Enemies in Dark Souls 2 are the various hostile creatures the player will encounter in-game. All enemies have specific attacks, strengths, and weaknesses, and most regular enemies will respawn whenever the player dies or rests at a bonfire. Special non-respawning enemies are categorized as Bosses and Phantoms. Even though each enemy is unique with its own behavior, killing enemies provide various drops that reward players with items they will need as they continue to progress through the game. This page covers a list of all the enemies in the game.


Phantoms in Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2, introduces an intriguing element that adds complexity and unpredictability to the player's journey – Phantoms.

  • In the realm of cooperative play, White Phantoms emerge as ethereal allies summoned to assist players. Their spectral presence encourages strategic teamwork, emphasizing the significance of cooperation in overcoming formidable challenges.
  • Conversely, Red Phantoms serve as hostile forces, invading players' worlds with malicious intent. These unpredictable adversaries disrupt progress, intensifying the game's difficulty and requiring players to be ever-vigilant.
  • Shades add another layer to the Phantom dynamic, appearing as ephemeral allies summoned temporarily to aid players. These shadowy figures contribute to combat scenarios for a limited time, introducing an element of surprise and requiring players to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances.
  • Dark Souls 2 introduces Mirror Squires, Phantoms summoned explicitly for Player vs. Player (PvP) combat. Engaging in these mirror matches allows players to test their skills against one another, creating an arena where combat prowess takes precedence.
  • Please, see Phantoms to learn more about them.

Bosses in Dark Souls 2

Bosses in Dark Souls 2 are the ultimate challenge players face while traversing kingdom of Drangleic. Ranging from monstrosities, undead lords or massive dragons, to human and beasts, players will have to be ready to adapt and learn intricate patterns in order to surpass these massive challenges. Most Bosses drop their respective Boss Soul, used to create unique and powerful Boss Soul Weapons, alongside a higher amount of standard souls.

  • Please, see Bosses to learn more about them.

All Enemies in Dark Souls 2

Note: Order of game areas comes from Game Progress Route.

Note: The enemy names used on this page and within this wiki are based on the official website. Following in parentheses, if they exist, are alternative names from FuturePress' Dark Souls II Collector's Edition Guide. In some cases, the FuturePress guide contains names which we can't seem to correlate with the FarFire site. For these, we use the names prescribed by FuturePress. See also Enemy Names Disambiguation for more details.

Note: For the purposes of disambiguating types of dark spirits (black phantoms), this wiki adheres to the following model:
- Invader refers to dark spirits who actively invade the host player's world with an accompanying invasion message;
- Dark Spirit refers to dark spirits who actively invade when the host player moves within a set proximity of its spawn point, without an invasion message;
- Roaming Soul refers to dark spirits who do not actively invade, but are already present in the host's world.


All Enemies by Name
Enemies by Location

















































Dark Souls all Things Betwixt Enemies


Dark Souls all Majula Enemies


They can first be encountered in the basement of the Majula Mansion. They are reanimated remains of humanoids, and manifestations of necromancy. In most cases, if a skeleton is nearby, so is a Hollow Mage (Black).

Undead Devourer
Undead Devourer (Enslaved Pig)

 They are first encountered on the right side of the mansion Majula.


Forest of Fallen Enemies




Heide's Tower of Flame Enemies


No-Man's Wharf Enemies


Lost Bastille Enemies



Belfry Luna Enemies


Sinners' Rise Enemies


Huntman's Copse Enemies



Harvest Valley Enemies



Earthen Peak Enemies



Grave of Saints Enemies


The Gutter Enemies



Black Gulch Enemies


Shaded Woods Enemies



Doors of Pharros Enemies



Brightstone Cove Tseldora Enemies



Lord's Private Chamber Enemies

Headless Vengarl
Headless Vengarl (Vengarl's Body)

The decapitated body of Vengarl of Forossa

Tseldoran Settler
Tseldoran Settler (Duke Tseldora)

Propertier of Brightstone Cove and founder of the mining town which once flourished there. Duke Tseldora disappeared after the town was suddenly and mysteriously overrun by spiders and was never heard from again.


Iron Keep Enemies


Enemy Invader


Born of Aldia's Obsession with the First Sin, the Forlorn lost both their corporeal form and a world to call their own.

fencer sharron enemies dark souls2 wiki guide
Fencer Sharron

Only appears in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

armorer dennis enemies dark souls2 wiki guide
Armorer Dennis

Only appears in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.

oliver the collector enemies dark souls2 wiki guide
Oliver the Collector

Only appears in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.


Belfry Sol Enemies

Bell Keeper
Bell Keeper

Aggressive little dwarves, dedicated to protecting the bell.

Bell Keeper Mage
Dark Spirit - Bell Keeper Mage

 This mage, like the puppets that surround her, is dedicated to stopping, and she's a bit more efficient about that than the little guys are

Bell Keeper Mage
Dark Spirit - Dual Avelyn Bell Keeper

The Avelyn is a weapon of ancient design that has been rediscovered and brought into the world one more, and this old fellow uses two of them! He wears the mask of the Manikin, as well.

greatsword bell keeper enemies dark souls2 wiki guide
Dark Spirit - Greatsword Bell Keeper

This is another member of the Bell Keepers; he towers above his allies in a very literal sense. 


Shrine of Winter Enemies

forrest grotesque goblin
Forrest Grotesque (Goblin)

These monstrosities are probably inspired by Gakis and Pretas (cannibal demons of the japanese folklore with an huge belly).

Heide Knight
Heide Knight

They are first encountered after climbing a ladder beyond the The Crestfallen's Retreat bonfire.

royal swordsman enemies dark souls2 wiki guide
Royal Swordsman

The Royal Swordsman were chosen from the bravest of King Vendrick's men, and provided them with the best armor available for the war against the Giants. However, very few survived the battles. 

Crystal Lizard
Crystal Lizard

These creatures are not well understood, as the procurement of specimens for study is an all-but-futile endeavor; Crystal Lizards are masters of escape and have a marked tendency to do so before anyone can get close enough to catch them


Drangleic Castle Enemies




King's Passage Enemies

Looking Glass Varlet
Looking Glass Varlet (Mirror Squire)

Phantoms which emerge from mirrors. They can come out of the Looking Glass Knight boss's mirror shield, or out of the mirrors in Aldia's Keep.

Stone Knight
Stone Knight

Wearing heavy armor and a helmet resembling the head of a horse, these sleeping statues which won't activate until approached or attacked (from range).

Syan Soldier
Syan Soldier (Royal Guard)

High-ranking Drangleic knights whose weapons and armor are modeled after those borne by Sir Syan, one of King Vendrick's bravest military leaders.


Shrine of Amana Enemies



Undead Crypt Enemies



Aldia's Keep Enemies




Dragon Aerie Enemies


Dragon Shrine Enemies


Dark Chasm of Old Enemies



Memories of the Ancients Enemies

Giant Warrior
Giant Warrior (Giant)

Giant Warrior is the generic name for all of the giants in Memories of the Ancients. There are many variants which you can find on the Giant Warrior page.

Infantry (Royal Infantry)

They are found locked in combat with the Giants in several locations throughout the flashback areas and may also misidentify the player as a threat.

Great Giant Warrior
Great Giant Warrior (Giant)

True, gargantuan giants with holes for faces, they will hit extremely hard with the huge mace-like weapons they carry. Fought as a pair.its attacks are unblock able and will go straight through your shield.




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