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Agility (AGL)

Agility (AGL) is a derived stat in Dark Souls II. Agility increases the speed that a character performs certain actions, though the full extent of these changes are not yet known.
It increases how long the character is invincible during a roll and decreases how long it takes to use consumables.

Increasing Agility

To calculate Agility up to 110, use the following formula:

  • When ATN + (3 * ADP) is less than or equal to 120: ((ATN + (3 * ADP)) / 4) + 80.

To calculate Agility over 110, use this formula instead:

  • When ATN + (3 * ADP) is greater than 120: (((ATN + (3 * ADP)) - 120) / 28) + 110.

(ATN=Attunement, ADP=Adaptability)

Effects of Agility

Agility increases how long the character is invincible during a roll and decreases how long it takes to use consumables.

iFrames during rolling (begins on the first frame of the roll animation):

Agility iFrames Seconds
85 5 0.1667
86 8 0.2667
88 9 0.3
92 10 0.3333
96 11 0.3667
99 12 0.4
105 13 0.4333
111 14 0.4667
114 15 0.5
116 16 0.5333

iFrames during backstep (begins on the fifth frame of the backstep animation):

Agility iFrames Seconds
85 3 0.1
87 5 0.1667
91 6 0.2
100 7 0.2333
108 8 0.2667
113 9 0.3

iFrame is short for “invincibility frame,” which is 1/30 of a second. This duration comes from the console versions of the game running at 30 frames per second. Running at a higher framerate doesn’t change the total invincibility duration, but the duration itself is measured in these exact increments.

These values have been updated after more thorough testing. The source for the original values can be found here. The source for the updated values can be found .

For reference, the iFrames of Dark Souls 1 are 9 for slow rolls, 11 for medium, 13 for fast, and 15 with the Dark Wood Grain Ring.

Effects on Item Use

Higher agility allows characters to use consumable items (like life gems and the estus flask) with greater speed, meaning the player is exposed for less time while using such items. At 90 Agility and lower, an Estus Flask takes 68 frames (2.267 seconds) to use. At 95 Agility, it takes 63 frames (2.1 seconds), and at 100 Agility and higher, it takes 58 frames (1.933 seconds). The total decrease is 1/3 of a second, which may seem small, but will often make the difference between death and narrow survival.

Frame-Rate Data For Rolling

Agility increases iFrames drastically, as shown in these videos.


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    • Anonymous

      10 Oct 2021 16:24  

      nobody would have any problem with this stat if base i-frames were 11 and it took more levels to get high frames

      • Anonymous

        14 Aug 2021 07:55  

        welcome to the war zone, brother! Grab your sunny d and be careful not to go too deep. May the sun shine your way!

        • Anonymous

          12 Aug 2021 09:43  

          Agility increases iFrames drastically, as shown in these videos.
          Excuse me what videos or is something in my browser blocking them?

          • Anonymous

            23 Jul 2021 08:34  

            So am I the only one that thinks those equations can’t be right? They have faulty bounding conditions.

            “When ATN + (3 * ADP) is less than or equal to 120: ((ATN + (3 * ADP)) / 4) + 80”

            This is “supposed” to be used for agility values under 110, but that equation clearly goes to 120. If (x) is equal or less than 120, you take ((x)/4)+ 80, which gives you… 120 when x = 120. Doesn’t matter how you got that 120, could be 30/30 ATN/ADP, could be 15/35, whatever, as long as they hit 120 or less after you triple adp. But that means you have an agi over 110, so you use the other equation, but the other equation tells you to have a ATN+3*ADP of over 120, which you don’t. Something is either wrong or explained poorly.

            • Anonymous

              20 Jul 2021 06:54  

              Should you stop leveling agility (adp) at a certain point or should you just level it all the way until you have the max i frames?

              • Anonymous

                06 Apr 2021 12:23  

                just started a new game after a year or two of staying away, running a Greatsword build w/ no shield, so i was wondering what would be a good level of ADP to have without dumping way too much into it?

                • 31 Mar 2021 17:12  

                  After reading all these comments... I'm getting the impression that this one stat might be responsible for the majority of the divide - playstyles, opinions, toxicity, you name it - in the player base regarding this game.

                  If my observation is correct, all I have to say is... why argue about this? If you don't like it, don't play the game, and don't drag others down; if you do like it, then play and have all the fun you like, and don't let others drag you down.

