Player Trade for Dark Souls II, also simply known as Trading, is an online mechanic where players can exchange various items and equipment between players. There may be limitations to which items and equipment can be traded. Upgraded weapons are one example of equipment that you can trade without limitations. Guidelines, various mechanics, and any other information regarding trading can be found on this page.


Player Trade in Dark Souls 2

How does Player Trade work in Dark Souls 2?

Trading has played a big role for players online from Dark Souls Remastered, all the way to Dark Souls III. It's been helping players acquire specific items that they desire without having to farm if another player has it and is open to trading or giving it away. Trading between players in Dark Souls II can be done by simply dropping a particular weapon or item for another player in the game. During online sessions in Dark Souls II, merely go to your inventory and select the specific item that you want to leave for another player. Do take note that since there isn't any direct trade accept option in Dark Souls IIother players might not fulfill their part of the deal or might scam you with another item once you fulfill your part. As much as possible, trade with extra caution or trade with trustworthy players.


What Items can you trade in Dark Souls 2?

There are various items that can be traded in Dark Souls IIYou can trade Upgraded WeaponsRings, Effigies, and other consumable items. However, there are also limitations when it comes to trading. There are items such as Spells, Boss Souls, and upgrade materials that cannot be traded in the game. If you want to know if something is untradable just select the item and see if "leave" is an option. If there's no leave option, then it's not tradable. For upgrade materials/items, one good way to counter this limitation is to have another player upgrade the certain weapon that you want, and have him/her drop it for you—you do not need to have upgraded a weapon to the same upgrade level, but you do need to be within a similar Soul Level range to the player doing the dropping.

Items that can be traded :

Items that cannot be traded :

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