Dark Stalker



No-man's Wharf



  • Sweeps each arm from left to right. With base bleed resistance it will most certainly make you bleed out.
  • Thrusts one arm forward. Longest reach of any of it's attacks, don't underestimate it.
  • Smashes both arms downward. Does a large amount of damage and in some cases can put you in a knocked down state. Be careful this move can be very dangerous in groups.


  • Dark Stalkers are afraid of light and thus can be avoided by standing next to torch sconces or by wielding a lit torch. This allows the player to keep them at bay to engage or avoid at their leisure. In No-man's Wharf, there is a place to use a Pharros Lockstone which brightens most of the area, clearing the outside path and avoiding must ambushes but causing them to cluster together in the remaining dark spots. Alternatively, if you're looking to kill them, leaving the Pharros contraption alone has the benefit of spreading out most of the Dark Stalkers so that you can more easily engage them one at a time (it may be harder to bait them one at a time when they're grouped up together in the dark).
  • These enemies are incredibly vulnerable to backstabs. You can circle-strafe and/or dodge any of it's three attacks (depending on which one, just strafing with a shield up is fine too) then get behind it for the big numbers. Finish it while it's down, or wait for it to get back up and rinse, repeat.


  • Large, gangly creature with long arms. Has a strong attack that inflicts bleeding status effect.
  • It cannot tolerate bright light.
  • Will go into a "Rage" mode after prolonged exposure to light (either from a Torch or the Pharros lamp), causing them to attack regardless of the light and inflict bleed damage. This usually happens with the Stalkers in the house where Gavlan is found.
  • Be wary when entering Gavlan's house; if you try to hide behind a door the Dark Stalkers will eventually break down the wall.

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