Agility (AGI)

Agility (AGI) is a derived stat in Dark Souls II. Agility increases the speed that a character performs certain actions, though the full extent of these changes are not yet known.
It increases how long the character is invincible during a roll and decreases how long it takes to use consumables.

Increasing Agility

To calculate Agility up to 110, use the following formula:

  • When ATT + (3 * ADP) is less than or equal to 120: ((ATT + (3 * ADP)) / 4) + 80.

To calculate Agility over 110, use this formula instead:

  • When ATT + (3 * ADP) is greater than 120: (((ATT + (3 * ADP)) - 120) / 28) + 110.

(ATT=Attunement, ADP=Adaptability)

Effects of Agility

Agility increases how long the character is invincible during a roll and decreases how long it takes to use consumables.

iFrames during rolling (begins on the first frame of the roll animation):

Agility iFrames Seconds
85 5 0.1667
86 8 0.2667
88 9 0.3
92 10 0.3333
96 11 0.3667
99 12 0.4
105 13 0.4333
111 14 0.4667
114 15 0.5
116 16 0.5333

iFrames during backstep (begins on the fifth frame of the backstep animation):

Agility iFrames Seconds
85 3 0.1
87 5 0.1667
91 6 0.2
100 7 0.2333
108 8 0.2667
113 9 0.3

iFrame is short for “invincibility frame,” which is 1/30 of a second. This duration comes from the console versions of the game running at 30 frames per second. Running at a higher framerate doesn’t change the total invincibility duration, but the duration itself is measured in these exact increments.

These values have been updated after more thorough testing. The source for the original values can be found here. The source for the updated values can be found here.

For reference, the iFrames of Dark Souls 1 are 9 for slow rolls, 11 for medium, 13 for fast, and 15 with the Dark Wood Grain Ring.

Effects on Item Use

Higher agility allows characters to use consumable items (like life gems and the estus flask) with greater speed, meaning the player is exposed for less time while using such items. At 90 Agility and lower, an Estus Flask takes 68 frames (2.267 seconds) to use. At 95 Agility, it takes 63 frames (2.1 seconds), and at 100 Agility and higher, it takes 58 frames (1.933 seconds). The total decrease is 1/3 of a second, which may seem small, but will often make the difference between death and narrow survival.

Frame-Rate Data For Rolling

Agility increases iFrames drastically, as shown in these videos.

    • Anonymous

      24 Nov 2018 23:50  

      I don't see the sweat behind this stat... I've gotten by on 86 Agility just by relying on timing my blocks and careful spacing to avoid damage, and I've got my magic resistance pretty high, and I don't even need a Greatshield or Heavy Armor to endure most things. Sure, it is HELL at first, but it's just like learning a different playstyle.

      • Anonymous

        17 Nov 2018 02:57  

        Does carry weight have an effect on iframes in DS2? I know it increases roll distance, but tbh with how I play it isn't really necessary for me to roll further (when I play melee).

        • Anonymous

          12 Sep 2018 07:52  

          they say dark souls 2 is the easiest of the 3 games. and there you have it, learn to do something properly that should be done by the game itself, but no, we have to add a stat that would affect your i-frames and you would as a begginer, had to perfectly time your rolls to not suck like a total loser.

          • Anonymous

            12 Sep 2018 07:48  

            wait what is there invincibility frames on rolls in dark souls 2? because i don't *****ing have any even if i dodge perfectly

            • Anonymous

              19 Jul 2018 11:07  

              My advice to anyone struggling with starting iframes: get out before the swing comes. After you land a hit or two, make some distance before the enemy's attack comes in. I know this isn't always doable, but playing cautious at the start, then going more agressive later on, is a totally viable (and recommended) strat. Not every encounter has to be balls to the wall combat, with trying to dodge through hits. If you go for a heavier build, then you can probably block it and tank the damage, rather than take the full force for a failed roll. What I personally did, was learn to parry. I wouldn't recommend the parry strat to a new player though, as it can be hard to get a grasp on.

              TL;DR Just back off whenever you can, or block the hit.

              • Anonymous

                31 Jan 2018 03:16  

                I love this stat. The best part about it is that a toon with a high equip burden can CHOOSE to invest stats to gain i-frames on rolls and backsteps. In DaS1, there was no choice. You either have high equip/ low i-frames, or low equip/ high i-frames. This stat is one of the premiere stats in being able to truly tinker with a build and make it fit your exact playstyle. I personally never use a shield, and prefer dodging. But I am not putting away my UGS, no way, which needs some extra poise and armor to play well. Well, instead of suffering DaS1's roll, backstep and i-frame penalties, I now am able to play my guy, my way. In fact, I love that I could essentially Perma-equip my toon with even better i-frames than the DWGR, IF I WANT. This flexibility in build design is one of the reasons why I think Tanimura is the A-team when it came to designing a great game.

                • Anonymous

                  30 Jan 2018 03:34  

                  I hate this stat, compared to the first game your character moves like a retarded fat kid; it just really annoys me that they made it effect how fast you use items so glad the fixed this in ds3

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Dec 2017 23:58  

                    Running around with between 100-120 agility trivializes most of the game. Str/adp is pretty hilarious "I'll just roll around and smak you with big fat sword.. NEUUUURRRRRRRRRR"

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Aug 2017 21:29  

                      Horrible; makes combat a matter of waiting for whiffs. Can't get ballsy with enemies and have to treat everyone like a boss now.

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Jun 2017 19:49  

                        IMO: it was a good design choice, it makes you pick between VIT and ADP, the arguments against it make no sense to be but it might be how they word it as "making the player character stronger/more powerful"

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