PVE builds for Dark Souls II play a big role in the game, and proper PVE Builds are essential due to the high difficulty of Dark Souls II. These player-created equipment and stat combinations are character builds made to tackle Solo or co-op play with a focus on winning boss battles and overcoming regular enemies. Having a powerful build can be very beneficial and less frustrating while playing Dark Souls II.


How to create your build

  1. Use this tool: Dark Souls 2 Builds Calculator
  2. Create a wiki page with your build name and add the info/links. To create a page, you can type the name of your build on the URL of the site, or click "New Page +" located at the bottom right of the site next to chatroom. You can also type your build name here, and create a link to it, then click it.
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PVE Builds for DKS2

Build Name Creator Starting Class Starting Gift Soul Level Description

Sir Tiedemann

rsouls25 Swordsman Healing Wares 135

This is a minimalistic, challenge-oriented PvE build made to showcase the game’s power stance mechanic.  Sitting slightly uncomfortably at SL135, the build is made to never give you more than you need, nor more than you deserve. A fine balance has been struck between necessary strength and audacious disadvantage in the pursuit of becoming a champion.

The Fallen

s1apsh0t Deprived Petrified Something 50

A build based around the idea that in DS2; unlike DS1/DS3, you arent prophesized, but are like every enemy you come up against. This is a 25%; parry focused build, which means it'll take a bit of practice to get down, however the rapier and dagger blend nicely, giving you a few more parry frames and great riposte damage, I havent been able to test it in PVP but my guess is it would slap.

  • Right Hand: Dagger
  • Left Hand: Rapier; Hunters Blackbow
  • Armor: Imported Set
  • Stat Focus: DEX/ADP

The Lightning King


Impure   Cleric  Any  253

Fashion souls / Lore build

It is not the strongest build I made but I found it pretty fun and, still, pretty strong. The main purpose of this build is the Lore and the cool looking setup.

(Build Calculator is bugged, spells are : Sacred Oath, Sunlight Blade, Sunlight Spear, Wrath of the Gods)

Titanic Monarch

Insanity 327 (ps4)

Knight/warrior Any 150


With the land in ruin and its inhabitants in disarray. A new figure appears, come to seek glory and conquest. With strength in abundance and wit on hand, He seeks to overthrow the ailing King and erect a new throne. Fit for a new King, a new Monarch
The Hero Faraam TheKnightFaraam
Xbox GT:Zero Zepheryum

Warrior or any, but i prefer Warrior

Human Effigy ( chose but you can choose any) 244 I go where I'm needed. With no home to call my own and my only friends at hand. I only practice one trade... War
Dark Swordsman DoomSonic Swordsman(any) any 250 this is a very heavy Dark base build feel free to change it up to your liking. i been using this build for a very long time. its pretty light good DEF. and a high DPS and if you are a very skilled player you can make this work easy :D. please keep in mind you can always change it to match your play style.
this build is use for PVE and PVP
weapons( you can choose your own weapons this what i used)

overall i really like this alot.if you have any improvements please make them.( all weapons armor,rings are max upgrades)
Ranger ChairThrowinTim Deprived (any) any 150 This build is more meant to be pretty to look at rather than actual practicality and thus this will be for advanced players that don't mind the challenge.
Deep in the forest under the cover of the bush live the hunters. Stalking targets under the guise of shadow. Enemies unaware of their presence until it's too late to retaliate. Living off what they protect, they never miss their mark, and they never stop hunting the enemy of the forests. These are Rangers, the terror of the Forests.
Ronin of Twin Blades Wolfenkrone Bandit Bonfire Aesthetic 150 High Dex Damage
Covenant: Dragon Remnants
An all around build good for pve and pvp
Chaos Warlock Zacxter Any Any 150 Hex & Dex BuildAll weapons are dark infused.
All weapons and armor are reinforced to their max stats.
  Reckoning Warrior Healing Wares 150 Magic + Dex build, Click the build name to view the complete stats. Use staff of amana to infuse crystal magic or flame in both weapons and at the same time you can shield yourself and cast spell with high damage, if you use blue flame sword. If the opponent has resistance to magic then use uchigatana with crystal or flame. If you don't want to increase your soul memory use agape ring or use chloranthy ring +2 for fast attacks.
Pyro Warrior Arthur Warrior Healing Wares 150 Pretty balanced build. Easy to play. I never played Dark Souls 1 and I started playing Dark Souls 2 with the release of Scholar of the First Sin, however with this build I beat the game. It has really nice melee damage and you can use the shield to stop those hard hitting enemies, like the drakekeepers. The lack of adaptability makes the use of the shield really important. You can always swap the shield for a Drangleic Shield, but I like this one more.
The pyromancy is just a support just like the bow, but still you can use it if you feel like you need it. The dragonrider bow makes a huge amount of damage and can easily one shot kill most of the enemies, or at least hit them really hard if you hit them in the head. The Black Knight Greatsword can be changed for a Claymore +10, it is a nice weapon too.
Quality Dark RayV3n Swordsman (any) Any 160 You need the DLC crown of the old iron king, and a helpful friend who will give you his Majestic greatsword as well. Get your stats to 40/40 strength/dexterity so you can powerstance those then get your intelligence and faith to 30/30 dark imbue BUT ONLY ONCE THEY ARE PLUS FIVE otherwise the scaling isn't worth it. You need around 30 vigor, 25 endurance, and like 25 vitality
Your most important rings are the chloranrthy ring the third dragon ring. The rest are your choice.
Armor wise: Fashion souls so hard
This carried me through NG +
Hope you have fun :D
The Jester Mafe Deprived Any Any Basically, This is a PvE Build that is meant to challenge experienced Players. Build this character with high ADP and high END. 20 STR and 26 DEX the minimal requirements for the Dragon Rider Twinblade and wear the Full Jester Set For the Benefits and Cosplay. Enchant it with Magic Damage and Scale INT.(Faint Stone). Get 13 ATN for the spell slots for Great Magic Weapon. Great Magic Damage. Stone Ring=Stun Lock
Blood Kin Knight Paranoia Swordsman Any Any A lightweight knight (The noun, not the class) build, focusing on DEX, ADP, and END. This build focuses on using fast attacks, dodges, stunlock, bleed, and poison. It's a semi-roleplay build, although it's effective for PVE and CO-OP. It can probably be used effectively in PVP too.
Jedi Knight BlurryEcho Cleric Seed of the Tree of Giants 220 This build is a hybrid.It works excellent in PvP and PvE.
If you want to PvP I recommend not going to NG+ with this build because it is harder to find players to fight. If you are using the PvE aspect of this build, then go all the way to NG+ 7
Melkor Olorin Warrior Whatever 250 I have found magic builds (hex, sorcery, etc.) to generally be the most powerful and versatile. However, I have also found that, for me, the true joy of dark souls lies in melee, in dodging and rolling and slashing up close. This build will serve you admirably if you, too, seek hand-to-hand combat, and it has powerful pyromancies for those enemies (or players) who are especially resistant to melee. I use the spears and halberds with the shield, and I dual wield and powerstance the two blacksteel katanas. With the flame weapon buff, this build is also effective in PVP in the right hands, although I use the Pilgrims of Dark covenant and thus mainly get my PVP through being invaded.
Sir Lancelot AugurofDunlain Cleric Any 150+ Works well for PVE and surprisingly effective at PVP
Lots of fun, most effective class i could possibly make using lances.
follow link in build name for details :)
Demon Hunter H-A-N-D-Of-God Explorer Petrified something 159 Based on the old legends of whip wielding demon hunters.
High DPS Rogue/Spellsword hybrid good for dealing damage to single enemies and bosses. Good for PVP.
Tainted Pilgrim H-A-N-D-Of-God Cleric Any 185

A Cleric/Hex based version of the mystic knight. Built for Tanking heavy enemies like Ruin sentinels and other high poise enemies.

"Hand" Of God H-A-N-D-Of-God Deprived Any 180 A Powerful Tank/Cleric designed to deal good damage and soak up damage from bosses. Not very good for PVP

The First thing you should focus on is putting points into your faith, as this will be one of the key factors in your success. Then put as many points as you can into HP, STR, and END. You can choose which order you want to put the other stats in at your leisure. Then find the Archdrake chime, as it will be your main catylyst. Felkin the outcast will sell it to you if your faith and int are both above 8
Spells:Bountiful Sunlight, Soul Appease, Sacred Oath.
Since you will be a high strength character, you can use the Bastard sword until you get the Zweihander, either through killing the spiders in brightstone cove Tseldora, or by finding the one in the Iron keep. Any shield you want to use is fine.
For your armor, the White priest chestpiece, And the Archdrake boots/gloves/Helm.
Any rings you choose will suffice, but I personally stack the +2 life ring with the Third dragon Ring.
NOTE: Since this is a faith build, you can infuse your zweihander With fire or lightning if you wish to do more damage.
Mystic Knight H-A-N-D-Of-God Knight Healing Wares 155 A High poise, High endurance build that buffs its shield and sword to soak up massive damage and deal good damage. Excellent for Tanking in PVE and PVP

Your main weapon can be anything, but my preferred choice is the broadsword or the morning star, since you will be close to your enemies most of the time.
Your main armor should be something Sturdy, and with good poise. Like the Royal soldier set or the Alva set.
The first thing to focus on with this build is upgrading your INT, and finding a catalyst of your choice. There is a sorcers staff in a chest behind a hidden wall near the stairs where you fight through the group of enemies to get the white sign soapstone.
The next thing you need is a good shield. The best medium shields for tanking early-game is the Old Knight shield and the Silver Kite shield. You can also use greatshields if you wish to put a few extra points into VIT.
Next upgrade your main weapon and your shield, then your armor, then your catalyst.
Finally you need to find your spells. Great Magic Weapon, and Strong magic shield. You only need two attunement slots for this, so do not worry about needing the southern ritual band unless you didn't put many points into ATN.
I recommend stacking the ring of Life Plus 2 with the Third dragon ring for this build.
Since this is not a buff/tank. Infusion is not necessary unless you want to. You should always have a weapon ready to use magic weapon on.
NOTE:You can get the weaker version "Magic weapon "from Carhillion of the Fold in no mans wharf. Strong Magic weapon is sold by Straid, or found in Drangliec castle.
Melee/Ranged lightning Arnaud Deprived Any (Petrified for trade) 133 Played OFFLINE, in PVE. Balanced build, and maybe too powerful in Pve in the late game (not very fun indeed : i kill the last bosses in 20 seconds without even moving...)
  • VGR: 20 (can go further)
  • END: 20 because miracles consume endurance too
  • VIT: 6 (no need : with full equipment except spear i stay below 45% )
  • ATN: 40 because greatests miracles need many slots
  • STR: 16 to wield a shield with 100% damage reduction
  • DEX: 25 because i wanted to use the dragonslayer spear +5 (strong attack is very useful with the armor ring +2) but can be less
  • ADP: 10 (not sure 6 could have been enough)
  • INT: 6 (Roleplaying is roleplaying : miracles hate sorceries)
  • FTH: 54 (in order to have INT+FTH 60 for pyromancy)

First, raise STR and DEX to be able to wield Heide sword. This will be your main melee weapon. Raise DEX to use a bow if you want, but in this build, bow is only to lure enemies at long distance. Later in the game, when you will find good shields with 100% damage reduction, you can go for 16 STR if needed. Raise ATN to have your first slots. Later in the game, raise it until 40 to benefit for greatests miracles. Raise FTH up to 54 whenever you can (mixing with VGR and END) : it will raise you damage with miracle and sword of heide with no need for dexterity or strength.

  • +10 LIGHTNING CHIME (the one you find in the castle) ,
  • +10 BLACK BOW

SHIELD : 1. any with 100% DR (no upgrade). 2. the one that boost the miracles by 3% (finded just after the rat king) (tested : it's effectively +3% : the main point for this shield is that you don't need to have another chime in left hand when casting melee combat spell like lightning sword)
ARMOR : +5 SAINT SET (except for hands, where i use Tseldora for better drop)
RINGS : the one boosting your END regeneration, a life protection ring (cheated... because it cost only 3K souls to repair...), the rings boosting drops and xp... (the last can be changed in boos battle if needed : the ring boosting time casting is good too here)
Dark Cleric DarkKnight32 Cleric  Any 170

Had a difficult time playing the game with a pure Strength build so switched to Faith + Intelligence and never looked back! Beginner tip: If you get stuck, then Soul Vessel is your best friend!

The Dark Cleric build is meant to be played Offline and is designed to be as versatile a magic build as possible to easily beat all of the bosses in the game.

Soul Level: 170
Vigor: 20 (soft cap)
Endurance: 20 (soft cap)
Vitality: 8 (not needed with Saint's Set)
Attunement: 50 (spell uses and casting time)
Strength: 16 (equip Drangleic Shield)
Dexterity: 14 (equip Jester's Gloves for souls boost)
Adaptability: 5 (not needed)
Intelligence: 40 (to cast soul spear)
Faith: 50 (improves the Heide Knight Sword)

Armor: Saint's Set + Jester's Gloves for Souls
Shield: 100% DR shield/Drangleic Shield
Rings: Chloranthy Ring is a must, Clear Bluestone is useful for casting, Ring of Blades is useful for melee, other rings are optional.


