Petrified Dragon Bone


A large petrified bone. Reinforces equipment made from special souls.
Commonly called dragon bone, but the veracity of the name is questionable. In any case, this petrified bone houses great power.

Petrified Dragon Bone is a type of upgrade material in Dark Souls 2.


Farming without using a Bonfire Ascetic


  • Used to upgrade boss soul weapons.
  • 15 needed to max out just ONE weapon. A significant amount.



  • 1 on a corpse in the Iron Keep after turning off the fire in the room near the Smelter Demon.
  • 1 on a corpse on the broken staircase naer the Pharros contraption before the Smelter Demon room.
  • 1 on a corpse hanging from the broken staircase opposite to the Smelter Demon boss room.
  • 1 in the Shaded Woods, in a wood chest one level above the "Shaded Ruins" bonfire (can be respawned by burning a Bonfire Ascetic).
  • 1 in the Doors of Pharros, inside a trapped chest near the spike walls.
  • 1 on a corpse in Brightstone Cove Tseldora, out the door and right from the "Lower Brightstone Cove" bonfire.
  • 1 from the blue crystal lizard in Brightstone Cove Tseldora near the "Chapel Threshold" bonfire.
  • 1 on a corpse in Lost Bastille, in the room next to the Straid's Cell bonfire room (requires the Bastille Key to open the room).
  • 1 in a chest in one of the side rooms with the Warrior Giants below Black Gulch.
  • 1 on the corpse before the Looking Glass Knight boss room, in the passageway with Stone Knights.
  • 1 in the Shrine of Amana, after the third bonfire lying in the water.
  • 1 in the Undead Crypt, in the first room past the second bonfire on the ground.
  • 1 on the ground, in a bush just after and left of the gate before Aldia's Keep, near the first bonfire. Right where you get attacked by the rat-dog things who try to petrify you.
  • 1 after the skeleton dragon in Aldia's Keep in the mirror gallery behind the stairway.
  • 1 in the pool of corrosive acid past the second bonfire Aldia's Keep. (Farm this one as you farm Dragon Scale and Soul Geyser).
  • 2 can be found on corpses in the Dragon Aerie. The treasure is behind the dragon eggs on the path to the right before the second wyvern (it is also worth noting that it is possible to farm the crystal lizards in the area for the bones as they frequently drop them, however, this requires the use of bonfire ascetics).
  • 3 in Dragon's Sanctum in the hallway with the repeating arrow trap after hitting the switch on the ceiling.
  • 8 can be found in an iron chest in Brume Tower behind a breakable wall in the room past the Foyer Bonfire by blowing up a barrel kobold near it.
  • 2 can be found on a corpse in the tower where you retrieve the Scorching Iron Scepter.
  • 3 can be purchased from Stone trader Chloanne for 17500 each (after obtaining the King's Ring).
  • Possible trade for Petrified Something, Smooth & Silky Stone, or Small Smooth & Silky Stone from Dyna and Tillo at Things Betwixt;

Drops from


Farming with Bonfire Ascetics:

  • 3 Petrified Dragon Bone in addition to 3 Twinkling Titanite can be farmed indefinitely in Dragon's Sanctum by using a bonfire ascetic on the Tower of Prayer bonfire then making your way to the wooden chest after the spike trap room while making sure to pick up the bonfire ascetic in another wooden chest along the way. This method requires only a single bonfire ascetic to start and will replenish itself each run. The enemies on this run are very susceptible to Yearn / Alluring Skulls, which can make the trip much more efficient on higher bonfire intensities. The Bonfire Ascetic doesn't respawn in Scholar of the First Sin).
  • Alternatively, the Lair of the Imperfect bonfire in Dragon's Sanctum, although not infinite, this route provides 3 Petrified Dragon Bones, Human Effigy, Dried Root, a duplicate of Drakeblood Greatsword and more drops from The Imperfect.
  • Also, you can try farming the lizards at Dragon Aerie (and a corpse outside near the 2nd dragon has 2 bones every time). The Dragons have a chance to drop Bones. 


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    • Anonymous

      26 Aug 2021 19:02  

      Its a slow farming strat but really easy and good, all you'll need is 1 bonfire ascetic and 2 branches. Once you go through the entire area back where the basilisk is there is 2 petrified hollows if you unpetrify the right one he always drops 2 bonfire ascetics and the one on the left drops 2 Elizabeth mushrooms and 2 wilted dusk herbs. right under there there is the mirror room go to the middle mirror and get the soul of a brave warrior i believe, and on the left behind a pillar there is a petrified dragon bone and northern ritual band +2, get all that and warp back to the ForeGarden bonfire, and go out of the shed and on the left in grass patches there is a petrified dragon bone and soul of a nameless soldier. It is very slow but super easy and relatively short but you can do it forever because you get 1 bonfire ascetic each run guaranteed to keep.

