rooster, not saying they are good just that they`re better then the rest, as even tho Old Dragonslayer is a shytty version of O&S (for many reasons, mainly it`s just really porly desingned bc well, there`s just O, so no challenge whatsoever, a really common trope for this game) it`s still better then Covetous, Prouling Magus, the rat with the ****ing mohawk or even nashandra, which yes I know it`s not saying much. So now for other things, hitboxes and tracking, hitboxes are bad in this game, you can look p hours and hours of them ****ing up on yt for easy proof, and yes ds1 also has poor hitboxes, I`m not saying it doesn`t have, it`s also a flawed game but it has much more support to """"excuse"""" (it's my favourite of them all but I have to complain ab some things too), back to ds2, and for some more shity hitboxes we have our friends sir Allone and the pursuer witch have the magical ability to pull you into they're swords if our ADP is too low and get hit mid roll (which probably happened, if like me in my first playthroug you didn't even knew what the **** ADP did bc the game does not explain it at all) now tracking, either there's none, or too much, if you ever played with a gs you will know that sometimes it's just not gonna hit even if you are locked on, wich is dumb and can get someone killed when your character just swings 2 feet from the guy you're locked on, and for enemies just look at the dragonrider or the rotten, they can't hit you for the life of them, literally, and for the other side of this coin, spells, they will trackyou to the end of the earth and even if you are behind a wall they will hit you, but tbh I should expect that, being this is still dark souls. ADP, it's a bad idea to put something so vital as rollling and using items behing a ****ing skill wall, if you've seen or played any sl1 run you'll now that this is the only reason this game is difficult (aside from too much spam and ambushes, but if you know how to deal with it, it's just plain boring), it would be very dumb if you had to upgrade a skill to swing your weapon faster bc that is going to be the best option for any ****ing class, or run faster, you get the idea. And SM, oh SM I didn't play too much PVP in this game, I much prefer DS3's (no I'm not a ganker I don't have friends who play these games), but the arguments I'v seen for both sides are so, if you like, you'll say it prevents twinks from ruining new players' games, if you are against it you know it's bullshit, bc new players are gonna go up in the SM range much faster then someone who is good, and if the person that is good has the agape ring, they'll twink anyway, so the machanic is at best pointless and at worst, well, it ruins new players' games. Please respond with arguments, I really want to defend this game but I just can't, I've not played the DLC's bc when I get to the point of doing them I'm so sick of the bs of this game I just drop it, wich is why I talked ab the main game only, other criticismns I have it's that the game it's too easy when it's not throwing countless enemies at you and magic is boring bc it's too easy, i've finished the game both meelee and with magic, both without summons (bc I'm not a casul :) ), and I can't bring myself to like playing as a caster in all of these games bc just make it too easy. I'm sorry for the bad spelling, english is not my first language, brasil vai invadir os gringo fica esperto.

        • Anonymous

          Not a bad game, but definitely the weakest of the souls. Bosses are really uninspired, they are all giant dudes with swords or maces (and even some enemies as well)

          • Anonymous

            I am still little confused. If I purchased dark souls 2 schollar of the first sin from steam, have I all content (all dlc's) avaible for me? The reason why I am confused is that I've bought it yesterday for 9€ and session pásy was for about 12€

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