  • Melee: The Heide Knight Sword scales very well with Faith. Increase your faith early on in the game to use this weapon. Infuse with lightning for even more damage.
  • Miracles: Use healing spells, homeward (to get out of difficult situations) and lightning spears with Priest's Chime early on in the game!
  • Pyromancies: Many enemies are weak to fire. Use the Fireball, Fire Orb and Great Fireball spells to deal good damage to certain bosses.
  • Hexes: The developers nerfed lightning spears, but hexes remain extremely overpowered in this game! Use Dark Orbs and Dark Fog with an upgraded Black Witch's Staff or Sunset Staff to beat most bosses easily!
  • Sorceries: Soul Greatsword and Soul Spear are good additional damage dealers late in the game.
Flame Knight Artorias Knight Petrified Something 150 Pretty balanced build. Easy to play. Good even for NG+ For this build is mostly for in game and offline play mostly.
Stats : LvL 150
  • VGR : 37 *can go higher if you want, more hp always more better*
  • END : 20 *No point going any higher, only give 1 stamina after 20*
  • VIT : 30 *Enough for Heavy Great Sword and Decent Armor*
  • ATN : 13 *can go 16 if you want 3 slots, 2 Slot is enough for me*
  • STR : 40 *can go higher. I like Tons of damage and heavy weapons*
  • DEX : 20 *For wielding most of the weapons and good for some weapon early game*
  • ADP : 9 *Nope , nope , nope. We already have decent Stamina / HP and shield*
  • INT : 28 *For fire damage and this spell Crystal Weapon Buff*
  • FTH : 6 *Don't need this, we are not going for Paladin Build*
Flame Prince of the Deserts   Deprived
Works with all classes
Petrified Something 150 Fairly balanced build, focuses around Pyromancy. Excellent Elemental Defence. Suitable for NG+ and against bosses if you have well-timed rolls. Lightweight but lacks Physical Defence. High Damage overall. This build is very adaptive and, thus, suitable to most, if not all, situations and environments.
Once you have achieved the stats below, you should aim to max your Endurance because the weapons used in this build exhaust a lot of stamina - but make sure to keep your Endurance stat 10-20 levels behind Vigor.
  • VGR: 36 *To make up for lack of Physical Defence*
  • END: 30
  • VIT: 20 *Enough to prevent "fat rolls" in this build*
  • ATN: 30 *For six Pyromancy Slots*
  • STR: 35 *For wielding the Malformed Skull*
  • DEX: 20 *For wielding the Old Whip*
  • ADP: 20 *Adaptability at Level 20 makes the difference (it does)*
  • INT: 6 *Insignificant to this build*
  • FTH: 6 *Insignificant to this build*

Agdayne's Armor Set provides one of the highest Elemental Defence at very light weight. Good durability and surprisingly good Resistance too.
  • Head:King's Crown +5 (For that "Prince" setting)
  • Chest: Agdayne's Robes +5
  • Hands: Agdayne's Cuffs +5
  • Leggings: Agdayne's Leggings +5

  • RH1: Raw/Flame Malformed Skull +10 (Extremely High Damage, Very effective against bosses)
  • RH2: Raw/Flame Old Whip +10 (Effective against pretty much all annoying enemies e.g. Dark Stalker, Lizard Men, Undead "Exploding Mummies" Citizen. Also effective in PvP if the circumstances are right. )
  • (Optional) RH3/LH3:(Any Curved/Straight/Piercing Sword, Axe or Hammer for close-quarters combat)
  • LH1: Blossom Kite Shield +10 (Really good Physical Defence + Stamina Regeneration)
  • LH2: Pyromancy Flame +10 (Equipped in 'Left-Hand' in order to be able to use Flame Sword on right-hand weapons.)
  • (Optional) LH3/RH3:(A Bow/Crossbow/Greatbow if you so prefer)
Depending on what you choose to wield in your third hand(s), you may need to increase your Vitality Stat a little more to prevent "fat rolls".
Spells (Pyromancies):
  1. Warmth
  2. Flame Sword
  3. Flame Swathe (Can be changed if you so prefer)
  4. Great Fireball (Can be changed if you so prefer)
  5. Chaos Storm
  6. Toxic Mist


Once a tyrannical Prince who whipped his slaves, they say he had an abnormal obsession with blossoms. Now an Undead filled with rage expressed through Pyromancy. Long ago, his father's Kingdom was engulfed by a sandstorm when a dragon attacked.
Of Yew
Solande Bandit Seed of a Tree of Giants Any Drangleic Chest Armour with same leggings and a Hunter hat. Keeps weight down, makes character highly agile and maintains high poise. Equip Fire Longsword +5 and Sea Bow+5 for sniping.
Heide Soldier
NINJAGIGA Soldier Petrified Something Any This build will get you past all of the early game and most of the late game, all you need to do is kill the first Heide Knight, get his sword, make sure you have the stats for it before you upgrade anything else then you should upgrade the hell out of the sword while spamming levels in endurance, vitality and adaptability. Make sure not to get too much in these three stats because you will want to get strength and dex later for your own weapon of choice, use any armor that suits your play style...
The Stargazer H-A-N-D-
Knight Seed of a Tree of Giants Any A low weight, low poise "ranger" character wielding a Longsword, A Longbow and an Iron Parma. Generally 2hands Longsword, But can switch to the Parma when needing to block. Wears the Imported set, which is given to you at the beginning of the game. Utilizes the Longbow, throwing knives, firebombs, witching urns, and many other ranged consumables when dealing with ranged attackers. Since this build requires very little time to create, it can be tweaked to any playstyle. Wears the Stone ring to deal extra poise damage, which can be found after defeating the first giant monster in Things Betwixt. This Character is a challenging, but rewarding build if mastered.
The Paladin H-A-N-D-
Knight Seed of a Tree of Giants Any A High Stability, High poise, medium roll character wielding a Zweihander, and A Golden Falcon Shield. This character has high Vitality/Endurance, and can wear most armors you choose. But the Royal Soldier armor with the Lion Warrior cape is recommended. For ranged attacks a Chime is used, equipped with lightning spear, Heal, and Heavenly thunder. Since this build requires some dedication and time to master, it is recommended you begin with a Bastard sword and a large leather shield if you are not used to tanking.
Balanced Sorcerer Larsyano Sorcerer Petrified Something Any High Damage with spells + magic weapons. First thing is first, try to get your Int, Str, endurance, Vig, Vitality and Attunement to 20. With that you will be able to take hits just fine while having good damage and fast casting speed. After that, focus on raising Int and Attunement to as much as you want. Recommended to cap int at 55~ and Attunement to where you feel comfortable with the amount of spells and casting speed you have, recommended to cap at 40.
As for armor, Lion Mage Set is pretty good because of the boost of casting speed it provides. The set can be found in Shaded Woods. For weapons you will be able to use magic based weapons such as Fire Sword as their magic damage scales with Int. The best early staff is found in Dragon Shrine, Staff of Wisdom. Until you reach there you can use your beginning sorcerer staff and upgrade it to max or get the Witch Brunch from the hole in Majula after you're able to make high jumps without getting killed.
Monk/God's Disciple ZaxelBlade Knight Life Ring Any I haven't used this myself but it sounds like a good idea for PVE combat. First off this isn't much of a tanking class, but think of it more part way between a duel wielder and healer.
  • Weapons
    1. Caestusx2
    2. Sword you are comfortable with.
    3. Shield you like.
    4. Archdrake Chime, replace later if you find a better one.
    5. Cross bow or Bow
This class is built around the use of powerwielding caestuses, you can strike quick and fast. Yes the caestuses do start out with horrible damage, however they have amazing stat growth for strength and dexterity which gets better as you smith them up. You will be using both defensive and offensive miracles to round yourself out, the sword and shield is mostly for safety like fighting an enemy who is fast, dangerous, and has high poise to where punching him in the loins isn't effective. The bow or cross bow is for first blood if you like to weaken them before pummeling them or drawing one out at a time. Also the cross bow has allot of elemental and specialized bolts for specific damage types so that might be nice.
  • Armor
    1. Medium armor
    2. Alva Set (For light weight)
    3. Elite Knight Set (for heavier more stable armor)
    4. Light Armor

I am not the best to ask about armor sets, and there is allot of options but this one is mostly up to you. This built is primarily built around powerwielding so dodging attacks is important so medium armor if you want to be able to take a few hits and give them back out, or light armor if you like to zip around your opponents and hit them where it hurts.
  • Stats
    • Vigor: I suggest doing this at your own pace it is mostly if you want a heavier tank like build.
    • Endurance: Not that important use it to get some decent stam and leave it for then.
    • Vitality: Depends on if you want to use heavier equipment or not.
    • Attunement: Depends purely on how many miracles you want to carry around, you can also skip a fair deal of points in this later on if you get the southern ritual rings.
    • Strength: A huge must for this build, get it to 40 quickly and than hold off on it for a while do to lower gains after that.
    • Dexterity: Second place to strength, also get it to 40 and than put it off for a while, helps in nice boosts of caestuses.
    • Adaptability: Up to you, does increase invincibility frames for rolling, and speeds up the animations for consumables.
    • INT: Not really important unless you want to use hexes later on.
    • Faith: A must for this build, it is third place for importance as miracles will help your offensive and defensive fighting.
This is more of an offensive build than anything, luckily the strength should cover any shield you wish to use for defensive purposes. Also it is up to you if you wish to play it more safe and bulk this character up.
  • Upgrades
    1. You're Ceastuses
    2. Back up Weapons
    3. You're armor of choice
In Dark Souls your weapon damage takes huge priority so start with them, armor is also kind of hard to upgrade since there is allot of armor sets requiring twinkling titanite.
  • Rings
    • Southern Ritual Band
    • Stone Ring
    • Chloranty Ring
    • Dragon Ring
    • Ring of Steel Protection
    • Ring of Restoration

All of these are suggestions, it depends on how much you wanna alter your stats. Stone ring is always good though since than you can stun lock more enemies and pummel away at them. Chloranthy ring is another nice one for everyone so you can recover quicker. Restoration ring is up to you, since you will probably be carrying healing miracles around anyways.
Tips: Think about faith upgrades for your weapons, most melee enemies don't have much in way of magic or faith protection you may lose some str and dex scaling but your damage shouldn't be to bad after that.
Pure Caster Tobajas Sorcerer Any Any Pure caster build that relies only on spells. Your early focus should be to get Attunement up to 16 as quickly as possible. Your aim is then to get INT 20 and FTH 20. Your progress should bring you the forest of the fallen giants.
From here progress to the second bonfire, from Merchant Hag Melentia, where you can buy your second soul arrow thus making you have 60 uses. Progress up the through the open passage from there until you reach the room with ballista traps. Progress forward until you can enter a room on the right. Here you will find the spell Great Soul Arrow. You are now ready to tackle the world. Your first agenda should be to leave the forest unless you want to kill the area's boss and/or level up a bit.
Head back to Majula and go down through the tunnel on the right from Sweet Shalquoir. Go through the tunnel till you reach Heide's Tower of Flame. From here progress until you defeat Dragonrider. He is found by going right from the three stone giants. I would recommend clearing the area and pulling the levers to make the boss fight easier since they make the area you fight him in bigger.
After defeating him head upstairs to meet Licia of Lindeldt. You can use her to buy some miracles if you want but the most important part is to exhaust her dialogue so that she moves to Majula. After doing that and head back to Majula and talk to her in the tunnel you recently went through. Pay her 2000 souls to open a new route. Go through the new tunnel until you get to the exit where on the right side will you find Felkin the Outcast. If you have 10 INT and 10 FTH he will sell you hexes but most importantly if you have 20 INT and 20 FTH he will gift you the full Hexer armor set. You might need to rest at the bonfire just next to him. This is one of the best caster armor in the game and will stay with you for a long time. The head will increase your casting uses. My caster with 60 INT/FTH and the hexer chest piece got a bonus +1 INT/FTH. You also get one of the best staffs in the game for sorc and hexes, it has A sorc and S hexes so you should quickly discard the sorceror staff you started with.
From here I would recommend getting attunement to 25 and buy the spell Dark Orb from Felkin and Lightning Spear from Licia. Not only are these great early spells but having different dmg types. At this point you can basically choose to do whatever you want. You can find a Sorcery trainer would by progressing past where you first found Licia and into No-Man's Wharf. but you will also find the Pyromancer flame if you defeat this areas boss thus making you able to cast all four different spell types from this point forward. You will also have a hex/miracle/sorcery trainer unlocked at this point to mix and match however you like.
My end game stats at SL 150 are VGR 11 END 6 VIT 8 ATN 40 STR 3 DEX 7 ADP 8 INT 60 FTH 60 these stats makes my character a beast in both PvE and PvP. You will be very squishy and have to dodge but I have had no real issue yet in NG or NG+ and I can just tear apart anything that stands in my way. You can of course skip the 3 points I put in VIT and put them in VGR instead. You could also lower INT/FTH all the way down to 45 if you want to be at around SL 120 instead. I usually carry all 4 dmg types on me to check the areas weakness and then switch to that specific dmg type.
The Pardoner Matt Swordsman Petrified Something 12+ This swordsman is a reference to the Pardoners of Velka. This inhuman soldier wields two rapiers in the power stance.
Equipment: Wanderer Set/some equivilent or better set (light set) (Straid for cosplay)
  • Cloranthy Ring (get all of these) (stamina regen)
  • Stone Ring | (poise break)
  • Ring of Blades | (More damage)
  • Blue Seal | (PVP assistance)
Weapons: Left:Rapier/Scimitar
Right:Rapier/Sword/Short Bow 2 rapiers for fighting) (eventually get Ricards Rpier from the Copse)
Covenant: Way of Blue (Once I have gained power I will join the Blue Sentinals)
  • Vig: 4
  • End: 8
  • Vit: 4
  • Att: 6
  • Str: 9
  • Dex: 16
  • Adapt: 6
  • (and this) (max at 39) Important for speed. (mostly dex and other stats)
  • Int: 7
  • Faith: 5
Spells: Magic Weapon Spells (not mandatory but, could help things)
Miracles: Healing Miracles (ng+ only)
Strategy: This is a punishment build. I am going to use this to harass enemies that make careless mistakes.
I will do this by useing speed and Rapiers to get quick hit's on enemies. This effective in one on one combat.
When fighting multiple enemies I will switch to scimitars and other swords.
  • 1. When fighting new enemies circle them until I have memorized their movements and then harass their careless movements while avoiding more lethal attacks.
  • 2. If the the enemy is not a careless fighter (very few openings) use a bow to harass from afar until the enemy is provoked into attacking.
  • 3. When possible I should invest in weapon buff spells.
  • 4. This build requires much farming.
Adaptable Cleric Sonic "Joe"
Cleric Petrified something
Human Effigy
130 This is my custom build that I've been using, and it is very effective in all aspects of the game (PVP, PVE). Okay so starting off I will give a rough rundown on the stats that I have set for this build.
  • VGR:20
  • END:10
  • VIT:20
  • ATN:25
  • STR:25
  • DEX:40
  • ADP:10
  • INT:Base
  • FTH:50/60

  • Helm: (Doesn't matter)
  • Chest:ArchMage Robes (Because the resistances you get from it as well as the bonus's)
  • Gloves: Preferably light gloves
  • Boots: Preferably light boots.
  • Right hand 1: Black Knights Halberd+5+fire+Raw (Raw gives it a stun as well as extra damage, the stun is very effective against PVP players)
  • Right hand 2: Preferably Dragonslayer Spear (The heavy attack is very powerful/quick with the high faith you produce, dealing tons of damage and most players don't see it coming because it's very quick, I use it for the killing blow. Please note that if you want extra speed pick up a Katana of any kind and use that fully upgraded, with Fire imbune it slays all.
  • Left hand 1:Dragons Chime+10+Lightning(Very effective with Dragonslayers spear, and heavenly bolt)
  • Left hand 2: Arch Mage Shield with Fire resistance (Most PVPers go for a Fire Imbune so I recommend trying to get your RES up for that. If players have Poison Imbune, you can use your Dragons charm to defeat the poison.
I have been playing this build on my Cleric character and it's very fun and uniquely played out, players cannot take the Lightning damage I produce, and the fire damage players think will kill you does not for me, I leave them running and then that's when you do the Dragonslayers spear Heavy attack! P.S PYROMANCY POISON!!! I almost forgot, pyromancy poison is very effective for using a cleric build such as this one, because while players run for they're heal you can cast Toxic Mist into them, try to lure players into water for lightning damage doubles in water.
Thanks for taking the time to read my build, Ill be making more in the future preferably Paladin, and High End and Int builds for supreme speed and high sorc damages. *SonicLizard*
Sentinel Deathsen Knight Any Any This build is good for beginners that have difficulty with dodging or people that are just too lazy to dodge and want to deal heavy melee damage(me for example).
Weapon: ultra greatsword of choosing (I currently wear a "greatsword+6")
Shield: Old knights shield+ (100%physical def and 70+ elemental) Best heavy armor you can wear.
Secondair weapon: Bow, this mainly for: initial strike, and luring out enemies 1 by 1.
Skillpoints distributing: 1/2 strenght the rest in skills that boost stamina and equip load. (what you need currently to wear your next armor/weapon.
Fight style: block and strike. block attacks, study your enemies attack patterns. when you think you know their openings then strike.
Pattern: Block -> jump attack with ultra greatsword -> shield up, lower shield to recover stamina in openings till full before trying attacking again. rinse and repeat till kill.
preferred rings:

