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    • Anonymous

      Thank you for this great Website.
      I started playing Dark Souls a few weeks ago and im loving it now!
      Without this website i would have spend many senseless hours in the game, because i would not have the correct targets to play for.
      And i would not experience the whole game.

      Thank you. May your Dark Souls bei enlighted.

      • Anonymous

        Why does anyone buy a game thinking "I'll need a guide"? What is the point of playing a game if you didn't figure anything out yourself? No wonder you all get so quickly bored of games and demand new ones immediately; *****ing learn how to enjoy a game instead of trying to keep up with standards set by assholes. It's a ROLE PLAYING game, play a role other than god.

        • Anonymous

          I just bought the game and looked for a guide on the internet and they have some little changes. How will these afect my game?

          • Anonymous

            I would like to ask if my friend can summon me if he plays on pc and i play on ps3. We both have scholar of the first sin. Thanks

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