Golden Wing Shield

A sort of Crest Bearing shield without much heraldry aside from the creature depicted upon it. It is seen being used by the player character in the
Green Crest Shield
Green Crest Shield

demo and is likely supposed to be the Crest Shield of Dark Souls 2. It bears an eagle upon its center with wings spread out wide.

Soldier Shield

A sort of wooden or perhaps bronzed shield that is small. It looks to be of a standard design among soldiers in ancient warfare.

Sacred Bell

The Bell Shield is a shield that has very poor defense against physical attacks with moderate defense against magical sources. It is small and round with the design of a multi-part bell within the center of it. Slightly reminiscent of the Rune Shield from Demon's Souls in design, this shield is said to boost miracles cast while wielding it. This may also extend to the casting of Sorceries since the Sorcerer is the class seen to be wielding it. It is also believed that this shield will double as a talisman.
Soldier Shield
Soldier Shield

Shield Design Contest Winners


Wicked Eye Greatshield

This heavy shield has been faithfully created by blacksmiths from Armedia. The eyed hand in the middle has been cut from a piece of wood and carved with stunning details. A greatshield with an unsettling design. Covered in the prints of countless hands. The true origins of this shield is unknown. No amount of polishing can clear its face of the mysterious hand prints.


Rebel's Greatshield

This heavy shield displays a magnificent embossed crow figure. Each detail has been created by skilled and precise hammering by the blacksmiths of Armedia. Shield of the Rebel Raime. Raime and Velstadt were known as the left and right-arms of the king. Until their wills clashed, and Raime was deemed a traitor.

Phoenix Parma

Forged by blacksmith Armedia, this round shield radiates with the power of the phoenix. The figure of the mythical bird has been cut from a metal sheet and bent to fit the shape of the shield frame. Greatshield of the king's loyal knight Syan. The king commissioned this greatshield specifically for his loyal knight. Buy Syan met his demise before its completion.

Watchdragon Parma

A shield decorated by intertwined dragons. The black and white contrast depicts the ebb and flow of the fate of all things living, and the serpentine dragons that watch over the march of time.

Blossom Kite Shield

A rare shield depicting a blossoming flower, that soothes the weary heart of its bearer. What makes flowers beautiful and why are we comforted when we gaze upon them? Sadly the flower depicted in this shield went extinct long ago.

Possible shields in DS2.
Shield design contest winners

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