Merchants are NPCs in Dark Souls 2. Merchants can be encountered throughout the different Locations and usually offer a set of Items for sale. Players can interact with them to bring up their specific menu and ask to view their wares. Depending on the type of merchant they are, they could sell a stock of various General good or a stock of specific types of Items, or Weapons. Certain merchants award players for their interaction and may provide a gift upon spending a minimum amount with them. If players choose to, they may also be fought and killed for specific for their loot that can be found in each of their individual pages. 

Merchants' main currency are Souls, which can be obtained mainly by defeating Enemies and Bosses throughout the game. 


Crafting and Upgrading in Dark Souls 2

In a land where weapons and armor are the keys to survival, blacksmiths are indispensable allies. This section delves into the various blacksmiths in Dark Souls 2, examining the types of services they provide, the upgrades they offer, and the essential role they play in enhancing your arsenal.

  • Weapon Upgrades: Blacksmiths allow players to reinforce and upgrade their weapons, enhancing damage output and imbuing them with special properties. Understanding the upgrade paths and infusions offered by different blacksmiths is crucial for tailoring your gear to the challenges ahead.
  • Armor Enhancement: Some blacksmiths also specialize in upgrading armor, reinforcing its protective qualities. Learn where to find these skilled craftsmen and how to fortify your defenses against the formidable foes of Drangleic.

Consumables in Dark Souls 2

Merchant Hag Melentia is a wandering vendor with a vast inventory, offering a variety of items essential for any Undead adventurer. This section explores Melentia's locations throughout the game, the items she sells, and the importance of establishing a relationship with this itinerant merchant.

  • Consumables and Essentials: Melentia stocks a wide range of consumables, including lifegems, arrows, and spells. Discover the strategic value of her inventory and how it can aid you in overcoming the challenges of Dark Souls 2.
  • Unique Items and Collectibles: Melentia often carries unique items and collectibles, including rare equipment and key items. Uncover the secrets of her inventory and how it can contribute to your overall success in Drangleic.

Spells and Sorceries in Dark Souls 2

For Undead adventurers seeking the arcane arts, Carhillion of the Fold serves as a vital merchant specializing in spells and sorceries. This section delves into Carhillion's locations, his unique inventory, and the services he provides for those aspiring to harness the power of magic.

  • Spell Acquisition: Carhillion offers a range of spells for purchase, catering to both novice sorcerers and seasoned magic users. Explore his inventory and learn how to expand your magical repertoire to face the supernatural challenges that await.
  • Sorcerer's Attire and Accessories: In addition to spells, Carhillion sells sorcerer-specific attire and accessories. Discover how these items can enhance your magical capabilities and contribute to a well-rounded character build.



All Merchants in Dark Souls 2

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