Build Name
Starting Class
Starting Gift
Soul Level
Adaptable Cleric
Sonic "Joe"
Preferably Petrified something, or Human Effigy.

This is my custom build that I've been using, and it is very effective in all aspects of the game (PVP, PVE). Okay so starting off I will give a rough rundown on the stats that I have set for this build.
SL:130 VGR:20 END:10 VIT:20 ATN:25 STR:25 DEX:40 ADP:10 INT:Base FTH:50/60
Helm: (Doesn't matter)
Chest: ArchMage Robes (Because the resistances you get from it as well as the bonus's)
Gloves: Preferably light gloves
Boots: Preferably light boots.
Right hand 1: Black Knights Halberd+5+fire+Raw (Raw gives it a stun as well as extra damage, the stun is very effective against PVP players)
Right hand 2: Preferably Dragonslayer Spear (The heavy attack is very powerful/quick with the high faith you produce, dealing tons of damage and most players don't see it coming because it's very quick, I use it for the killing blow. Please note that if you want extra speed pick up a Katana of any kind and use that fully upgraded, with Fire imbune it slays all.
Left hand 1: Dragons Chime+10+Lightning(Very effective with Dragonslayers spear, and heavenly bolt)
Left hand 2: Arch Mage Shield with Fire resistance (Most PVPers go for a Fire Imbune so I recommend trying to get your RES up for that. If players have Poison Imbune, you can use your Dragons charm to defeat the poison.
I have been playing this build on my Cleric character and it's very fun and uniquely played out, players cannot take the Lightning damage I produce, and the fire damage players think will kill you does not for me, I leave them running and then that's when you do the Dragonslayers spear Heavy attack! P.S PYROMANCY POISON!!! I almost forgot, pyromancy poison is very effective for using a cleric build such as this one, because while players run for they're heal you can cast Toxic Mist into them, try to lure players into water for lightning damage doubles in water.

Thanks for taking the time to read my build, Ill be making more in the future preferably Paladin, and High End and Int builds for supreme speed and high sorc damages. *SonicLizard*

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