      • Anonymous

        03 Aug 2021 16:37  

        I just checked the room with all the stone knights and there was a petrified something but not a petrified dragon bone

        • Anonymous

          07 Jul 2021 02:08  

          GUARANTEED pdb farm in sotfs(along with some other goodies) :
          In aldias keep room with bone dragon, there's 2 petrified hollows (near the giant basilisk i think). One of them drops 2 ascetics and the other drops some shrooms and herbs. I forgot which drops which so might as well unpetrify both.
          Meanwhile in the area under that, the one with the mirror knights, there's a corpse with a petrified dragon bone and northern ritual band+2. The cycle is like giant lord. Snatch the bone, kill the 2 hollows, burn ascetic, rinse and repeat.

          • Anonymous

            11 Dec 2020 11:15  

            For everyone talking about the imperfect being hard, back up to the door, they cant get in. Use a bow (i used hunters black bow and high dex build) just move away from their projectiles, its been awhile but i believe you can stand in a spot and they wont even hit you

            • Anonymous

              21 Aug 2020 21:57  

              I never thought I would see the day, when I was playing Dark Souls and be pissed that I got a slab drop rather than a dragon bone. In one hour, 19 slabs, 4 dragon bones, 6 scales. I was just lookin for the bones.

              • Anonymous

                21 Aug 2020 21:50  

                For a hexer, farming these things is not that bad, after you get there attacks figured out, but still, the slightest misstep and you are done. On new game, in the CoC, with a hexer build, you can poison the one closest to the bonfire with 2 casts of Dark Fog, then hit them with 3 dark greatsword casts. They are very weak to dark and also weak to strike, so if you have a strike weapon buffed with dark in your right hand, and your sunset staff in the left and you open up with dark fog, you can strafe to the right and if you have them poisoned and land all your dark greatswords in the face, you can farm them quickly. Lots of scales, lots of bones, and lots of slabs, however, slabs are much more easily farmed from the stone soldiers that you can one shot. I would not recommend farming these after NG +1, unless you're that dead nasty. The hardest part is that you are not able to roll fast and move well in the water. And remember, just kill the one closest to the bonfire and reset, you will be able to farm much faster that way.

                • Anonymous

                  29 Jul 2020 04:53  

                  The easiest way to farm these were the Imperfect in Shulva. I farmed them to get Dragon Scales but I got so many Dragon Bones and Titanite slabs as well. But I think I never got Twinkling Titanite, I'm Playing Sotfs. The bad thing is, I'm in NG+3 and these guy***** HARD! I have the most HP you can get by 99 Vigor, 50 in all stats, etc. But Damn, these guy***** hard and their lingering hitboxes when they jump or stomp are the most dangerous. Also watch out to not get ganked, they are a pain and annoying when in groups. So, in early NG Cycles, they're good, later on... Not so much. Have fun at your own risk. But it's better than burning Ascetics imo.

                  • 12 May 2020 21:35  

                    Go to aldia's keep, unpetrifiy the hollow with the two ascetics but don't unfreeze the ogre, join the company. Use the ascetic at aldia's, grab the dragon bone, and go kill the guy with the ascetic and repeat This will yield infinite ascetics and dragon bones. You're welcome.

                    • Anonymous

                      14 Jul 2019 15:08  

                      after all this time still no one mentioned the dragon bone that is in SOtFS version next to straid of olafis on the next cell that requires you to beat ruin sentinel to get the key next to breakable barrels on the ledge, it replaces an item from vanilla ds 2 that was fire seed or something been too long since ive played vanilla ds 2

                      • Anonymous

                        11 Feb 2019 15:10  

                        Aldia's Keep seems good for this, from the second bonfire near the acid pool. There is a mimic in the room with the warlock / gargoyle / hammer bros that drops a bonfire ascetic, the hammer bros have a chance of dropping a petrified dragon bone, and the caged area with the acid has a respawning body with a dragon bone. Pretty good farming spot. You're guaranteed at least 1 per ascetic, and will likely get 5+ (and a lot of souls) if you farm the acolytes + gargoyle + warlock until they're all dead. I take down the warlock and gargoyle with poison arrows and just greatsword spam the acolytes.

                        • Anonymous

                          06 Jul 2018 04:28  

                          Missed one in the drangleic castle. Its in the room right before the forgotten chamber bonfire right next to the nashandra portrait that curses you.

                          • Anonymous

                            03 Jun 2018 18:50  

                            Ascetic farming method on tower of prayer bonfire is relevant only in vanilla version of the game. I believe in sotfs it was fixed by replacing wooden chests with metal ones

                            • Anonymous

                              10 May 2018 11:42  

                              Jesus. I take my comment back. Hes just not explaining it right. The spike trap room he mentioned is the one where the spikes come through the walls on the stairs, there are 2 wooden chests that do respawn.

                              • Anonymous

                                10 May 2018 11:30  

                                THANKS ASSHOLE.

                                • Anonymous

                                  06 Apr 2017 04:24  

                                  The easiest way to farm these Petrified Dragon Bones is, i believe, is in Dragon Aerie. Yes, you have to burn Bonfire Ascetic every time, but in the first "cave" you go into, there is everytime new Bonfire Ascetic on the first corpse. In first Wyvern nest, on the right side is the first one (dropped from Crystal Lyzard). Two more bones on right side before you enter second Wyvern nest on corpse and one more is dropped from one Crystal Lyzard in the second Wyvern nest. So its 4 Petrified Dragon Bones almost for free.

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