Don't forget to lower shield when safe to recover stamina faster.
Upgrading armor and weapon is also advised.
Always block and take the damage instead of dodging,blocking often takes less stamina off with this shield, dodge is rarely used. There are some attacks from bosses that will instant deplete a lower lvls stamina bar so in that case dodge ofcourse. These attacks often have a long attack animation "charge up".
Keep moving, always keep moving, preferebly to the right or backwards.
Stay locked on. this should be obvious, when fighting multiple enemies and you can't lure them out into small passaways then use your right stick to toggle between the targets and hugg the wall behind you.
Ninja Warrior Kouter001 Knight Any 130 The Ultimate Ninja Warrior Build
  • VGR:20
  • END:25
  • VIT:20
  • ATN:Base
  • STR:21
  • DEX:50
  • ADP:39
  • INT:Base
  • FTH:Base

Main Weapon: Black Steel Katana +10 (Two handed) [Ninja no use shields!!]
Dual Wield 2 x Blacksteel Katana if you're full bad ass
Sub weapon: Hunters Bow +10 with poison arrows
Key Items: any weapons buff items e.g. Rotten Pine, bleed oil, aromatic ooze
Armor: Alonne Knight armor, Brigand gauntlets, Vangarls boots, Thief Mask
Rings: Stone Ring, Dragon ring 3, Chloranthy +1 Ring of Blades+2
A quick yet durable build with high offense. Very fun to play. Works for PVE or PVP. Takes a bit of skill as all defense is based on dodging, but the high armor value does give some decent protection for taking a hit or two if you screw up!
Speedy knightly cleric with a tad of pyromancy Zawndawn Cleric Healing aid 72+ keep the mace when you start as a Cleric (due to it being one of the most powerful starting weapons) use any chime of your choice(best one on hand) and a shield with 90-100% physical protection.
  • Right hand: Chime(any)/Mace(Preferably upgraded)
  • Left hand: Shield of your choice (90-100% Physical defense)/Pyromancy hand
Use light armor/clothing to stay below 70% of your total carry weight (so you can roll well) and avoid over-loading. (pyro hand does NOT weigh anything so don't worry.)
  • Miracles: Best to use Heal and Lightning as soon as you can
  • Pyromancy: best to use Fireball and/or Fire orb when you can.
  • VGR: 12
  • END: 11
  • VIT: 11
  • ATN: 21
  • STR: 16
  • DEX: 13
  • ADP: 13
  • INT: 4
  • FTH: 24

It is not necessary to level up your intelligence and make sure to upgrade your strength and adaptability so you can wield most common weapons. make sure to have a higher attainment and faith to boost the amount of spells/miracles you have and to make your miracles much much stronger. make sure you have a well balanced adaptability, so you can dodge and do common things a lot faster. Never underestimate adaptability. If you are a major Co-op player and cleric make sure to heal and buff your teammates when (A) about to fight a boss (B) about to encounter a hoard of foes (C) when someone is about to die. Always use your roll ability as much as you can, it will save your life countless times.
Rings to wear: chloranthy ring +1, ring of blades, life ring (+1), ring of your choosing
As a warning, this class is very delicate during PVP battles so try and stay a good distance from your enemy and use lightning or a pyromancy. if your enemy is a mage then try to get close and mess with their ranged attacks with your mace.
Final notes: Rolling=life. avoid jumping for loot that requires a forced roll (when you hit the ground and roll without controlling it) unless it has a wall where you roll to. Curse if your worst enemy in this game it forces you back to hollow form and removes a bit of health, its basically like dying. do not expend your ranged magic attacks all at once, if you have melee try using that most of the time and save magic attacks for the bosses. I managed not to die once with this class until reaching the dragon rider boss (lucky hit :l). good luck, and die on.
Dex Build INFINITY AND BEYOND Swordsman Any 12+ Having a Hard time with Dex in PvE? With this Build i want to help you have it easier at any stage of the game.

Curved Dragon Greatsword:If you are looking for a somewhat hard hitting Dex build similar to a strength build, go for the Curved Dragon Greatsword. I really like to use it, if you hit the two-handed strong attack, and the effect of the weapon you will do about 1.000 damage to you enemy if its not a human because you will send those flying with the special attack! Also you stagger close to any enemy with the normal swing of this weapon, its a real beast and in my opinion the strongest dex weapon in the game. Note that you can still use the jump attack without triggering its special attack.
Black Steel Katanas: Dualwielding them gives you huge damage output with fast swings, the strong attack will stagger most enemies. They are hard to farm and if you get unlucky you wont be able to get them at all if all the Knights despawn.
Black Knight Halberd:If you are a fan of Halberds go for the Black Knight Halberd, it does really good damage and you get it way earlyer than the Curved Dragon Greatsword. The Blue Knight's Halberd and the Old Knight's Halberd are accessible even earlier and also very good, don't upgrade the Blue Knights Halberd if you want to get your BKH up because you will be in need of the twinkling titanite!
Hunter's Blackbow: Best Dex bow in the game, does good amount of damage and helps you out in many situations.
Shields: If you want to use a Shield, go with theDrangleic Shieldearly on, its worth the strength and you will be getting strength anyway to dualwield stuff. Don't want to go into strength but want to have a decent shield? Use theLarge Leather Shield. When you have arrived in the endgame get theKing's Shield.
Rings: Take what ever Rings you prefer, although i suggest using the Chloranthy Ring, Third Dragon Ring, Ring of Blades, Binding Ring (situational), Ring of the Evil Eye
I close to always use the Chloranthy, Third Dragon Ring and Ring of Blades. I always swap my 4th ring for utility.
Equipment: Use what you feel comfortable with. I use theJudgment Set.
You SHOULD wear the Engraved Gauntlets! They increase your Damage output by a lot when dualwielding the katanas and are also nice when using any other weapons.
Gameplay & Tips:
- Try to dodge most attacks of bosses! Get 16 strength early on to be able to wear the Drangleic Shield . It really helps against the Lost Sinner and the Ruin Sentinels!
- A good Early Game weapon is the Scimitar and Rapier. If you want you can also DualWield 2 Rapiers which i found very effective. Also Ricard's Rapier is available very early on but it breaks easy but its a decent weapon.Try to avoid the Falchion since it does next to no damage against armored bosses and will make you have a hard time.
- Bows are your best friend. They will not only help you in the Shrine of Amana but also are a helpful weapon in many other situations! Get the Short Bow ASAP and use it to your advantage.
-Need Petrified Dragon Bones? Farm the Dragon Acolyths in Aldia's Keep.
Stats: In the first levels as a swordsman try to boost your Health and Stamina. VGR to 15 and END to 15. Then get your stats for the weapon you want to use. Then push your VGR and END to 20 at which point you CAN leave it if you feel comfortable. Otherwise increase those two, but its not worth going more than 20 into END since there is a break-point at which you will only get 1 Stamina for 1 LvL of END. It is also possible to leave VGR aside and go for END and weapon stats but i really suggest pushing it to at least 12.
At some point, when you get your Black Steel Katanas for instance, its wise to spec into some points of Vitality and Adaptability. I keep both of them around 20 but I don't go higher since its not needed.
Templar   Cleric Any Any This class is very well when it comes to helping other players, due to the offensive miracles Heavenly Thunder and Lightning Spear, as well as the defensive miracles Heal, Force and Caressing Prayer.
  • Vigor: 20
  • Endurance: 10
  • Vitality: 15
  • Attunement: 25
  • Strength: 20
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Adaptability: 4
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Faith: 50

  • Lightning Bolt [x2]
  • Med Heal
  • Emit Force
  • Soul Appease

  • Primary Weapons: Mace, Idol's Bell [Replace both with Mace of Insolent once acquired]
  • Secondary Weapons: Archdrake Shield
  • Rings: Ring of Thorns, Soldier's Ring, Dragon Ring [best one you have], Ring of Blades
  • Belt Items: Estus Flask, Lifegem, Green Blossom, Holy Water Urn, White Sign Soapstone

  • Creighton's Steel Mask
  • Targray's Breastplate
  • Creighton's Chain Gloves
  • Alonne Knight Leggings

  • There is TEN Intelligence as I found that, early on, having the Hex Resonant Soul was very helpful in some early bosses [Scorpioness Najka and The Rotten for example] due to the fact you really don't want to try and tank those two until you have more heavily upgraded gear.
  • You get both the Holy Water Urns and Targray's Breastplate from Blue Sentinel Targray. I recommend saving killing off Targray until you either get max rank in that covenant, due to a few nifty high level Miracles, or are comfortable spending the souls to summon him from his grave. The Urns are a good item to have off-hand as they seem to do incredible amounts of damage towards Hollow enemies along with bosses.
  • Three out of the four pieces of armor can be aquired early on in the game, albeit for Creighton's gear, I recommend trying to finish his Quest Chain if possible [as that is how I acquired it], it's really up to you if you wish to kill him off early.
Solaire Graphiccoma Deprived any any start with Deprived since that is the only character starting at SL1
you can get the dagger at things betwixed and as soon as you hit mejula first drop down the cliff to get the cleric sacred chime, it has a B on electic and of course (great) lightning spear is your main ranged attack. take the road Heides tower of flame. there is a shield halfway in a chest.
next go the usual route to forest of fallen giant.
next to the heide knight there is a broken straight sword. thats your backup since the dagger has poor durability
Kill the heide knight for the sword since it had lightning damage. That's your focus.
as soon as you get the sword get your stats so you can wield it one handed.
next is developing strength / attunement / faith
a little dex for a bow. this might always come in handy. (especially with poison arrows)
you can get the alva set (IMHO best defence/weight ratio) from the merchant in meluja after spending 16.000 at his shop (buy one of every armor piece this is 16.100)
next is getting miracles from the girl at the dragonrider bonfire and later the passageway
when you're faith is high enough (30 i think) she will give you a cleric set. which is not very interesting..except for the headpiece as it gives extra casting.
you should join the heirs of the sun since the ring boosts miracles...and for Jolly Co-op !
shield is a matter of choice. and depending on what weapon you want to wield
with 20 points in Vitality you should have an equipment load around 45% leaving you enough speed and defence
my char is now at SL 135 current build:
  • Vigor: 20
  • End: 20
  • Vit: 20
  • Str. 30
  • Dex: 18
  • Int: 6
  • Faith: 36
  • Att: 25

  • 2x sunlight blade (with the headpiece i have 4 uses)
  • 2 x greater lightning spear (18 uses)
  • 1x greater heal (4 uses)

Main Hand: dragonslayer axe +5
Defender shield
alva set - headpiece
left hand cleric chime (for sunlight blade)
right witchtree bellvine (A on lighning)
  • chloranty ring
  • Sun ring
  • 3rd Dragon Ring
  • Ring of protection/ Ring of blades

i have 15 more points to spend either in dex and use the Black knight halberd
or str / end / vit to upgrade survivability and DMG a little.
Greater lightning spear needs 42 Faith. but using skeptics spice you can lower it.
feel free to add me on Xbox: GT GraphicComa
The Holy Knight ncstonemen Cleric Healing Wares Any Starting Guide: 2 hand the mace and kill Dragonrider, then buy the lighting miracle at the top of the boss arena. you rely on heavy lightning strikes to deal some Holy damage.
you want to get the sword dropped from the Heide Knight in the "forest of Giants", then go out to find the DragonSlayer Axe. both of these deal lightning damage. for your armor get the archrake shield and helmet. then go to a NG+ and collect the Heide Knight armor set. now you have the looks and weapons. now lastly you need to to put your points in the 4 main categories:
  • Vit
  • Att
  • Strength
  • Faith
you can put some points to improve carry weight and dex for weapon usage.
this build is great for PvP and PvE and here is why:
PvE: a lot of the enemies wear metal armor, which makes them weak to lightning, and you get range out of it. PvP: strong damage from your lightning spears, and if they get close the Archdrake shield are gonna stop them from hurting your holy justice.
The Concept Soldier ncstonemen Knight Healing Wares Any The purpose of this build is to make you look and feel like a heron on the box art. As you saw in the trailers (when the player wasnt dying) you can see the gear the main character uses. So these are the items you will want:
The Faraam Armor Set
Heide Sword/Winged Spear
This is the look of the character (make sure you max out the gear for best results)
Now the Stats:
  • Vigor: 40
  • Endurance: 30
  • Vitality: (still testing, but enough to not go above 70% carry weight)
  • Strength: 40 ( this allows you to wield any strength weapon i have seen yet)
  • Dexterity: 30 ( though this isnt a dex build, most strength weapons do require some dex)
Now you have the gear and the stats to back it up.
i have used this build and have been messing with stats for the out comes. Look and feel of this build is just bad-ass. You get strong attacks that are as well fast swings. This by far is my favorite build.
Pure INT Build/Moonlight Great sword Frank The Tank Warrior Any 170 Still able to find plenty of players in PVE/PVPThis build wrecks opponents in PVE and is still extremely powerful for PVP.
It focuses on long-range barrages of powerful magic spells or close range destruction with the moonlight greatsword (Enchanted with Crystal Magic Weapon)
Enemy's resistant to magic get destroyed with the backup fire spells (Still very powerful as Fire BNS is very high with this build)
This builds main focus is to take the min/max stating to the limit, to get the highest damage numbers for pure magic fun!
Type - Starting - Ending
  • VIG - 7 (10) +3
  • END - 6 (15) +9
  • VIT - 6 (15) +9
  • ATN - 5 (40) +35
  • STR - 15 (18) +3
  • DEX - 11 (18) +7
  • ADP - 5 (5)
  • INT - 5 (99) +92 (Gets +2 from helm)
  • FTH - 5 (7) (Gets +2 from helm)
Moonlight Greatsword will have around 610 damage (Before crystal weapon is even applied.
Staff of Wisdom will have over 550 damage,
Pyromancy Flame around 480 Damage.
Mainhand - Magic Moonlight Greatsword +5 (Infused with Faint stone)
Offhand - Magic Staff of Wisdom +5 (Infused with Faint stone)
  • - Pyromancy Flame +10
  • - Black Dragon Shield +5
Helm - Black Hood +5 (Give increased cast speed +2 INT +2 Faith)
(Llewellyn's set is really light, offers very strong stats and looks amazing with this build).
  • Chest -Llewellyn Armor +5
  • Legs - Llewellyn Gloves +5
  • Gloves - Llewellyn Shoes +5
  • Third Dragon Ring
  • Chloranthy wang +2
  • Clear Bluestone Ring +2
  • Southern Ritual Band +2
Spells (10 Slots Free)
These are not set in stone and feel free to change some out to what you feel comfortable with.
  • 1x Crystal Magic Weapon (2 casts)
  • 1x Soul Geyser (2 casts) Boss killer / Large Enemy
  • 1x Crystal Souls Spear (3 Casts)
  • 1x Soul Spear (4 Casts)
  • 2x Great Heavy Soul Arrow (26 casts) General Area Clearer Spell
  • 2x Flame Swath (8 Casts)
  • 2x Great Fireball (10 Casts)
Samurai LunarLycan Swordsman Petrified Something Any

(a bit of a tactical/challenge play just for fun if you choose. BUT if you do choose to play this style you're gonna have to be patient for getting the gear.
Also not recommended for boss fights unless you want to try to be a bossass.)
Stats (at beast):

Vig: 16
End: 20
Vit: 20
Str: 28
Dex: 280
Armor :
Helm: Alonne knight helm
Breastplate: Mad Warrior Armor
Gloves: Mad Warrior Gloves
Legs: Mad Warrior Leggings
Weapons Right hand:
1: Berserker Blade (or any other katana of your licking)
2:Alonne Greatbow
3:Black Knight Halberd
Weapons Left hand:
another katana if you swish (Kobe!)
Chloranthy Ring
Royal Soldier's Ring
Bracing Knuckle Ring / Ring of Giants or Ring of Steel Protection
Ring of Blades
Arrow slot:
Destructive Greatarrow

Have fun. Feel free to change it up to however you like to suit your play style. If you dislike then please continue scrolling down. :)

Sun Bro Heide Knight TheAdsFads Knight Human Effigy Any

This build is for people who want to use a knight build with strong pyromancy. This build will take you through NG and NG+ and beyond.

