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Trailer 1: Of Masks and Dragons

Trailer 2: Despair

Trailer 3: Go Beyond Death

Trailer 4: Aching Bones

Trailer 5: Cursed


First Gameplay Reveal

E3 2013 Gameplay Demo and Interview by IGN

E3 2013 Gameplay Demo and Interview by GameTrailers

E3 2013 Gameplay Only Montage by iGBx

Beta Gameplay


Questions and Answers

Beta Review by ENB

Concept Art Slideshow by iGBx

Famitsu's Classes Preview



Temple Knight

Dual Swordsman

Forging a Hero

Behind the Scenes

Original Soundtrack

Full Soundtrack

Soundtrack Playlist

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    • Anonymous

      the white mask from the first trailer looked so awesome. really sucks it didn't make it to the final game.

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