DarkMush Build by Thormush: Starting Class - Sorcerer,Swordsman,Deprived,Warrior Soul Level 120

My build is with sorcerer and these are my stats
SL: 120
Vigor: 15
End: 15
Vit: 5
Atn: 20
Str: 50
Dex: 19
Adp: 8
Int: 22
Fth: 19


Weapons: Right Hand: Dark Long Sword +10, Dark Pyromancy Flame +10
Left Hand: Dark Sunset Staff +5, Havel's Greatshield + 5

Armor: Black Dragon Armor (Dragon Torso Stone)

Rings: Third Dragon Ring, Life Ring +2, Royal Soldier's Ring +2, any

Spells: Dark Hail,Dark Weapon, any

The idea is to use the longsword to deal quick and heavy damage, shield to block damage, and magic to change it up and get them thinking.

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