-Heide knight sword (infuse with boltstone when you can, reduces physical damage but gives extra lightning damage)
-Heide knight greatlance (infuse with boltstone, same as Heide knight sword)
-Hunters blackbow (use another bow early game)
-pyromancy flame (fireball, great fireball, great chaos fireball (NG+2), flame swathe, warmth)
-any armor set you want just as long as you can roll around (preference would be to stay with the imported set just so you have almost no weight)
-Heide knight armor set (in NG+ and beyond)

-royal soldiers ring
-third dragon ring
-ring of steel protection
-chloranthy ring
(any ring you want really, those rings are helpful for the build but it really is your choice)
(In NG+ it's better to get the +2 for these rings)
1st: Strength and dex for heide knight sword and greatlance
2nd: endurance and vitality
3rd: when you get pyromancy flame: attunement and faith (for extra damage on pyromancy flame)
SL 150:
END: 20
VIT: 20
ATT: 45
STR: 30
DEX: 25
ADP: 14
INT: 3
FTH: 35
-I'd say level up past SL 150 because that extra faith will help you with the extra lightning damage on the sword and lance and the pyromancy flame.
-if you level up past SL 150 anything is free game spend points on what you think would be best for you.
-this build could take a while to get used to
-I use the heide knight sword for battles and the heide knight greatlance for Bosses but hey you do what you want to do.
-Heirs of the sun covenant is the one you want to join hence the title "Sun Bro" even though you aren't using miracles (you could totally deviate and use miracles instead of pyromancy but then your level ups might be different)

 High Templar  xii gorilla iix  cleric Healing Wares  

vgr 30 end 30 vit 25 str 20 dex 20 adp 5 int 50 fth 50

right hand weps magic moonlight greatsword+5
black wich's staff +10/ dragon rider bow+5
left hand defender's shield- 2nd black wich's staff-channeler's trident
rings royal soldier's ring +2 third/second dragon ring's southern ritual band +2 4th ring what ever you like
armor full faraam +10
arrows dark and magic arrows
miracle's and spells great heal/great lightning spear/sunlight spear/ sunlight blade/ great heavy soul arrow/ homing Crystal soulmass /soul spear/ crystal magic weapon /soul geyser

Dark Chaos Blade Assassin Kouter001 Any Any  

This is a NG+ update of my previous Ninja Warrior Build. It involves respecting with a soul vessel once you have all the right equipment. You will require the chaos blade at +5 infused with dark.
Stats: Stats depend on how high you wish your soul level to be. I run 175 with lots of Co-op and pvp still so that is viable, but people may want to adjust to 150. I've therefore only listed the minimums.
int/faith: 30/30
Adp/Atn: enough for 2 spell slots and 110 agility (can add more slots if so wished)
Str/Dex: 14/25 enough to wield the chaos blade
Vgr: 30+ (As this is a low armor build you hp pool is your main defense)
End: 20+ Adjust as desired
Vit: 20+ Adjust as desired
Main right: Dark Chaos Blade +5
Main Left: Hunter's Blackbow +10 w/ dark/poison/fire arrows
Sub left: Caitha's Chime +10
Anything that will keep you below 25% eq for best roll distance/speed. I use Desert Sorceress set with a thief's mask (very stylish!)
Chloranthy +1/+2
3rd Dragon Ring
Life ring +2
Ring of Blades +1/+2
Optional Rings
Southern Ritual band +2 (For additional spell sluts)
Life protection (For adventuring in scary places!)
Resonant Weapons(must have!)
This is a very agile build with surprising survivability due to the large HP pool. The unbuffed dark katana does very good damage thanks to the int/faith/dex scaling, but when buffed with Resonant Weapon it becomes extremely lethal.
Use running R1 attacks to first strike followed by quick R1 follow ups. An extremely effective PVP build but versatile in PVE as well. In PvP drop the bow to lower your equipment load even more.

Flaming Sorcerer Selflessturtle Sorcerer Any  

Armor: Wear Hexers hood and any light/medium armor until you can access the black witches set, then wear that except for medium armor pants for the physical protection, I recommend Alonne grieves.
Rings: Ring of Dispelling, Stamina recovery Ring, Right of steel protection, Southern ritual ring.
Stats: Level vitality to 20, then equally level int and attunment until both are around 70.
Weapons: Right :Staff of wisdom, pyromancy flame, magic mace
Left: Drangleic Shield
Spells: Keep balance between sorcery and Pyromancy slots about even. What I am running at the beginning of NG+:
Flame swathe
Great combustion X2
Great Fireball
Great Heavy Soul Arrow X3
Soul spear
Homing Crystal Soul Mass
Soul Gyser
Gameplay: Use mostly spells to kill mobs, either Great combustion, Firestorm, or Great heavy soul arrow. Save Flame swathe for large groups of mobs or invaders, and Save soul spear and soul gyser for boss bursting. Usually consume and amber herb or two before the boss so you have some smaller spell firepower. Be generous with your spells, don't let anyone with physical damage near you, and you will be fine in Magic vs. Magic scenarios.

Knight/Samurai/ Ninja Ryu Knight Life Ring  
  • Armor: Head - Manikin Mask + 10, Chest - Alonne Knight Armor + 10, Arms - Engraved Gauntlets + 5, Legs - Drangleic Leggings + 5.
  • Rings: Third Dragon Ring, Slumbering Dragon Ring(Or Chloranthy Ring +1 for hard fights), Old Leo Ring, Soldiers Ring +1.
  • Right hand: Fire Washing Pole +10, Pyromancy hand +10
  • Left hand: Fire Washing Pole +10 (trading nobody really uses it), Sorcerer's Staff, Drangleic shield(for hard to dodge enemies).
  • Spells: (any of these work) Poison mist, Toxic mist (recommended), Forbidden Sun, Chaos storm, Chameleon, Repair, Flame Swathe.
  • Items: Any throwing tool, Poisons, Bombs ect., Green Blossum no room for cloranthy.
  • Bows if needed, Weapons that can be mistaken for farm tools or tools in general, Normal shields no Great shields besides Gyrm greatsheild on Smelter Demon, Washing pole is fantastic(low durability, so bracing knuckle ring and repair help full, CRAZY reach), and of course Poison Man-slayer +5, Blacksteel katana +10 (strong but slow and short) Claws(Manikin or regular Manikin hard to get).
  • Covenant of Champions for ring(Martial Arts).
  • Tips:
  • Go straight to Iron Keep farm Katanas, use Uchigatana until black steel is max out or for single enemies that are fast.
  • Blacksteel has good scaling in dexterity if you use all top row infusions and bleed.
  • Have high vigor, 25 Intellegence at least 25 Faith. Have at least 32 Strength and 40 Dexterity for maximum dexterity scale and dual wielding and sheilds if needed, At least 20 attunement for at least two spells, good Addaptability and endurance, high vigor(ninjas are hard to kill), and around 15 Vitallity. These can all varry based on you style.
  • Any spell is allowed (Jutsu, but don't rely on it).
Crimson Knight-Errant Ogachy Knight Personal Preference  
  • Armor: Head - Heide Knight Iron Mask, Chest - Alva Armor, Hands - Hard Leather Gauntlets, Legs - Elite Knight Leggings
  • Rings: Ring of Restoration, Ring of Steel Protection, Ring of Blades, Chloranthy Ring
  • Right Hand: Longsword, Mace, Bastard Sword (Optional)
  • Left Hand: Royal Kite Shield (Or Drangleic Shield for preference), Dagger
  • Spells: NONE
  • Miracles: NONE
  • Pyromancies: NONE
  • Covenant: Rat King

This build will not be easy. You will not have the assistance of magic or range of any kind. You will die often if you are careless. You will want to give up. You must persevere. With the help of the Blue, Gold, and White Phantoms, those you save, your skill, and pure luck, you will conquer all that stands before you. Such is the way of Crimson.

Sunlight Paladin USSR Givvornous Knight Personal Preference  
  • Armor: Head - Penal Mask, Chest - Lion Mage Shirt, Legs - Lion Mage Skirt, Hands - Lion Mage Gloves
  • Rings: Cloranthy Ring, Ring of Blades, Ring of Prayer, Player preference
  • Right Hand: Greatsword, Sea Bow (Fire)
  • Left Hand: Drangleic Shield, Black Witch Staff
  • Spells: Great Soul Arrow, Soul Arrow
  • Miracles: Lightning Spear, Great Lightning Spear, Great Heal
  • Pyromancies: N/A
  • Covenant: Heirs of the Sun

For stats, it's almost a matter of personal preference. You'll want to have at least 38 Faith and 20 Intelligence to use listed spells. (With Ring of Prayer) You will also need 15 dexterity and 32 strength to wield both the Greatsword and Sea Bow. Vitality/Endurance must be high enough that you can take quick swings at an enemy and quick roll out of the way. Vigor matters not, as you should be adjusted to dodging every attack by the time you may gain these items.
Long ago, men worshipped a warrior of sunlight, until he met the curse of the undead. The Sunlight paladins carry on the exiled god's way, intervening in the gross incandescence that is the curse of the Undead.

Cleric of Justice Punisher Cleric Petrified Something 125

This is my general build and is pretty good at beating the game.

Soul level - 125
Soul Memory - 1382152
VGR - 20
END - 20
VIT - 12
ATN - 25
STR - 30
DEX - 13
ADP - 4
INT - 4
FTH - 56

Current gear:
Main hand weapon - Lightning Claymore+7, Binoculars (yes, binoculars...lol they allow you to aim spells like you aim the bow)
Left hand weapon - Idols chime, Dark pyromancy flame, Drangleic shield
Head - Saints Hood
Body - Knight Armor +5
Hands - Jesters Gloves +5 (for souls)
Legs - Knights leggings +5
Ring 1 - Sun Seal (miracle dmg +5%)
Ring 2 - Ring of prayer (FTH+5)
Ring 3 - Clear bluestone ring+1 (spellcast speed)
Ring 4 - Ring of blades (PHY ATK+)

Spells Set:
Great Heal
Lightning Spear x2
Great lightning Spear
Poison Mist

Still a work in progress but with good dodge skills this build is very powerful and agile with the Med armor. The lighting spears avg 700-900 dmg per hit and can bring down most enemies in 1-2 hits.

Anarchist's Glass Cannon Build Anarchist26     150

Vigor - 20
Endurance - 10
Vitality - 5
Attunement - 40
Strength - 10
Dexterity - 8
Adaptability - 8
Intelligence - 60
Faith - 40

You want to run a strong Glass Cannon who wrecks bosses and kills players in 1-5 shots depending on the magic used?
Can you roll through most attacks but will sometimes need a shield to block some attacks?
This build was made based on my own understanding of the game, stats, mechanics and whatever made sense at the time. In my estimate, I can say that the build was finished 3/4 into the game, it was wrecking things 3/8 into the game.
It is a monster in both PvE and PvP provided you know how to handle it.
Click on the Build Name for the equipment and spell loadout and additional info but that the stats are provided to the left.

Have fun!

Lord of Lightning and sunlight build Nik nak o Any Any SL:169 This is a build designed to blitz almost every PVE situation and with a little extra push a MONSTER in PVP too!
  • VIG:18
  • END:20
  • VIT: 20
  • ATT: 30
  • STR:20
  • DEX: 13
  • ADP: 15
  • INT: 3
  • FTH: 50 (65 if you want Blinding Bolt for PVP)
Starting class isn't the most relevant thing here because i found the best way to start out is always to just aim for 20's across the board and then respec,

either way this build as a PVE has an immense damage output, if you combine the high faith along with a Throne Defender Great-sword which has been infused with a bolt stone you get a massive S scaling in faith and an almost pure lightning damage weapon that pierces almost any defense in the game, combine this with the dragon chime and its S faith scaling and you will tear any opponent up. (A lightning claymore +10 will be more than enough until you reach the throne watcher/ defender. required stats are identical it just has more physical attack and lower faith scaling)

Also you get a very tasty boost to Flame bonus and with a +10 pyro flame as a back up element along with flame swathe and potentially fire storm, theirs nothing this build cant handle on the offence

As a build mid Armour is recommended but whatever your look is go with it, fashion souls baby!

