There are 8 different Starting Classes in Dark Souls II. While the classes determine the base stats for redistribution, there are no differences in abilities between classes, and they are only a template from which you can build your character. Most weapons and armor from other classes can be obtained relatively early in the game.




The Warrior is a starting class in Dark Souls 2.

Battle-scarred warrior.
High strength, dexterity.
Skilled with weapons.

Soul Level Vigor Endurance Vitality Attunement Strength Dexterity Adaptability Intelligence Faith
12 7 6 6 5 15 11 5 5 5

Weapons: Broken Straight Sword, Iron Parma
Armor: Hard Leather Set
Items: Lifegem (x10)

Notes: A well-balanced class, their decent armor and shield make them a solid choice for complete beginners. Their high attack stats mean that they can wield most of the Black Armor items right away and most early game weapons. One should swap out their broken sword for a more powerful weapon when they can find one, since it's rather weak and pointless to upgrade, alternately you can infuse it with Old Mundane Stone or Poison Stone to put its low stamina consumption as your advantage. The Morning Star can be obtained extremely early in Majula for those without the pre-order weapons. Their Intelligence and Faith are low, but balanced, though they require 5 more Attunement (and 10 Int. for Magic Weapon or 12 Faith for Heal) to use a spell.


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    • Anonymous

      How to win life21 Sep 2016 21:05  

      1. Pick sorcerer2. Go backtrack and find the track with big footprints3. Kill the big fat guy with your magic arrow4. Equip stunlock ring5. Progress through tutorial6. Find out Snorlax had friends7. Kill them8. Go back to the old ladies9. Get ladle10. Hit things with the ladle until it breaks11. ?????12. Profit

      • Anonymous

        This as a class for a total noob29 Aug 2016 10:58  

        I actually went with this one on my very first contact with the game and i'm now SL130+. It was a pain at the very start due to the lack of strong hits but once you get the stats up to par (drangleic armor set for example) it's getting easier. The learning curve teaches you how to be humble when playing though, definately recommend it for a first contact class, I had a blast with it and I'm only half way through the game (2 out of 4 special boss souls (the sinner and the old iron king)) but it's easier to adapt to any situation with this class (eventhough you need a lot and i mean a LOT of souls at start). Awesome experience all the way!

        • Anonymous

          Can a warrior use magic?29 Aug 2016 10:58  

          This is my first run through of dark souls 2 and I have taken my time with it. And the more videos and walkthroughs of the game, people are using magic and I don't know how to use/select the magic for my quick select. I only have right and left handed weapon and the item.

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