Gifts in Dark Souls II are starting inventory items which the player must choose from during character creation. There are eight Gifts to choose from in total, and can only be chosen once at the start of NG.  All of the starting gift items are obtainable in-game, meaning these Gifts provide a temporary advantage. One fun fact about selecting Gifts is, you can opt to choose nothing on the list and proceed with Dark Souls II empty-handed. There's no hidden buff when not selecting a gift, so proceed with this option if you prefer to play with a dose of struggle.


Gifts in Dark Souls 2


For players looking to get the most value out of their Gift:

  • The Human Effigy, the Homeward Bone and the Healing Wares can be found many times through the game. The Human Effigy and Healing Wares can give new players a bit more leeway in the early parts of the game. 
  • Of these, the Homeward Bone is likely to be the least useful, since they can also be found and bought in Majula. Later on, the Homeward Bone is made obsolete by the Homeward spell (for Faith users) and  Aged Feather (for all, but found very late into the game). Homeward Bone gift also only gives 1 of it, which is barely decent to be a starting gift.
  • The Bonfire Ascetic is relatively hard to find early on, but most new players probably won't want to use this item. It will likely only become useful much later in the game, by which time you will have found more. Experienced players can opt for it if they're looking for ng+ exclusive items (like +2 rings) very early.
  • The Giants' Seed is extremely rare, but not very practical. It may help to prevent a death from an invasion, but can only be used once.
  • The Petrified Something can be used in the Things Betwixt, by being left in the nest of Dyna and Tillo to trade for a random rare weapon or item. Its usefulness varies depending on what you receive, but is a solid choice. If the player is looking for a specific trade item, they can re-create a character with this gift until they obtain their desired item.
  • Finally, the Life Ring increases your HP, but only by 5%, and it, along with upgraded versions of itself, can be found later in the game. Also Life Ring is found very early into the game, in the Forest of the Fallen Giants.

(Note: If you pick the Life Ring, don't forget to actually equip it, because your character won't be wearing it automatically.)


Image Name Description  
  Nothing Receive no gift.  
tiny beings ring

Life Ring

This ring of old slightly increases HP.
  • Increases HP by 5%
human effigy

Human Effigy

A familiar looking effigy. Returns the hollowed to life.
  • Removes any penalties to the player's health bar due to deaths while hollow
  • User is turned human and is more likely to be invaded.
  • Can be burned at the bonfire to disable all direct multiplayer interactions (no summoning/invading)
old radiant lifegem

Healing Wares

Various items used to cure poison and restore HP. Essential for anyone travelling Drangleic.
homeward bone

Homeward Bone

Returns you to the bonfire last rested at. Having one may ease your mind, but there are no easy journeys.
  • Warps you to the last lit bonfire. Consumed upon use
Seed of a Tree of Giants 

Seed of a Tree of Giants

A seed grown from a Tree of Giants. Inedible.
  • Makes mobs hostile towards invaders.
  • Single use item that is consumed when used.
bonfire ascetic

Bonfire Ascetic

Toss into a bonfire to raise the strength of nearby foes.Only for those who seek greater challenges.
  • The Bonfire Ascetic has the effect of raising the NG level of the area in which it is used. If used in NG+, it is possible to acquire new weapons and secrets that would be found in NG++ at the cost of NG++ difficulty. Effects carry over for every playthrough.
  • Choosing this as starting gift and burning it at Majula Bonfire enables quick access to an armor which reduces falling damage and slows down falling speed.
petrified something

Petrified Something

A simple petrified lump. It may be of some use, someday.

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    • Anonymous

      healing wares, petrified something if you're lucky and bonfire ascetic if you're clever where you use it are the only real useful ones, everything else is if you just want to start the game (btw don't bother picking the effigy there's already a free one all the time per cycle upstairs in the firekeeper hut kek)

      • Anonymous

        My personal ranking of these:
        7th - Life Ring (It's pretty useless most of the time)
        6th - Homeward Bone (cheap, easily obtainable. No real point in picking)
        5th - Seed of a Tree of Giants (hard to get item, but not very useful 99% of the time)
        4th - Human Effigy (You usually can get them easy enough if you don't waste through them, but in difference to #5 to #7 pickable imo)
        3rd - Healing Wares (it saves quite some souls early on which is nice)
        2nd - Petrified Something (#1 if you are lucky)
        1st - Bonfire Ascetic (Okay, hear me out on this one: You can use it on Majula's bonfire in order to get the Moon Butterfly shield)

        • Anonymous

          Unless you're speedrunning, just pick this. It'll save you souls early on because of the large number of poison moss and lifegems you get.

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