The 65 faith for Blinding Bolt is optional however for PVP i found because its cast looks deceptively like a sunlight spear or emit force most players roll under the static orb which then proceeds to erupt behind them and cause a massive amount of damage, not so useful for PVE but in PVP, especially tight situations it can single handedly destroy an opponent,

(i was once ganked by 3 people in Iron keep on the bridge and as they rushed me that spell single handedly wiped all three of them out in the above manner)
I'm going to add my exact equipment etc linked to the build name,
hopefully you will all enjoy this build!
Tank Executioner Celtic Chaos Knight Any Any Pure Strength/Dex build that hits hard moves fast and shrugs off hits.
If you are having trouble with any enemy this build makes almost every boss easy. One man army. You'll need an understanding of rolling and counter-attacks. Aside from that it's lock on, get close and circle around then pick your shots. This strategy works for every boss except the Chariot. Sentinels and Smelter is a difficult fight no matter what build you have.
As far as stats go it depends on what gear and weapons you want. You'll want to keep your weight at 50% the fast roll under 70% is not fast enough and you don't have much mobility at 70% so keep your weight as low as you can without sacrificing too much defense.
Gear: Drangleic Armor Set, it's early and easy to find. Later you can use Vengarl's Armor if you want. But the stats below are based off my character's armor which is Drakekeeper armor, King's Gloves and Dark Armor Leggings. If you get enough VIT you could use Alonne Captain Armor Set which is not only high defense but high Fire Resistance. But starting NG+ I reset my VIT down and just wore full King's Set because it was extremely low weight, decent defense and high element and magic defense. As for Rings, Royal Soldier's Ring or Third Dragon Ring would be great so you don't have to put so many points in VIT. Chloranthy Ring. Ring of Blades. Ring of Protection in cause you go in with lighter armor like King's Set or Dark Armor. Should you need Ring of Binding or Covetous Silver Serpent Ring just swap out with Chloranthy Ring.
Weapons: Sword & Shield (2nd slot Dragonrider Bow)- Shield you have a choice of Drangleic Shield, Royal Kite Shield (upgrades with Titanite surpasses Drangleic) but later in the game you will want Defender's Shield it blocks 100% damage and has high magic resistance or you could get Blossom Kite Shield which boost Stamina Recovery. Sword - Again this is up to you but personally I would use the Drangleic Sword (Greatsword) it can only be upgraded to +5 but it does good damage, low weight, fast attacks but best of all the move set is very helpful. When one handing the strong attack is long reach thrust 2nd follow up strong attack is a large circling swing that can hit many opponents. Later in the game you can pick what you want but try and pick out fast attacks with high damage so you can put in some damage against an enemy at the opportune moment then duck out fast. If you get greedy the 100% damage blocking shields will really help you out but remember, if you run out of stamina your a sitting duck.
Remember your stats should match 50% weight so if you don't want as much VIT then put it towards STR/DEX or Stamina. If you go for heavy armor you can cut points off VGR. Just have high STR/DEX. Your points base off what you choose for gear. Although I recommend high strength because the Dragonrider Bow does some serious damage with a good strength stat. The bow really comes in handy, stand back and pick off enemies with headshots. The bow does use a good chunk of stamina but with the ring/sword stamina recovery and lots of points in VIG you'll be able to take out big enemies in no time.
Stats: Level 110 Level: 159
  1. VGR: 40 -----45
  2. END:25 ------25
  3. VIT: 25 -------30
  4. ATN: Base -
  5. STR: 35 -----45
  6. DEX: 35 -----45
  7. ADP: Base -
  8. INT: Base -
  9. FTH: Base -

Strategy: You are going to be getting up close and personal with most bosses. Literally get on their toes, circle around and shield up when they do a wide slash. If they do something that's easily dodged then simply roll behind them at the moment of their strike and take some fat off their backs. It's all about getting in the right hits, never fully deplete your stamina in case you have to shield up. Remember you have low weight and fast stamina recovery so you don't have to rely on block all the time. And with high strength you can really do some damage with that Dragonrider Bow, use that as much as you can. Elemental Arrows are always good idea and go for headshots.
DS2 Slaver Build Xiahou Family Swordsman (preferred), anyone can build to it. Petrified Something 50 Starting out, after you get your gear, the first thing you MUST do is blast through the 1st fog gate in the tutorial area. Make sure you grab the dagger, too. Trade your Petrified Something with Dyna/Tillo. If you get the old whip, great. If not, reset until you do. Then, you have to kill the first cyclops to get the stone ring. Up your dex/str (Dex first, until 20, then strength til 7. The swords you start with both scale on those stats, the scimitar's got a higher dex bonus), those are really the stats you need for the beginning of the game.
Once you can (for me it's after the last giant), equip the whip and scimitar+1 in your right hand and the dagger (if you want, a target/buckler, as well). The build's lightweight and easily killed if you aren't the best at dodging, but dagger + stone ring has a pretty good stun chance (and a really quick light attack...) the whip has good range (and really hurts anything undead including the pursuer), and the scimitar is, well, the scimitar.
Wear light armor, use the ring of blades, bracing ring, ring of steel protection (if you have one. If not, I like the Old Sun ring, or the chloranthy) and ring of soul protection (until you get the hang of the build. Then anything goes). Refine the weapons as you can, a dagger/Scimitar+5 should be acquired pretty early, helps with the low damage output.
White Mage Arsenicknife Cleric Any 130 This build is designed as a pure PVE support spec, modeled after the traditional White Mage job class from the classic Final Fantasies. The upgraded mace and Great Lightning Spear miracle give it enough of an offense to hold its own should trouble arise, but it is best played with coordinated co-op. Combines varied mix of restorative and healing spells, offensive capabilities (Soul Appease meant to simulate the traditional effects of Holy/Banish), and powerful buffs.

Priestess Set (if Female) (+1 FTH from Headpiece, 6.8 wt)/White Priest Set (if Male) (+1 FTH from Headpiece, 8.2 wt)
RH: +10 Lightning Mace (4.0 wt)
LH: +5 Idol's Chime/+5 Dragon Chime (0.5 wt/1.0 wt)
Rings: Ring of Prayer (+5 FTH, 0.5 wt), Sun Seal (Increases Strength of Miracles by 5%, 0.2 wt), +2 Southern Ritual Band (+3 Attunement Slots, 1.5 wt), +2 Clear Bluestone Ring (Shortens Casting Time by 55%, 0.8 wt).


Soul Level: 130
Vigor: 28
Endurance: 20
Vitality: 8
Attunement: 50
Strength: 12
Dexterity: 5
Adaptability: 10
Intelligence: 4
Faith: 46 (52 with gear)

Stat Values

Attunement Slots: 11 (with ring)
Max Equip Load: 50.5 (< 30% burden)
HP: 1014
Stamina: 120

Magic (end goal; early magic will vary with assortment of Heals and lesser Lightning Spears)

Great Heal (5 casts, 1 ATT)
Soothing Sunlight (4 casts, 2 ATT)
Caressing Prayer (7 casts, 1 ATT)
Emit Force (12 casts, 1 ATT)
Great Lightning Spear (12 casts, 1 ATT)
Soul Appease (6 casts, 1 ATT)
Sacred Oath (5 casts, 4 ATT)

Stock up on as many Herbs as you can, as well as Token of Fidelity (which can be gained from successful co-ops using the regular White Sign Soapstone while apart of any covenant except Heirs of the Sun, as well as if you are not apart of any covenant).
Moonlight Battlemage IgnusKnavery Sorcerer Life Ring 150

Moonlight Battlemage - SL150

This build focuses on both spells and melee. Although it centers around the Moonlight Greatsword, there are several other weapons you have at your disposal with those stats. However, even with the nerfed MLGS, it dishes out tons of damage and shouldn't be overlooked. You're killing two birds with one stone because your INT stat is what the MLGS scales from, and you can utilize the most powerful sorcery spells of the game. Crank up your attunement to 30, and you have six slots to utilize. I also take advantage of the pyromancy flame +10. This is awesome if you want to do a little PvPing. These is a great build for those that dislike being a glass cannon and would like the option of getting down and dirty, or sitting in the background and lobbing spells.

Sorcerer Stats:
  • VGR: 40 (plenty of life for survivability)
  • END: 20 (No need to increase more than 20 as it’d be a waste)
  • VIT: 13 (Increased to 13 to allow for Faraam armor and still be under 70% equip weight)
  • ATT: 30 (This increases your spells slots, AGL, and defenses)
  • STR: 18 (MLGS requirements)
  • DEX: 18 (MLGS requirements)
  • ADP: 8 (Leave at base. Attunement will bring you to about 93 AGL)
  • INT: 52 (you can use spices to lower spell reqs for geyser which is what I did here)
  • FAI: 4 (leave at base)

  • Black Helm +10
  • Faraam Chest +10
  • Faaram Gloves +10
  • Faraam leggings +10

  • Third Dragon Ring
  • Clear Bluestone Ring +2
  • Chloranthy Ring +2
  • Ring of Steel Protection +2

  • Moonlight Greatsword +5
  • Staff of Wisdom +5
  • Pyromancy Flame +10

  • Defender's Shield +5
Caster RabbiT Deprived Optional 150+ Points:
VGR: 10 (1094 HP)
END: 10 (100 staminia)
VIT: 8 (50.5 equip load)
ATN: 30 (6 slots pra magias)
STR: 16 :(para shields e armas, recomendo o "Roaring Haldberd") DEX: 12 (para uso da arma e arco)
ADP: 6 (base)
INT: 61 (para uso de Spells e Hex)
FTH: 50 (para uso de Miracles e Hex)

Right Weapon 1: Roaring Halberd +5 (upgrade optional)Right Weapon 2: Sunset Staff +5 (better catalist for Hex)Right Weapon 3: Chime of Want +5 (better chime for Hex)
(opitional: Staff of Wisdom, better for spells but 0 dark damage)(opitional: Dragon Chrime better for miracles but low dark damage)
Left Weapon 1: Draingleic Shield (But trade latter for "Defender's Sheild")
Left Weapon 2: Pyromancy Flame +10Left Weapon 3: NONE or "Short Bow +10"

SETHead: Black Witch Hat +5 (ADD +1 SLOT)
Chest: Liona Mage Robe +10 (Add cast speed)
Hands: Lion Mage Cuffs +10 (Add Cast speed) or Penal Handcuffs (ADD more pyromancy damage)
Legs: Lion Mage Skirt +10 (Add cast speed)
  1. Chloranthy Ring +1 or +2 (for staminia recover)
  2. Third Dragon Ring (UP HP to 1176/ STAMINIA to 112/ EQUIP LOAD to 56.8)
  3. Clear Bluestone Ring +1 or +2 (spell cast buff)
  4. Ring of Life Protection or other.

SPELLS2 Dark Orb / 1 Dark Hail / Soul Greatsword / Great Light Spear / Flame Swathe OR OTHERS.

That Build focus in cast spells, it is too good to PvE but in PvP have low armor and low melee damage. (but 1 combo cast is gg) :D (Xbox ID: gu1s2)
Polearm Paladin Stryker Cleric or Knight Your choice 150

Polearm Paladin

A spellsword type build, this focuses on using a mixture of buffed weapons and ranged lightning spells that allows for two playstyles, a melee focused and a ranged playstyle.
  1. Vigor :49
  2. Endurance: 20
  3. Vitality: 10
  4. Attunement: 25
  5. Strength: 20
  6. Dexterity: 14
  7. Adaptability: 9
  8. Intelligence: 3
  9. Faith: 49

2 things: 1. I'm sure you noticed I did not put any points into ADP, that's because I have not found any use in that stat, though someone could prove me wrong. And 2 . Faith is at 49 because stat boosting equipment.
Right Weapon 1: Lightning Halberd+10 ( An amazing weapon with an amazing moveset, could also be swapped for a more comfortable weapon for you)Right Weapon 2: Backup weapon maxed out with lightning,( tested weapons at the bottom of section)Right Weapon 3: Your choice, if any

Left Weapon 1: Royal Kite Shield+10 ( or an equivalent, I prefer this because of its light weight and 100 physical block)
Left Weapon 2: Lightning Dragon Chime +10 ( a staple in any faith build)
Left Weapon 3: Your choice, if any
Here are some real #fashionsoulsHead Piece: Saint's HoodChest Piece: Creighton's ChainmailLeg Piece: Drangleic LeggingsHand Piece: Hard Leather Gauntlets OR Engraved Gauntlets (More into that later)
Ring 1: Ring of knowledge ( +5 faith and the extra point from the Saint's Hood will allow us to use Sunlight Spear in 49 faith)Ring 2: Southern Ritual Band +2 ( Three more spell slots? Yes pls. Get it from Najka at NG+ or Ascetic)Ring 2: Third Dragon Ring ( Health Stamina Endurance EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT)Ring 4: Cloranthy Ring +2 OR Ring of Blades +2
Spells: Lightning Spear x2 Great Lightning Spear Sunlight Spear Sunlight Blade Great Heal Great Magic Barrier

Weapon Tests: From here, are weapons you can use if you want to use a backup weapon with the a halberd or a different weapon

Estoc: With a Lightning +10 Estoc, and buffed with Sunlight blade, the speed of the weapon and damage per hit is pretty fantastic, so if you want a faster alternative, go for this
Defender Greatsword: A great weapon, use this and you may take out Sunlight blade for another spell.
Mace of the Insolent: No. Bad weapon bad chime. NO
Thorned Greatsword: The R2 is nice, but the weapon is not as good as the Defender sword, use that instead.
Dragonslayer Spear: A good weapon ONLY if you have a specific build, this is not the build.
Heide weapons: Only for early game.
Thanks for reading and good luck! :)
Enchanted Knight
Jack of all Trades
Elektra Warrior or Knight Any 120+ (All links are to darksouls2.wiki.fextralife.com and open in new tabs automatically)
This build won't work early in the game because your skills would to be too spread out to do anything. Just level up a character to 120ish and use Soul Vessel to respec into this late game build. While you're going through the first playthrough collect as many Skeptic's Spice and Simpleton's Spice as you can. Save every one you find, you should find at least 10 for both items in one playthrough. You could reset your souls at level 120 but the higher the better. Personally I started this build at 150 which was perfect.

This build is to give to str/dex melee fighters a little help with their game. You will have the str/dex to dish out damage with weapons, the ability to enchant all elemental damage to your weapons, have heals and ranged magic attacks, the health and defense stats to keep you alive. Furthermore this build will allow you to really see all combat has to offer. Jack of All Trades kind of build. This means any boss or enemy is now vulnerable to your attacks. You'll be able to cast fire, magic and lightning to your weapons without using up resins. It doesn't hurt to have some healing spells, ranged attacks and extra buffs to your character. Like in Dark Souls 1 a melee build could buff himself with magic, you'll be able to do that with this.

Stats: Soul Level 150----------------------Soul Level 185
  1. Vigor: 35------------------------------------45
  2. Endurance: 23----------------------------25
  3. Vitality: 23----------------------------------26
  4. Attunement: 16--------------------------16
  5. Strength: 35-------------------------------40
  6. Dexterity: 30------------------------------35
  7. Adaptability: Base
  8. Intelligence: 10---------------------------20
  9. Faith: 26------------------------------------26

These stats can be changed based on what gear you use. Swap the Strength and Dex around if you choice to go with Dexterity based weapons. I'd recommend going with decent armor instead of caster clothes, on top of that you'll be carrying a weapon, staff, bow and shield (pyromancy doesn't weigh anything) so you'll need Vitality to stay under 60% Ideal weight would be %50 so you can really gain some distance on rolling.

For Weapons: Main weapon: You're choice but I recommend a Greatsword. You'll be able to buff your weapon with elemental damage so try to go for the highest base damage weapon you could use and still be quick with. Here are some recommended weapons from my builds: Drangleic SwordBlack Knight GreatswordMirrah Greatsword Or you could use a Claymore +10 it's really up to you. Although with the higher stat in Faith you could infuse your greatsword with Lightning or anything that scales in Int/Faith and get an extra boost in damage.

Also get the Dragonrider Bow with the Strength and Int scaling that bow will cause some serious damage. As for shields again it's up to you but I like the Royal Kite Shield +10 or if you are good at dodging and wouldn't use a shield all that often you could get the Blossom Kite Shield which will give you a major boost in stamina recovery.

