Gear for standard build
Right weapon:
1, Lightning Defender Greatsword +5 (Or Lightning Claymore +10 early on)
2 Lightning Dragon Chime +5 (Or Priests Chime +10 early on)
3 Pyromancy flame +10 (Potential to use the dark pyro flame if you spend a lot of time hollowed)
Left weapon:
1 Drangleic shield +5 (Royal kite works just as well, for me its a looks thing)
2 Binoculars (manual aiming for spells, particularly the lightning spears)
1 Third dragon ring (really give me a reason not to wear this ring on any build)
2 Royal soldiers ring +1 (essential if you want to wear heavier armour)
3 Sun Seal (bonus Miracle damage)
4 Clear Bluestone ring +1 (will speed up your casting to over 100 which is very handy)
Armour (this is just the look i like for my character, use whatever Armour your most comfortable with, damage output is the most important thing)
Head: Faaram Helmet +10
Body: Throne Watcher armour +5
Steel Gauntlets +10
Alonne Knight Leggings +10
Vig: 18
End: 20
VIT: 20
ATT: 30
STR: 20
DEX: 13 (12 when you get Defender Greatsword)
INT: 3
FTH: 50 (65 for Blinding Bolt)
This is where the build differs slightly weather or not you pushed faith to 65
SL 169: 6 slots = Lightning spear, great lightning spear, Heavenly thunder, flame swathe, Firestorm, and either chaos storm or emit force.
SL 184 6 slots = Great Lightning spear, Sunlight spear (2 slots), Blinding Bolt, Flame swathe, chaos/firestorm
fight boss

[As an added note, you don't have to stop there, after SL184 i found pumping attunement with every possible level up to be quite beneficial, having an arsenal of different spells really helps in PVP, this build is particularly good at ignoring defenses and stunning opponents while doing it...i mean come on it is a great-sword build too)

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    • Anonymous

      Build has a very rough early curve. Not impossible. Healing spells make a wonderful edition. Until you get the endgame rings, Vigor, Vit, and STR will usually help more then the increased faith. With these stats, I'm still curious if it wouldn't be better to ditch the str and go for a lightning heide knight sword. Very Fun build to use endgame. You nuke everything. I added more Vigor and Endurance for better PvP trades and to make the claymore combos longer. Bastard Sword is a good low level substitution, Heide Knight Sword is a good Sub. With a little more STR you can make the Greatsword work for you. Blinding Bolt is a fun spell, but the windup is a bit long for PvP. I subbed lots of stuff. I also started as a cleric as it saves you 10ish SL over the 184. This build isn't min-maxed, but gave me a great jumping off point.

      • Anonymous

        This is a build designed to blitz almost every PVE situation and with a little extra push a MONSTER in PVP too!

        VIT: 20
        ATT: 30
        DEX: 13
        ADP: 15
        INT: 3
        FTH: 50 (65 if you want Blinding Bolt for PVP)

        Starting class isn't the most relevant thing here because i found the best way to start out is always to just aim for 20's across the board and then respec,

        either way this build as a PVE has an immense damage output, if you combine the high faith along with a Throne Defender Great-sword which has been infused with a bolt stone you get a massive S scaling in faith and an almost pure lightning damage weapon that pierces almost any defense in the game, combine this with the dragon chime and its S faith scaling and you will tear any opponent up. (A lightning claymore +10 will be more than enough until you reach the throne watcher/ defender. required stats are identical it just has more physical attack and lower faith scaling)

        Also you get a very tasty boost to Flame bonus and with a +10 pyro flame as a back up element along with flame swathe and potentially fire storm, theirs nothing this build cant handle on the offence

        As a build mid Armour is recommended but whatever your look is go with it, fashion souls baby!

        The 65 faith for Blinding Bolt is optional however for PVP i found because its cast looks deceptively like a sunlight spear or emit force most players roll under the static orb which then proceeds to erupt behind them and cause a massive amount of damage, not so useful for PVE but in PVP, especially tight situations it can single handedly destroy an opponent,

        (i was once ganked by 3 people in Iron keep on the bridge and as they rushed me that spell single handedly wiped all three of them out in the above manner)
        I'm going to add my exact equipment etc linked to the build name,
        hopefully you will all enjoy this build!

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