Build Name
Starting Class
Starting Gift
Soul Level
Ninja Warrior

The Ultimate Ninja Warrior Build
SL:130 VGR:20 END:25 VIT:20 ATN:Base STR:21 DEX:50 ADP:39 INT:Base FTH:Base
Main Weapon: Black Steel Katana +10 (Two handed) [Ninja no use shields!!]
Dual Wield 2 x Blacksteel Katana if you're full bad ass
Sub weapon: Hunters Bow +10 with poison arrows
Key Items: any weapons buff items e.g. Rotten Pine, bleed oil, aromatic ooze
Armor: Alonne Knight armor, Brigand gauntlets, Vangarls boots, Thief Mask
Rings: Stone Ring, Dragon ring 3, Chloranthy +1 Ring of Blades+2
A quick yet durable build with high offense. Very fun to play. Works for PVE or PVP. Takes a bit of skill as all defense is based on dodging, but the high armor value does give some decent protection for taking a hit or two if you screw up!

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