Mugenjura's Strength is Stronk Build

This build is designed to do some hilarious and fun things with strength weapons and abuses giving weapons other weapons movesets via powerstancing. It has some backup with pyromancy available to you. This build can also do very well PvE as it has access to a large range of weapons.
Soul Level: 150
Recommended Class: Bandit/Explorer
VGR: 50
END: 20-22
VIT: 30-32
those first three stats need not be explained
ATN: base (we dont need actual attunement slots because of the southern ritual ring. It would be sort of a waste to even care about this stat.)
STR: 42 (we need to powerstance some hilarious things, so lets do it! Also allows for one handing some rediculous weapons like the smelter demons sword)
DEX: 20 (allows us a wider range of weaponry, scales for the sunlight sword, required for the dragonslayer greatbow (which you want) also allows us to powerstance things like the zweihander)
ADP: 22-26 (more I-frames is good, faster estus use is good, poison resistance is very good)
INT: base (if you are going Explorer it will be possible to use sorceries, if you are going bandit it wont)
FTH: base (you will be able to use miracles as either class with the ring of prayer. It could be useful say when invading when a spiced down great heal is almost required.)


The equipment you use is almost entirely up to you but the best setups you can use are as follows
Sun Sword +10, A/A scaling, fast, great moveset, can be imbued and buffed. All around a great weapon to use.
Greatsword +10, A scaling in strength, do not imbue this! It allows us to use resins on it to the best effect! This sword is our pvp bread and butter. One shot backstabs for the most part with a decent moveset. However the next weapon makes this sword shine!
Fire Bandit GreatAxe +10, Allows us to get away with 42 strength when we POWERSTANCE THIS ALONG WITH THE GREATSWORD this allows us to GIVE THE GREATSWORD THE GREATAXE MOVESET WHICH IS MUCH FASTER.
Dragonslayer Bow +5, with break arrows this quickly becomes something fearsome. In PvE you can knock enemies prone and kill them via CC or have enough damage behind it to just outright kill the enemy anyways. If you are assisting as a phantom this can also be used to save your charge if they are ever beset by an enemy and are forced to turtle. With break arrows this also allows is to keep invaders in COOP from doing too too much. It also has the canny ability to knock people off ledges.
Lightning Throne Defenders Sheild +5, With this lightning imbued we still get 93% physical damage reduction, a better parry window than kite sheilds, 100% resistance to lightning, and a fun little bell sound when people hit it!
Dark Transgressors Sheild +10, 80% physical DR but the most important thing is the 100% dark DR.
Raw Avalyn +10, a lighter ranged option that will allow us to bring the hurt fast. Faster than the Dragonslayer Bow. While it lacks the stunning effects if DPS is what your after this could be the better choice.
Pyromancy Flame +10, no reason not to use pyromancy ever
Clerics Sacred Chime +10, for great heal when you spice it down.
Any armor works, and I mean any.
The goal for this build however is to be around 69%- and around 1000 defence in each catagory.
The best armors for that are Havels, Throne Defender, Kings Set, and Dragonrider Set. Other armors that can also help are Alvas (in case you need to get your weight lower) Imperious (fashion and functionality, it also has great magical defenses) and the Heide Knight Greathelm (which just has great wieght to defence ratios overall).
Your sheilds take care of energy defences for the most part, what your armor focuses on is making sure that they cant kill you via stunlock and that backstabs arnt instant death.

You want these three rings
This allows us to get away with our rediculous greataxe/greatsword powerstance setup along with 1000 defence in each catagory! The fourth slot is up to you.
The reccomended rings for the fourth slot for this build however, are the RING OF LIFE PROTECTION, RING OF SOUL PROTECTION, RING OF PRAYER, OR THE LIFE RING +2.
If you wish to use the old sun ring and ring of thorns +2 you will need to wear slightly lighter armor.
Flame Weapon, added onto the fire bandit axe the damage goes through the roof
Fire Tempest, can pick up kills in confined spaces like mad
Flame Swathe, its frontstab fishing and can OHKO people who are glass cannons
Great Heal, healing when invading. That is all.
Any other pyromancy you can see a use for.

This build can output crazy damage when powerstancing giant weapons and has a ton of survivability.

This build is terrible for PVP because you are much too slow!

Record so far:
24 losses
This Build is useless for PVP!

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      Come on guys give me something to work with. Been playing 2 runs only using the drangleic great sword... What's your favorite build?

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