                  • Anonymous

                    22 Mar 2021 23:29  

                    It's good that they decided to take risks with stuff like this, sad it was just so... bad. The game itself is a good game, even if the learning curve is worse. The DLC's are some of the best in the series, only beaten by the Artorias DLC in my opinion. Yeah, it doesn't have automatically ds3 level rolls, but you don't need much ADP to remedy that. It's been a constant argument in the community about whether this game is good or not, and I say... Yeah, but not as good as 1 or 3. The bosses in this game are pretty good, and Creighton's story holds a special place in my heart. The only problem is the "Get Good" community. Toxic players with no respect for people who want to enjoy the game, or ARE actively trying to get good. I don't understand why it's more prevalent in ds2, but... just a warning for any new players, don't let these shitty people make you quit, just block 'em and ignore 'em. There's my two cents on this game, I suppose.

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Mar 2021 17:55  

                      Adaptability is a stupid stat just get used to the slow dodging and slow healing and be untouchable with low agility so you can put more points into strength or int or faith

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Feb 2021 09:27  

                        >be me
                        >500+ hours on xbox, ~273 in PC
                        >long time without playing
                        >"hmmm what was agility?"
                        >see war
                        I played nicely without it, even with shieldless builds... why? why do y'all care so much about it? too much dks/dks3 OP rolling? no seriously, I wanna know the deal with the iframes, you can always learn when to roll, no?

                        • Anonymous

                          10 Jan 2021 16:02  

                          Using the formula above, if you just want agility (and don't care about the other effects of Attunement or Adaptability), just dump points into Attunement (formula only uses 75% of Adaptability).

                          • Anonymous

                            10 Dec 2020 13:14  

                            this whole page is full of cry babies. there is nothing wrong with the agility stat. this is going to sound cliche but get good.

                            • Anonymous

                              11 Nov 2020 23:50  

                              since the i-frame data given here is in 30fps, does that mean the i-frame count jumps by 2 at every breakpoint listed here in 60fps? or are there intermediaries where you get i-frames in single frame increments?

                              • Anonymous

                                13 Oct 2020 11:23  

                                DS2 is BS when it comes to agility affecting healing, this is why it's the crappiest game in the Dark Souls series, healing should be almost instant not wait however amount of seconds based on your ADP, utterly BS. DS3 and DS1 never had problems with healing and using items, hell you could upgrade your health and endurance/agility and you can kick butt, here it's upgrade your ADP and then hopefully you can roll right or parry right and you have to upgrade your ADP to level kajillion to be able to heal properly and not be a sitting duck during a fight while you back away. Hell your roll also sucks cause your ADP is too low and you get caught for no reason. DS2 is so crappy, thank god From Soft put Hidetaka Miyazaki back in the master seat. Please never have the B team and Naotoshi Zin make another game again.

                                • Anonymous

                                  04 Oct 2020 00:56  

                                  Just finished the game with a Great-shield tank and zero stat investment in adaptability. Difficulty wise, game felt the same as when I was playing my agile max-iframes build but still, playing a true tank was tricky at first as I had to rewire my brain to rely heavily on proper positioning instead of reaction rolling. Especially after spending 1200 hours in DS3 witch is the most rolly game in the series.

                                  I like how DS2 took a core survival mechanic of DS1(rolling) and made it a roleplay/build choice.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    21 Sep 2020 03:19  

                                    ADP is a good stat and DS2 is a great game that took big chances. I'm not sure why everyone thinks every character should have the same roll, PvP is better in DS2 than 1 and 2 because of this stat. It reduces 1 shots at metalevel(still possible; just nowhere near as likely) and it punishes one shot builds by forcing them to trade dodge reliability for the damage.

                                    Soul Memory is a fantastic play field leveling mechanic, and makes twinking significantly harder to do effectively. Not to mention that the game has the greatest weapon and armor variety in the franchise. Is the game the best in the franchise? Depends on what you like most in DS games, but if you're here for PvP than the game delivers in big ways.

                                    To anyone that complains that the stat is a crutch. Do you run meta rings? Do you run Meta builds? Are you an IronPineapple or Sunlight Blade build slave? Because there are way to many meta players running around complaining about a Crutch stat for me to take them seriously.

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