Gestures in Dark Souls II are an in-game way to communicate with other players. You are given a few at the start of the game as your default Gestures, but you gain more as you progress through the game. All gestures can be canceled by backstepping or rolling during the gesture. Obtaining all gestures will grant you the "Gesture Maestro" Trophy/Achievement. 

Gesture Communication in Dark Souls 2

In the unforgiving world of Dark Souls 2, where danger lurks in every shadow, communication often transcends mere words. Gestures become a silent language, a vital tool for players to express emotions, convey strategies, or engage in the unique form of camaraderie that exists in this dark and perilous realm.

These gestures, more than mere animations, are an integral part of the game's culture. From the respectful bow to the jubilant 'Praise the Sun,' each gesture carries its own significance. Players can use gestures to greet fellow adventurers, express gratitude for assistance, or mock defeated foes. The silent exchange of gestures creates a communal experience, binding players together in a shared understanding of the challenges they face.

However, gestures extend beyond mere social interaction. In the heat of battle, a well-timed gesture can convey strategies and intentions without uttering a word. A nod of acknowledgment before a cooperative boss battle or a defiant taunt preceding a duel adds an immersive layer to player-versus-player interactions.

Mastering the art of gestures is not just a form of etiquette; it's a strategic advantage. A well-timed 'No Way' or 'This one's me' can communicate more than words ever could. In a game where cooperation is fleeting, and betrayal is always a possibility, gestures become a unique means of expressing intent and navigating the treacherous landscape of Dark Souls 2.



List of Gestures in Dark Souls 2

Name Description location
point gesture
i wont bite gesture
I won't bite
i wont bite
bow gesture
wave gesture
pumped up gesture
Pumped Up
pumped up
warcry gesture Warcry
war cry
righty ho gesture
righty ho
no way gesture
No way
no way
welcome gesture
Can be learned from Crestfallen Saulden when you first enter Majula by going through all of his dialogue and gaining access to his menu.
fist pump gesture
Fist Pump
fist pump
Huntsman's Copse
Unlock the door to the room containing the Undead Lockaway Bonfire and next to it you'll find Creighton the Wanderer ; go through all of his dialogue to get the option to learn the Gesture.
duel bow gesture
Duel bow
duel bow
Cathedral of Blue
After acquiring a Token of Fidelity, speak with Blue Sentinel Targray ; once you go through all of his dialogue and can access his menu, you'll be able to learn the Gesture.
joy gesture
After un-petrifying Rosabeth of Melfia just before the Shaded Woods , go back and speak to Benhart of Jugo . Go through his dialogue until you get the option of learning the Gesture.
warmup gesture
Shaded Woods
Equip the Ring of Whispers which can be purchased from Sweet Shalquoir in Majula and speak to Manscorpion Tark after defeating Scorpioness Najka.
hurrah gesture
Forest of Fallen Giants / Memory of Vammar
After acquiring the Ashen Mist Heart from the Ancient Dragon , use it to access the Memory of Vammar. Speak to Captain Drummond in the memory and exhaust dialogue to learn his Gesture.
this ones me gesture
This one's me
this ones me
Drangleic Castle
Speak to Chancellor Wellager on the stairs just inside the main entrance until you get the option to learn the Gesture.
have mercy gesture
Have mercy!
have mercy
Undead Crypt
Approach and speak to Grave Warden Agdayne without having a Torch lit, and learn the Gesture from him.
prostration gesture
Earthen Peak / Majula
Upon encountering Laddersmith Gilligan at Earthen Peak and paying him 2000 Souls, you can learn the Gesture. Or, learn it from him after he has moved to Majula.
decapitate gesture
Shaded Woods
Speak to the Head of Vengarl who can be found in a clearing in the Shaded Woods . Learn Gesture after going through all dialogue.
mock gesture
Lost Bastille
Find the petrified Straid of Olaphis in a cell in Lost Bastille. Use a Fragrant Branch of Yore to free him. Speak to him to get option to learn his Gesture.
praise the sun gesture
Praise the Sun
praise the sun
Harvest Valley
You can learn this Gesture at the Altar of Sunlight without having to rank up the Covenant

All Gestures in Dark Souls 2

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