For Magic: Pyromancy will great to have because it doesn't require anything but slots, you'll have INT/FTH to cause some damage if you use offensive spells but you really only care for Flame Weapon you can upgrade Pyromancy Flame if you want to use offensive spells but upgrading it will not affect Flame Weapon. Now for the complicated part you have your spices right? Well get Great Magic Weapon and use your spices to knock off some INT requirement points. If you're INT is at 10 use 8 spices because it requires 18. Regular Magic Weapon would be fine but Great does much more damage. Now you've gotten 26 points in FTH go ahead and use 10 spices on Sunlight Blade which requires 36. Sunlight Blade is only 1 use but the damage it adds is worth it. Especially if they are weak to lightning. Also pick up Dark Weapon there aren't too many enemies weak to Dark but why not have it? With 26 in FTH you already can use Med Heal and Lightning Spear so really just use what you wish. But for your casting weapon there is no other option, you do not want a staff and chime taking up slots and weighing you down. With 20 INT and 26 FTH you can use Black Witch's Staff which can cast miracles, sorceries and hexes. It also has decent stats and upgrades with regular Titanite.

For Armor: I'm leaving this entirely up to you. Armor can change an entire build, heavy armor makes you a tank so you can take damage but you can't move around too fast. Light armor will allow you to move quickly and roll instead of take hits, however you'll be easier to kill if you're hit. If you go lighter armor you can take some points of Vitality and put them in whatever area you need more. Personally I went for medium armor, I mixed an armor set because not only did I want decent defense and low weight but I didn't want my character looking stupid so this is my set (note: I have higher vitality because of this set) King's Set Chest and GlovesDark Set Helm and Leggings . It sounds like a mess but honestly all put together it looks nice. You can pick and choose like a said just be under 60% at 70% you can fast roll but it's not "fast" as it would be under 60% With that and Royal Soldier's Ring or Third Dragon Ring I'm under 45% King's Set has good physical resistance and great elemental resistance. Plus it's low weight. Dark Set has decent stats for its low weight. Together they look awesome.

And that's about it, know your enemy's weakness and apply the element to your weapon then bashy bashy. Increase your levels by what you want. You can go for INT instead of Faith but you'll still want some Faith for Sunlight Blade. Although going both INT and Faith you can always go Dark. Of course there are other spells you might want like Yearn, Magic Barrier, Great Magic Shield, Affinity, Flame Swathe, Poison Mist ect. Just keep adding points to whatever skill your magic is requiring and keep using spices. This build is really my favorite, I literally have no situation where I'm weak against. Enemies that are weak to circling around get hit my blade, enemies with powerful close range AoE attacks get spammed by my bow and magic. Any weakness I have against a boss I simply attune different spells. Is it the perfect build? No but you'll be able to handle yourself pretty well and you'll get to experience all walks of combat. Enjoy :D
Defender's Greatsword IgnusKnavery Bandit Ring of Life 150

Defender's Greatsword Build

This build focuses on both miracles and melee. It centers around the Defender's Greatsword, because there's no other faith weapon that comes close when it comes to scaling. If you meet the requirements and pick this up at the end of your playthrough, infuse it with lighting. It scales S with faith. Raise your attunement to 25 so you can carry a combination of your favorite spells whether it be a few great lightning spears, pyromancy spells, or sacred oath.

Bandit Stats at SL150:
  • VGR: 30 (This will be all you need with the Third Dragon Ring)
  • END: 20 (No need to increase more than 20 as it’d be a waste)
  • VIT: 20 (Raising to 20 will allow you to stay under 50 with light armor or under 70 with medium armor)
  • ATT: 25 (This increases your spells slots, AGL, and defenses)
  • STR: 20 (Raise to 20 for Defender's GS requirements)
  • DEX: 14 (Keep at base)
  • ADP: 23 (With help from attunement, this helps raise AGL to 103)
  • INT: 1 (leave at base)
  • FAI: 50 (level to 50 for the dragon chime and spice your way down for higher spells)

  • This is more personal preference. I maxed Faraam's for my medium armor and went with a mix of what looked good for my light armor.

  • Third Dragon Ring
  • Clear Bluestone Ring +2
  • Chloranthy Ring +2
  • Ring of Steel Protection +2 / Ring of Blades +2

  • Defender's Greatsword +5 with lightning infusion (scales S)
  • Dragon Lightning Chime +5
  • Pyromancy Flame +10

  • Watcher's Shield +5 (It doesn't have 100% physical, but close. It's an awesome light shield and sounds like a bell when you block. What more do you want?)
Swift Tank Slayer Skydrell Knight Any 100+ This is an endgame NG or NG+ build that focuses on strength and survivability.
You want to stay under 70% item burden, best under 60 % if you can afford some more points into VGR.
Raise your strength up to at least 45, so you can equip Havel´s Greatshield, then pump up your vitality and spend at least 20 in end.
Also you want to use an armor that gives you high defence stats while staying under 70 % intem burden.
I recommend the Faraam set +10
As weapon any Greatsword will do fine. I chose the Blackknight Greatsword.
As rings you need the Soldiers Ring +1/2, 3rd Dragon Ring, Ring of Blades and Ring of Steel Protection.
In PvE you can block almost every attack bosses can hit you with and magic, fire, lightning etc. will be reduced over 90 % when you block properly.
The armor will offer you great protection while still being able to use medium roll which is a really nasty surprise in PvP because nobody thinks you still have medium roll having Havel´s Greatshield and the Faraam set along with a Greatsword equiped.
With a bit over 20 end I`m able to hit 5 times in a row with my blackknight greatsword. It staggers the enemy and does a tremendous amount of damage. In many PvP situations I could easily slay my opponents using rolling, blocking and simply slice him to pieces. Especially range builds hardly stand a chance since you simply can counter all of their attacks in one or the other way and finish them off quickly.
If you want you can also use pyromancy and a (cross)bow. I liked the dragonrider bow most so far.
Enjoy this build
Dark Knight Arsenicknife Knight Any 150+ The Dark Knight, not to be confused with the Caped Crusader, is a popular class in many role playing games. With an emphasis on pure-Hex magic and a Dark-infused Scythe, high HP, and moderate stamina, the Dark Knight should be a strong pick for PVE and PVP fans alike. These stats reflect the build using the Scythe of Nahr Alma: adapt it as necessary for use with either of the alternative weapons. Additional levels should be spent on increasing Vitality or Strength/Dex for higher damage scaling.

Soul Level: 150
Vigor: 41
Endurance: 20
Vitality: 20
Attunement: 40
Strength: 14
Dexterity: 12
Adaptability: 10
Intelligence: 20
Faith: 26

RH: +5 Dark Scythe of Nahr Alma (5.0 wt) OR +5 Scythe of Want (12.0 wt) OR +5 Lost Sinner's Sword (12.0 wt)
LH: +10 Dark Black Witch's Staff (2.5 wt)

Armor: Alonne Knight Helm (4.6 wt) Dark Armor (9.8 wt), Dark Gauntlets (5.8 wt), Dark Leggings (5.8 wt)
Rings: Abyss Seal (0.2 wt), Third Dragon Ring (1.0 wt), Ring of Blades +2 (2.0 wt), Ring of the Evil Eye +2 (1.5 wt)
Total Weight: 38.2 (with Scythe of Nahr Alma)/45.2 (with Scythe of Want or Lost Sinner's Sword)

Dark Orb (25 casts, 1 ATT)
Great Resonant Soul (11 casts, 2 ATT)
Dark Weapon (5 casts, 1 ATT)
Scraps of Life (5 casts, 1 ATT)
Profound Still (3 casts, 2 ATT)

Join the Pilgrims of Dark if PVE is your focus (or stay in it after you acquire the necessary Hexes/Ring), or the Brotherhood of Blood if you want to PVP.
Lightning Blade SlashPwnt (X360) Cleric Any 150+ The Lightning Blade is a focus on Strength and Faith enabling you to deal great damage in both ranged and melee situations, it isn't a defensive class in the slightest we're all about dealing the damage. Light - Medium gear keeping your equipment load low in order to keep that dodge roll effective and quick.
You should focus on building your faith as high as possible as soon as possible without sacrificing too many other stats, being able to take 2-3 hits is the required minimum, Having around 6 attunement slots is what I focused on after getting my faith and strength high; more spells = better versatility. Southern Ritual Band can help early game to get those extra spells in.
Hexer's Hood: Obtained from Felkin the Outcast. Gives +1 Int +1 Faith & +1 to number of spells cast for each equipped spell.
Throne Watcher's Armor +5: Obtained from Maughlin the Armorer in Majula after defeating Throne Watcher and Defender he well sell the armor set.
Throne Watcher's Gauntlets +5
Throne Watcher's Leggings +5
I'm using the Throne Watcher's set because it not only looks sweet, but it's a pretty light set for the defenses it brings.
Weaponry (RH)
(Lightning) Dragon Chime +5: Obtained from Darkdiver Grandalh after defeating the Darklurker
(Lightning) Defender Greatsword +5 Can be purchased from Weapon Master Ornifex with a Throne Defender Soul, This weapon utilizes both Strength and Faith to increase it's physical and lightning damage, upgrading it to the lightning attribute increases it's faith gain rank to an S. Not to mention it has a free lightning enchant ability as it's special while equipped in 2H then pressing L2/LT. I keep this weapon equipped in both hands.
Off-Hands (LH)
Slumbering Dragon Shield +10: I only use this shield for it's stamina regeneration effect, I use it with the Lightning Defender Greatsword.
(Lightning) Disc Chime +10: This is a useful shield that is also a chime; enabling you to use miracles whilst also gaining benefits from shielding against enemy attacks. (Mainly for weapon enchants or casting defensive miracles.)
Chloranthy Ring +2 - Increased stamina regeneration.
Third Dragon Ring - Increase in Stamina/HP & weight.
Ring of Blades +2 - Physical Damage increase.
This ring slot is entirely your choice, I'm currently running with Sun Ring for increased damage with Lightning Spears but again it's entirely your choice.
Lightning Spear: Purchased from Licia of Lindeldt for 6000 Souls.
Great Lightning Spear: Purchased from Straid of Olaphis for 13,000 souls after defeating Velstadt, The Royal Aegis along with Sunlight Spear.
Sunlight Spear: Acquired from Straid or from the Sun Covenant after handing in 30 Sunlight Medals
Soothing Sunlight: Use the Crushed Eye Orb next to Licia and then defeat her.(Replace this with whatever you want if you don't want a healing spell, I usually do co-op plays so this is why it's helpful)
Other Useful Spells
Emit Force - It's aoe shockwave effect is brilliant in PvP, especially if that guy is hiding behind that handrail on those stairs.
Great Magic Barrier - When coming against an elemental using enemy this spell can be extremely effective if you're expecting to take a hit from a spell (This saved me a couple of times when going up against the ancient dragon from his air attack.)
Stats (SLvl. 150)
Vigor: 20
Endurance: 16
Vitality: 22
Attunement: 30
Strength: 30
Dexterity: 15
Adaptation: 16
Intelligence: 4
Faith: 50
My Current Stats (SLvl. 257 - A general idea of what you should aim for)
Vigor: 36
Endurance: 20
Vitality: 32
Attunement: 30
Strength: 50
Dexterity: 20
Adaptation: 20
Intelligence: 4 (+1)
Faith: 98 (+1)
Conqueror of Drangleic Swordsmaster any   150+ a well balanced build use it if you want to be able to cast pyromancy spells and still be able to wield all weapons
equipment: it is better if you wear light and medium armor types as this build will be most effective in close to medium quarters so being fast is necessary.
weapons: right hand:1)bastard sword (or any small great sword as they are fast and deal good damage It is best if you equip drangleic great sword ) 2)pyromancy flame + 5 (at least) 3)short bow + 5(it is best if you equip dragon rider bow because it deals magic damage which is the best type of attack to use against bosses note that the bow will not be of great use if you are facing fast enemies like alonne knights and old dragon slayer or multiple enemies as the likes of royal rat vanguard)
left hand:1)mirrah shield or drangleic shield they both excel at defending against physical damage 2) priest chime +5 (for miracles )
spells : three attunement slots are needed: two for pyromancy spells (flame swath and great fire ball if possible) and one for miracles ( lightning spear )
stats: vigor : 13 (you will not need much health as you will spend your time dodging) endurance : 20 + ( dodging a bullet is better than taking it in the first place) vitality : at least 20 ( you will be carrying a lot of stuff and wearing light\ medium armor so fat rolling is not an option) attunement : 16 (you will only need three spells so it is best if you keep it at this level) strength : 50 ( not an impossible feat to accomplish is it?) dexterity : 26 (as I said before you will be using a bow so having a high level of dexterity is always better) adaption : 15 ( for poison and fire resistances ) intelligence: 15 ( no need for more as pyromancy spells don't need intelligence) faith : 20 ( for the lightning spear)
Rings : 1) ring of life binding 2) ring of blades + 1 3) ring of intelligence 4) third dragon ring (or any dragon ring)
MDK Cleric An!mA Bandit any 187 Join Heirs of the Sun asap and enjoy playing god (originally PvE but also rocks in PvP it seems)
Wats Gucci!         This build is focused around the crypt blacksword. You max that (the sword), have enough stats for dark weapon, and RIP S***! The armor i use is to look like a complete badass, I use warlock mask, red lion worrior cape, engaved gauntlets(i like to be lucky), and Flying feline boots (i like to jump off cliffs). the ring very but i ALWAYS have on the clorarenthy ring +2 on...im currently lvl 231 and my stats are really everywhere i guess. I love you all and PEACE DAWGSTAS!
Dark Raegant DarkD3s7r0y3r Knight Petrified Something  

A dark, menacing melee/ranged build, able to use almost every weapon in the game effectively. Is mainly meant for PvE, but can easily hold its own in PvP as well.

VGR: 26
END: 17
VIT: 30
ATN: *base*
STR: 45
DEX: 40
ADP: 32
INT: *base*
FTH: base

Head: Dark Mask
Body: King's Armor
Gloves: Havel's Gauntlets
Leggngs: Havel's Leggings

Chloranthy Ring +1
Ring of Restoration
Third Dragon Ring
Situational ring slot

As for weapons, go for whatever suits you best. I personally swap between a Grand Lance, a Stone Twinblade, and a Greatsword. I use a Drakekeeper's Shield and a Dragonrider Bow in my offhand.

Throne Defender Dutchman Cleric Any 150 Throne Defender Build

Equipment : Full Throne Defender set + 5

Throne Defender shield + 5

Throne Defender Great sword + 5 Lighting

Rings : Chloranthy Ring + 1 or 2

Third Dragon Ring

Ring of Blades + 1 or 2

Southern Ritual Band + 1 or 2 (+2 is best for the build.)

Miracles : Soothing Sunlight (For those nasty 2 on 1 situations.)

Great Magic Barrier

Stats : VGR - 35

END - 20

VIT - 15

ATN - 13

STR - 30

DEX - 20

ADP - 15

INT - 3

FTH – 50

As end result my base damage is around 800 per 2handed swing with the Throne Defender Great sword + 5 Lighting. “With the special ability enabled”
Arcane Warrior Voodoo Sorcerer Any 150+ If you enjoy the awesome power of spell casting, but also want the thrill of melee combat, this may be the build for you.

Full Lion Mage set (each piece improves casting speed for a total of +50 with all pieces equipped)
Black Hood (improves casting speed by 30+ and grants plus 2 INT and 2 FTH)

Clear Bluestone Ring +2 (improves casting speed by +50%)
Southern Ritual Band +2 (grants 3 additional attunement slots)
Third Dragon Ring (improves health, stamina and load)
Chloranthy Ring (improves stamina regen)

Weapons: This is what gives this build its versatility
Right Hand: (Lightning) Blue Flame. This unique sword allows you to strike with the same move set as the Heide Knight sword, except its strong attack allows you to cast magic based spells.
Left Hand: (Magic) Mace of the Insolent. This mace is similar to the Blue Flame in its move set, but its strong attack allows you to cast miracles.

