Hey Guys, i just want to share my 2nd pvp build for ds2. It fits the most with my playing style from ds1, thats why i love it; )

Its basically a high dex/agility build, for skilled players, or players wich wanna to get better, while have the chance to suck in some situations.

To the stats: Final Sl 150 - Started as Explorer

Vigor: 40 - many hp are always nice ; )

Endurance 20 - cap, with TDR you will have enough

Vitality 18 - you will have under 50-40%

Attunement 18 - if you just go 1-1 u wont need that much, just FlameWeapon and somthing like G Fireball, but when you want to invade you need the options... at least for Warmth

Strength 18 - for Washing Pole and BK Halbert for PvE

Dexterity 42 - Dmg and dual wield Darkdrift

Adaptability 35 - for high agility - build is based on dodges

Int/Fth 5 - Base



Third dragon ring - is a must (dragon shrine)

cloranthy ring 2+ - stamina recovery (Executioner's Chariot Ng+)

life ring 2+ - max hp (shrine of amana)

What u like - I use Red Tearstone Ring or Ring of Blades 2+ (Drangleic Castle Ng+ Dual Pursuers)


During Invasion:

Green blossom, loyds talisman, Throwing Knife (awesome to finish especially in red tstone mode)

Duell arena: add estus, to drink it before fight^^ no one like heals in Duell...


R1 Fire Washing pole 10+, Fire Blacksteel 10+, or Darkdrift(for dual wield)

R2 Mytha's Bent Blade - for safe critcals (shieldbash, spinpunish)

R3 Any Bow you like - i use Hunters Bbow with Dark arrows

L1 empty or Darkdrift

L2 Blossom Kite Shield 9+ - best shield for use on back and well ressis, all around 70/80

L3 Pyromancer Flame 10+


Head: What you like, just low weigth

Gloves: Engraved Gauntlets - awesome chance for randomly critical dmg!

Chest: again low weigth

Legs: also low weight


My last 25 duels i fight with washing pole 22 wins 2 defeats and one suicide cause of an estus/havel bitch.

As I said before this builds most strength is to dodge, with 35 adp you could dodge EVERY attack even Spins from halberts etc. Dont attack first never have block up, look how your enemy reacts when you charge, sprint R1 and roll R1 are your greatest strengthes, when connect try to get 1/2 hits more. NEVER run out of stamina! You have to be able to dodge every secound.

When fight stunlockers (long swords, g swords) try to punish them attacks to run Them out of stamina and get an easy crit when they hide behind shield.

Casters :P easy as hell timed dodge - and punish ; )

Just use pyromancy, or bow with save distance.

This is how I use this build its Very effective! get used to it and try to train your skills. example I practise 2h parry, no one see this coming

When u have questions, improvement suggestions, or just want a duel ;) Psn Janoses_

Ps: when you find wrong/bad english I dont care cause youll understand the guide! :)

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