Both weapons scale with physical damage, INT or FTH, which means improving them to +5 and +10 respectively increases melee and casting damage. Both weapons can be infused, further adding to their damage output. Both weapons can be buffed with spells (cast crystal magic weapon on Mace of the Insolent and Sunlight Blade on the Blue Flame). This allows you to deal out deadly melee damage, while still enjoying the ranged advantage of casting spells and miracles without having to switch to different catalysts every time a need for them arises.

ATN 60
STR 15
DEX 15
INT 55
FTH 52
Lotsa Poison TheJoker Knight/ Explorer No Preference   As the name implies this build will revolve around poison. from experimenting around i found that adaptability goes hand in hand with dex and both of those together can really go for a long way.
Soul level - 170-180
Generally you want your weapons to be something fast that can hit for good damage and has something with poison in it. Ricards' Rapier works well with this build as well as a Black Scorpion stinger. any rapier or fast attacking sword works well. the manslayer can work wonders with this build as well. go for a hunters blackbow with posion arrows. while all this posion is great, with the high adaptability this build works very well in both PvE and PvP. your attunement is there for the pyromancy flame. you'll be using.... what else toxic mist and poison mist. for heavy boss (velstadt and or smelter demon) using both at the same time drain the health and make for quick wins. Rings should generally be chloranthy +1/2 for excessive dodging Crest of the rat covenant (dont actually be in the covenant though) for double the poison. and the other two can be whatever you like. i generally for the fasion souls and personal creation wore the jesters robes but anything you can get a 40% or lower dodge roll with works but you might have to raise your vitality for other things. and the rest of it is up to you those are jus the essentials. the best thing to use for PvP weapon wise is generally Ricards' Rapier for the lightning fast Special Attack it gives generally for insant posion provided you have the stats and youve made it a posion weapon. but yeah if you find anything more useful add it to make the build even better.
King Arthur Yoshi121 Knight Petrified Something 152+ This is just a simple cosplay that I came up with, it's something I do for fun and it was TONS of fun. As the name suggests this was a build based around the legendary King Arthur Pendragon. Note that this build is definitely up for debate and definitely can be molded to better fit your playstyle, but must stick to the general parameters.
Vigor: 40
Endurance: 20
Vitality: 30
Attunement: 4
Strength: 40
Dexterity: 40
Adaptability: 22
Intelligence: 6
Faith: 9
Heirs of the Sun: Despite not being a faith build, this works well with the cosplay. He is all for helping his fellow knights and is a very chivalrous character. Don't be selfish, summon your knights of the round table for some jolly cooperation, or set yours down to aid those knights and knaves who need the noble blade of King Arthur at their side. And remember always to "PRAISE THE SUN" \ ITI
Primary/Main Hand:
Sun Sword+10: This legendary sword represents the legendary Exalibur/Caliburn, his main weapon. It isn't infused because I fell it's damage potential comes from it's double A scaling in Strength and Dexterity. It is also a very powerful piercing R2's are devastating to those who aren't expecting it
Mace+10: Not necessarily lore specific, but I like to imagine that Arthur likes to be prepared for any and all situations, and that includes enemies that resist his legendary Exaliber's/Caliburn's slashing and piercing motions. So he carries this mace to hack passed heavily armored foes and devastate their poise with hard hitting striking blows.
Heide Lance+5: This lance represents his legendary Lance Rhongomiant, I chose this because it's not incredibly flamboyant but does amazing damage agaisnt those weak to the elemental strikes as well as piercing. Pull this out when King Arthur doesn't seem to out reach his foes and to throw them in for a loop from the Typical Sword/Mace and board.
Secondary/Off Hand
Royal Kite Shield+10: King Arthur's trusty shield Pridwen. This is your go to item when you defend, without it King Arthur would have to rely on his wit, and timing to get out of the way of incoming bolts and arrows.
Dagger+10: This is his mystical dagger, Carnwennen. It may not hide your shadow, but in a pinch when you need to deal that last bit of damage, it's speed is paramount to saving one's life.
Compound Bow+10: Again, not typical fair. As I said with the mace, this is Arthur preparing for the worst, when push comes to shove, the range of a bow beats all. Damage actually is phenominal to boot.
Leo Ring: This ring acts as a sort of signet ring for Arthur, it also isn't bad when you land a critical hit with Excalibur/Caliburn or Rhongomiant.
Cloranthy Ring+2: Arthur's unending fervor on the battlefield.
Third Dragon Ring: Arthur's perseverance on the battlefield makes him withstand more blows, deal more blows, and increases his equipment load.
Ring of Blades+2: Arthur's unparalleled strength with the weapons he wields in battle.
King's Crown+5: Do I really need to explain this one?
Velstadt's Armor+5: I find this armor very kingly and fits the build really well. People may argue the King's Armor, or the Llewylin Armor but i find those two sets too Game of Thrones for King Arthur.
(ALTERNATE) Royal Soldiers Armor+10: I used this through most of the game and Loved the look of it, it felt very King Arthur to me.
Syans Gauntlets+10: Matches well with Velstadts armor, and I like the look.
In summary, you want to play this very strategically. Judge your surroundings and plan accordingly. If you see archers and they are being a nuisance, pull out your bow and take them out first. Then go for the melee fighters. Fighting a caster? Get your dodge times up and punish them with a quick blow with Caliburn/Excalibur, or a quick jab with Rhongomiant, or punish them with the staggering force of your mace to their face. Always go for a critical whenever you can, due to the fact the Leo Ring boosts the critical of all Piercing attacks. And remember, this can also be PvP based due to it's versatility on the battle field and in the ring. But overall, just have fun with it. King Arthur wasn't some Hoity Toity stuck up King. He was a very generous king who fought honorably on the battle field, and treated everyone with respect, even in defeat. Do not rage if you play this Cosplay, or you're not a true king.
The Holy Paladin BabyNickels Warrior Anything (I usually choose healing wares or human effigy) 200+ VIG: 50 (this can be adapted)
END: 30 (this can be adapted)
VIT: 18
ATN: 50
STR: 20
DEX: 14
ADP: 9(this can be adapted)
INT: 4
FTH: 65
Primary Right-hand: Lightning Defender Greatsword +5
Primary Left-hand: Drakekeeper's Shield +10
Secondary Right-hand: Lightning Dragon Chime +5
Secondary Left-hand: Lightning Disc Chime +10
Head: Saints Hood +5 (for extra casts)
Chest: Syan's Armor +10
Gauntlets: Engraved Gauntlets +5
Legs: Syan's Leggings +10
Rings::Clear Bluestone Ring +2, Southern Ritual Band +2, Chloranthy Ring +2, Third Dragon Ring.
Attuned Spells: Sunlight Spear, 3 Great Lightning Spears, Blinding Bolt (can be exchanged for Great Magic Barrier), Sacred Oath, and Great Heal.
Hotbar: Estus Flask, Life gems, Aged Feather, Human Effigies, Repair Powder, Dragon Charm, and Wilted Dusk Herb.
The Meteor Knight TheHeik Knight Healing Wares 120+ Fluff: The world is haunted by the Cycle. Kingdoms rise only to be doomed to fall. The Undead plagues comes and goes. Even the greatest beings are doomed to repeat the events of the past. But as each cycle ends and the world is at it's darkest, there appears a lone figure who breaks thourgh all opposition, overcomes every trial, and lights the Flame anew.
Crunch: While this build comes together around SL120, it's ideally played at SL 150 or above, so I'll show two lists below, one representing the basics of the build and the second will be an example of an advanced SL150 build (ie. how one could improve on the base build).
SL 120: The Basics
VIG: 20
END: 20
VIT: 30
ATN: 4
STR: 32
DEX: 22
ADP: 30
INT: 12
FTH: 6
Right Hand: Claymore/Any Halberd, Dragonrider Bow.
Left Hand: Gyrm Greatshield
Head: Alva Helm
Chest: Alva Armor
Arms: Alva Gauntlets
Legs: Avla Leggings
Rings: Soldier's Ring (any but higher is better), Third Dragon Ring, Chloranthy Ring (any)/Ring of Blades (any), Ring of Stone
Equipment: Estus Flasks, Life Gems, Green Blossoms, Repair Powder, Aged Feather, Charcoal Pine Resin (CPR)
While this build is primarily PvE, it is perfectly usable in PvP. It's built around 3 main themes: fire, stone, and momentum. While there's a fair amount of overlap between them, the last theme is by far the most important.
Now momentum in this case comes down to versatility. No matter what your enemies throw at you, you've always got to have an effective response to it. Defensively, you can tank pretty much any physical hit on the Gyrm Greatshield, and shut flame damage. What you can't tank you dodge, and your stamina will regen quickly due to your rings and the Alva Set's low weight.
Weapon choice in this case is dependent on the weapons move sets and damage types. Put simply, the more the better. Halberds and the Claymore are ideal examples for this, as they do both slash and thrust damage and have attacks that cover a wide area and can come from multiple angles. The Dragonrider Bow is an excellent choice as a backup ranged option due to its Greatbow-level damage, while it's regular bow draw speed and lack of setup makes it great for shots of opportunity and baiting.
Visually speaking the build is a bit striking. The red cloth of the armor stands out whilst invoking the fire motif, the ridges on the metal armor looks a lot like a lighter version of Havel's Set, giving the rocky look for cheap. The Gyrm Greatshield fits the stone theme well and it's total flame resistance is fluffy to boot. CPR gives your weapons the fiery effect. Put together, it gives the looks of a time-worn warrior who has survived the many Cycles of the world and gained some kinship with the First Flame.
Overall, the build is a lot of fun. It looks interesting, it's not particularly overpowered, the parts can be acquired fairly early on, you'll rarely (if ever) run into a situation where you aren't capable of adequately dealing with it, and the playstyle doesn't get too repetitive due to the variety of ways you can attack.
Now for a SL 150 version (intended for late game and NG+)
VIG: 20
END: 20
VIT: 31
ATN: 16
STR: 45
DEX: 26
ADP: 30
INT: 12
FTH: 6
Right Hand: Claymore/Black Knight Halberd (BKH), Dragonrider Bow.
Left Hand: Havel's Greatshield, Pyromancy Flame
Head: Desert Sorceress Hood
Chest: Alva Armor
Arms: Engraved Gauntlets
Legs: Heide Knight Leggings
Rings: Soldier's Ring +2, Third Dragon Ring, Ring of Blades +2, Ring of Stone
Equipment: Estus Flasks, Life Gems, Green Blossoms, Repair Powder, Aged Feather
Spells: Flame Weapon, Flame Swathe x2
This differs form the basic build in a few ways. First and foremost is the addition of Pyromancy, which not only removes the need for CPR but also gives good ranged crowd control with Flame Swathe (not to mention it cuts chunks out from the ridiculously large health bars of DS2 bosses)
Second is Havel's Greatshield replacing the Gyrm's Greatshield. This is done for a few reasons. A) The design of the shield matches the ridged look of the armor, giving a more uniform aesthetic without sacrificing fluff. B) It's got a more rounded defensive profile, and C) the higher stat requirements consequently boost up the physical damage of all used weapons.
Other than that, the changes are mostly done to fine tune the build and look. DEX increased to 26 so the BKH can be used for both fluff and crunch. Desert Sorceress Hood for the bonus INT and more red cloth. Engraved gauntlets for more stone and crit chance. Heide Knight Leggings for more ridges.
Glass Cannon FeedontheWeak Knight/Swordsman Any 150+ This Class was my First and Last. Its Good for PvE, PvP the works. This Build is as it sounds Strong and fast but Fragile. This built is a Duel wielding build thats the bottle line. so pick one of the weapons and power stance. U can use any armor but try to make it light/ mid light but mine are listed below
Right Hand/ Black Steel Katana/ Rapier/ uchigatana
Left Hand/ Duel weapon from right hand/ a light shield incase of gankers and the Hunters Black Bow
Head Armor- Thief mask/ Alva
Chest Armor- Manikin/ Alva
Arms Armor- Rouge set/ Alva
Legs armor- Rouge set/ Alva

Rings PvP Stone Ring, Chloranthy+2, A Dragon Ring 3rd Preferred, Ring of Blades+2

Rings PvE Ring of Blades+2, Cloranthy+2 Dragon ring again and, Ring of Steele Protection
Mirrah wizard-knight gjjones Best as sorcerer or swordsman Petrified something (for trade) Any This build is best for co-op and PvE and is going to probably die in PvP. With it, try to have a tank to soak damage, while you shoot your enemies, then go up and make them die!! This class should stay at a range and use ranged spells, and bows, until the player deems it right to go in and attack with melee

VGR-It doesn't matter that much, can stay low.

END-You want this to be pretty high, but not as high as ADP or ATN

VIT-Just enough for your armor

ADP-This should be the highest along with ATN

STR-High enough for your melee weapon

DEX-High not as high as ATN or ADP, about as high as END, and high enough for your weapon

ATN-This should be really high, like ADP

INT-Very high, about the same as END

FTH-Useless, lower than VGR

Armor: Pretty light armor, about medium, with good defense

Right Weapon: Binoculars, pretty fast sword or twinblade, any bow

Left Weapon: Another pretty fast sword or twinblade, stave

Rings*: Chloranthy Ring, Dragon Ring, Ring of Knowledge, Clear Bluestone Ring, really any other ones though
*Any variants

Spells: Any sorcery spells
White Archer CrossTail Bandit Healing Wares 113 This Is my first build that I have published may not be the best but I like it.
This build will be focused on using a bow, killing bosses and normal enemies at long range and using a shield and a spear for close quarter combat

  • Starting up: So at the character creation screen I picked the bandit since he/she starts with high dexterity which will be needed to wield a bow properly, you can pick any starting gift. I picked the healing wares, just so I know I wont run out of healing items

  • Stats: You'll mostly be focusing on five of the attributes, mostly dexterity
  • VGR: 35
  • END: 35
  • VIT: 20
  • ATN: 2
  • STR: 20
  • DEX: 40
  • ADP: 5
  • INT: 1
  • FTH: 8

  • Equipment: The armor, shield, bow and the rings will take a you through most of the game before you can acquire them. Obviously upgrade them to the max for the most efficient damage

  • Weapons and shield:
  • Winged Spear
  • Hunter's Black bow- I mostly use fire arrows (Brought from Weapon smith Ornifex) and poison arrows (Brought from Gavlan)
  • King's Shield

  • Rings:
  • Chloranthy Ring +2
  • Hawk Ring
  • Ring Of Steel Protection+2
  • Third Dragon Ring
You can change these more to your taste, these are just what I find the best for this build
  • Armor:
  • Head: Nothing
  • Chest: Heide Knight Chainmail +10
  • Hands: Heide Knight Gauntlets +10
  • Legs: Heide Knight Leggings +10

So that's it, with most bosses you deal a lot of damage with the bow, when they get to close for comfort bring out the spear and shield, hide behind it and land the finishing blow. Always remember to look out for your stamina, the bow takes a lot of it, so be careful switching out to the spear, if it is low, retreat, let it build up again and get back in the fight.
Venenum Crosstail Swordsman HealingWares 106 This build focus's more on poison and watching your opponent's health slowly dwindle down

Works well with PvP too

  • Starting up: So the class I picked was the Swordsman, no real reason just good starting stats. I also picked Healing wares just for the extra healing items

  • Stats:
  • VGR:25
  • END:40
  • VIT:10
  • ATN:6
  • STR:16
  • DEX:40
  • ADP:10
  • INT:7
  • FTH:5

  • Equipment:

  • Weapons:
  • Poison Manslayer +5
  • Hunter's Blackbow +10 (Equip poison arrows)
  • Mytha's Bent Blade +5

  • Rings:
  • Ring Of Giants +2
  • Old Leo Ring
  • Third Dragon Ring
  • Crest Of The Rat.
  • Armor:
  • Head: Thief Mask +10
  • Chest: Black Leather Armor +10
  • Hands: Black Leather Gloves +10
  • Legs: Faraam Boots +10

You wont be using a shield, so you'll have to do a lot of dodging, but once you poison your opponent that should do the job
If you are using this build in PvP once you poison your opponent make sure to stay on them and not let them cure it, once they are poisoned they should start to freak out and try to run from you, this is where you deal the finishing blow.
Versatile Hybrid Challenge Build qilttrip Deprived (but can work with others) Any 160+ This is not a beginner build. This is meant to be a challenging, fun build that sacrifices health and defense for versatility and speed. This character will not reach her full potential until late game, or at least until after delving into some harder areas. This character is meant to keep evolving until NG+ and beyond - it's a challenge build after all. This build is also compatible with fashion souls and allows for any one weapon of your choice and two rings of your choice - it's customizable and versatile in these ways, and others. To play this build strictly, it will probably require grinding and farming throughout most of the game, depending on how good you are. I personally like doing both of those, though, so that's why I like this build so much.
Basically the following numbers are the minimum numbers you'll want to hit.
A "+" means that, once you reach all the min requirements for all stats, this stat is one you want to continue to upgrade further until you stop playing or until you feel like you want to move on to a different stat.
  • *Soul Level
    • Like I said, this build is meant to evolve over time, and it never really "finishes." It keeps improving until you want to stop playing. Although you could probably get the minimum requirements around 160, but it's not like it would be near to being OP at all.
  • Vgr: 12
    • Yes, very low, but higher isn't necessary since most of the time you'll be rolling and dodging to evade damage. This amount of HP is just enough to suffice.
  • End: 20+
  • Vit: 29+
  • Atn: 32+
  • Str: XX
  • Dex: XX
    • For both Str and Dex, choose the minimum stats to equip the bow/crossbow of your choice and to be able to dual wield with the any one weapon of your choice and with Blue Flame and Mace of the Insolent.
  • Adp: 20+
  • Int: 18
  • Fth: 18

  • LH
    • Raw Blue Flame
    • Dark Mace of the Insolent
    • Crossbow/Bow of your choice
  • RH
    • Any one weapon of your choice (preferably able to be dual wielded with Blue Flame and Mace of the Insolent)
    • Sanctum Shield
    • Pyromancy Flame
    • Chloranthy
    • Clear Bluestone
    • XX
    • XX
      • I usually switch between Steel Protection, Spell Quartz, Gold Serpent, and other rings depending on the situation. This build is very dependent on the versatility of rings.
  • BODY
    • Any (moderately light) equipment of your choice
      • This build is not meant for defense, and any light equipment you want works as long as it's defenses are not completely terrible.
    • Long range Pyromancy of your choice
    • Long range Sorcery of your choice
    • Long range Hex of your choice
    • Great Magic Weapon
    • Dark Weapon
      • This build needs the magic and range support that spells provide, along with the extra damage output the buffs provide, and, since the build has three pieces equipment capable of casting and the pyro flame, it's pretty easy to accomplish this. Spells can be doubled up, too, depending on what you like to use.
      • Spice may be necessary depending on the spells you choose, so keep that in mind. I would keep it to one spell, though, since spicing more than that would be impractical because of the farming required.
      • Toxic and Poison Mist are also VERY HELPFUL for bosses and enemies. Keep them as backup!
First max you attacking stats to be able to equip and dual wield with your weapon of choice (I chose Lightning Warped Sword) so you can max damage output once you get it. Also, get your Attunement up to 10 or 13 ASAP so you can use Pyromancy. It's very helpful and accessible early game as well as throughout the rest. As for the other stats, they can be increased in any order you want.

This build is all about versatility. The cost is defense and some strength, but that's what makes it fun, IMO. You will want to be as light as possible without being a total glass cannon since you won't have a shield for the majority of the game. However, you can have some as backup, along with Miracles if you choose to do so. Dual wielding is optional, but why not dual wield when you have so many weapons? Also, it's important to think about what you want to imbue your Sanctum Shield and weapon of choice with since you'll probably want as many elemental attacks as possible. So probably fire or lightning for either. It just depends on what your needs are, though. At least lightning for one, since you won't have spells that do lightning damage (although you could if you wanted). You will be switching weapons a lot, especially late game once you have the hybrids. So practice and learn how to do that effectively.
So yeah. Have fun!
Snipecaster-Battlemage Hawkeye1990 Sorcerer Human Effigy 90+ This build takes advantage of the sorcerer's long-range spells, and makes extensive use of the Binoculars. Using simple sorceries like Soul Arrow while zooming in with the Binoculars, you can land critical hits before the enemy even knows you're there! If the enemy gets too close, switch over to your Fire Longsword and let'em have it!


Class: Sorcerer
Gift: Human Effigy
Armor: Robe Sets + Medium Armor (Hexer's Hood, Hexer's Robes) (Elite Knight Gloves, Elite Knight Leggings)
Primary Weapons: Staves (Sunset Staff)
Secondary Weapons: Straight Swords (Fire Longsword), Binoculars
Shields: None
Sorceries: Soul Arrow, Great Soul Arrow, Homing Soulmass, Homing Crystal Soulmass, Soul Spear, Crystal Soul Spear
Hexes: Dark Orb, Dark Weapon
Miracles: None
Pyromancies: None
Rings: Ring of the Evil Eye, Chloranthy Ring, Clear Bluestone Ring, Silvercat Ring
Restorative Items: Estus Flasks, Lifegems, Amber Herbs
Offensive Items: None

Mid-Game Statistics:
•VGR: 10
•END: 10
•VIT: 10
•ATN: 25
•STR: 15
•DEX: 10
•ADP: 10
•INT: 30
•FTH: 30
Master Dex Build
Swordsman Bonfire Ascetic 100+ Master Dex Build w/ Calculator-Link

Heyo, and welcome to the new dex Swordsman build of infinitous possibilitous. No more dust on that dex build.

(Updated 10/09/year 2015)

For more info, look for the Infinity and beyond Dex Build for Swordsmans near the top of this webpage.
As per armor set, look for what suits you, Judgment is (as mentioned in Infinity Build by (?) ) comparable to the best - however.

Basic Info -
Try hard to manage your regen and Melee/Dex stat approach to combat in the game. Every detail should be focused on.

Survival is based off of the strategy survive and make sure survival is possible. If unfeasible, flee or fall back on previous options. Never berserk. PvE Mostly.

Calculation build - End-Game Soul Level 214+ Keep an eye on seperate function(s) for each stat, focus END DEX and ADP. ...

Build Stats : )

Covenant - Sun Covenant or Other (No Blood blue sentinel perhaps...) Rat, Dragon Remnants, and Victor Covenant up to you really. Pilgrims of the Dark for Lurker/Chaos Blade.

20 VGR - 20 END - 20-30 VIT - 16-30 Strength - 40-60 Dexterity - 32 ADP - Variable - Variable - Default A T T.

Mid-Iron Keep - 20 VGR - 20-(30)-40 END - 20+ Vitality - 16 STR - 60 Dex - 32 Adaptability - Variable INT - Variable FTH - No Attunement

Late Game/End-game - Least 20 VGR - 40 END(stat cut-off ordinary/medium cap..) - 39 VIT (soft-cap) - 45+ STR - 99 Dex - 32 Adaptability - 20+ INT - 24+ FTH (Wepon(s) - 6 (No) Attunement

This build is mostly Hybrid, but (with customizing) it can overpower any complex situation. The highest prize and treasure in this game for this build is how confident you are when you succeed or will succeed with your desired goal(s). The best plan is the patient one; - keep on-track.
Supplied link is very essential to understanding the core build. The expansion build is all about sub- or half-builds that are under the category. Please make use of the items and wiki itself while building up to this build. Anything I had lacked mentioning might be in the link above. Have Fun!
Kicking ass, taking names, im all out of bubble gum. Weapons coming up below.
Link for weapons
Master Dex Build w/ Calculator-Link
Extra weapons grocery souls Retainer's Short Sword Eleum Loyce * Blacksteel Katana(s) * Curved Dragon Greatsword(s) Bone Fist Black Knight Halberd Curved Twinblade (NG++) Hunter's Blackbow (Ranged-***) Puzzling Stone Sword Yorgh's Spear {Misc}---- Berserker Blade Manslayer Darkdrift Bewitched Alonne Sword Murakumo Old Whip Twin-Headed Greatbow/Possessed Armor Greatbow

Swordsman == No Sin == Sun Covenant == [Dust(y)](acious) Name's Dust, Dust.. Bond. HAVEL!!!!!!!!
Raime's Majestic Curved Nil/Bone Fists of Judgment RC-1207 "Sev" Knight (or any) Any 282 Stats:
VGR: 50, END: 50, VIT: 50, ATN: 10, STR: 45, DEX: 45, ADP: 45, INT: 20, FTH: 20
Feel free to adjust if you want spells, etc. I'm personally working on one-handing the Smelter Hammer (Drumstick from Old Iron King DLC).
The Intelligence and Faith are only for the Majestic Greatsword, so I don't see why not take that out and save about 30-35 Level-ups.
Curved Nil absolutely destroys everybody, 500 damage two-handing in PVP. Bone fists because they're fun, Majestic is fun...
The armor and Dranleic shield because of fashion souls, duhh
Really fun build to tamper with, that's really it.
Soul Farmers  LunarianPotato Warrior Petrified Something 72+


VGR: 12, END: 10+, VIT: 8+, ATN: 5, STR: 54+, DEX: 12+, ADP: 14+, INT&FTH:5

Highly customizable build meant for soul farming by 1-2 hitting enimies. Two hand Demons Great Hammer, optionally adding the Old Kight's Shield in your offhand, while wearing Tseldora set. Build is obtainable very early game by trading petrified someting with the birds, running through Majula to get to Hedie's Tower of Flame, killing the Dragonrider, and then farming old knights untill they despawn. Even though this build is meant for farming, it can be highly effective vs. bosses in the right hands. The only downside to this class is that it uses a lot of carry weight.

White Mage BuilPriestess Set (+1 FTH from Headpiece) (6.8 wtRH: +10 Lightning Mace (4.0 wt)
LH: Idol's Chime/Dragon's Chime (0.5 wt/1.0 wt)

Rings: Ring of Prayer (+5 FTH, 0.5 wt), Sun Seal (Increases Strength of Miracles by 5%, 0.2 wt), +2 Southern Ritual Band (+3 Attunement Slots, 1.5 wt), +2 Clear Bluestone Ring (Shortens Casting Time by 55%, 0.8 wt).
Total Weight: 14.3/14.8 wt
Soul Level: 130
Vigor: 28
Endurance: 20
Vitality: 8
Attunement: 50
Strength: 12
Dexterity: 5
Adaptability: 10
Intelligence: 4
Faith: 46 (52 with gear)
Attunement Slots: 11 (with ring)
Max Equip Load: 14.3(.8)/50.5 (< 30%)
HP: 1014
Stamina: 120
Great Heal (5 casts, 1 ATT)
Soothing Sunlight (5 casts, 2 ATT)
Caressing Prayer (7 casts, 1 ATT)
Emit Force (12 casts, 1 ATT)
Great Lightning Spear (12 casts, 1 ATT)
Soul Appease (6 casts, 1 ATT)
Sacred Oath (5 casts, 4 ATT)

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    • Author: @Sanctus
      Build: Lemme solo him

      Starting class: deprived

      40 vigor
      40 end
      10 vit
      6 att
      20 str
      25 adp
      6/6 fth/int
      weapons:powerstanced chaos blades +5
      head:catarina helmet
      arms:engraved gauntlets
      legs:prisoners waistcloth
      Rings:flynn ring,ring of restoration,ring of blades+1,third dragon ring

      • Anonymous

        Autor: @Gustto
        Build : Dançarino Fantasma

        Covenant: No Covenant
        Starting Class: Bandit (11)

        Vigor: 30 Endurance: 30
        Vitality: 11 Attunement: 2
        Strength: 33 Dexterity: 80
        Adaptability: 40 Intelligence: 3
        Faith: 10

        Head: Black Hood
        Chest: Benhart's Armor
        Hands: Black Gloves
        Legs: Black Boots

        Left #1: Bare Fist
        Right #1: Uchigatana

        Ring 1: Ring of Blades+2
        Ring 2: Royal Soldier's Ring+1
        Ring 3: Chloranthy Ring+2

        • Anonymous

          Bare Hand Champion build:

          • Anonymous

            Katana Master build:

            Red tearstone ring for who don't have the Crown of the Sunken King DLC and Flynn's ring for who have

            • Anonymous

              Someone mentioned the link to "Magic User Guide" shows a 404 error . Why has this page not been edited for such a long time ?

              • Anonymous

                Your link to "Magic User Guide" shows a 404 error . Please edit it and I would like to request a Magic and Hex user guide (a mage build that uses both Sorceries and Hexes) , just like the Magic User Guide for Dark Souls 1 . Appreciate it .

                • Anonymous

                  My build is the full royal soldier set with a bastard sword and a longbow, his story is that he was a royal soldier that used to serve under king vendrick, but after the war he was only survivor left and after finding the truth about nashandra, we went to avenge his king.

                  • Anonymous

                    This build can handle just about any threat... the hammer does OP damage on bosses, the pike does safe AOE on random mobs, and the avelyn is a strong ranged attack. The 20 int/faith are for resistances, attunement/agility are for iframes. Dump all your extra points into endurance.


                    ANY starting class, SL 206+

                    Vigor: 50 Endurance: 50
                    Vitality: 14 Attunement: 30
                    Strength: 40 Dexterity: 40
                    Adaptability: 25 Intelligence: 20
                    Faith: 20
                    Left #1: Defender's Shield
                    Left #2: Pyromancy Flame
                    Right #1: Craftsman Hammer
                    Right #2: Pike
                    Right #3: Avelyn

                    Ring 1: Flynn's Ring
                    Ring 2: Ring of Life Protection
                    Ring 3: Ring of Blades+2
                    Ring 4: Ring of Life+3

                    Spell 1: Flame Weapon
                    Spell 2: Toxic Mist
                    Spell 3: Flash Sweat
                    Spell 4: Warmth

                    Wear any armor you like, but keep load below 70%. Use elemental bolts your target is weak to.

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