*Unless specified, all names and item classifications below are unofficial placeholders based on conjecture*

Dragonslayer's Crescent Axe
Bearded Axe
Bearded Axe

It is currently known that some sort of Bearded Axe similar to the Danish Axe. It is seen in screenshots and the Gameplay Reveal. This axe is believed to be called the Dragonslayer's Crescent Axe.

Composite Bow

It is currently known that some sort of Composite Bow will be in game.
E3 gameplay trailer seemed to show an ice arrow. These may be able to slow down or completely immobilize enemies.

Parrying Dagger

Parrying Dagger
Parrying Dagger

It is currently known that some sort of Parrying Dagger will be in game.

Royal Dirk

A small dirk, a dagger like weapon, that looks like it belongs to a noble.

Small Thrusting Sword

In a screenshot is a sort of short thrusting sword which is very thin with a thin cross guard.


A large Ultra Greatsword withe a flat piece that is designed in real life above the cross guard so that one can more easily control the weapon.

Pursuer's Greatsword

The ultra greatsword seen in demos, it is very slow moving but provides poise when swinging and hits hard. So far it seems to be a starting weapon for the Warrior class.

Knight's Greatsword

What appears to be the smallest variant of ultra greatsword.

Bastard Sword

A greatsword that is larger than a normal sword but not quite as large as an ultra greatsword.


A greatsword which is quite larger than a normal shortsword or longsword, though it is not as large as the mighty ultra greatswords.

Statuesque Bell
Composite Bow
Composite Bow

Wiki DS2 WepCA 01.jpg

Short Thrusting Sword
Short Thrusting Sword

Dual Sickles
Wiki DS2 WepCA 04.jpg

Dwarf's Axe
Wiki DS2 WepCA 07.jpg
Obsidian/Black Halberd & Torso Cape Armor
Stone Knight Enemies

It is now known that the animation for the Halberd is different from the one seen in Dark Souls. Its regular attack is an overhead downwards swing with the second attack in the combo being a swift thrust forwards. The backstab animation for this weapon is the act of impaling someone through the back then pushing them onto the ground with the weapon and ripping it from their spine.

Charioteer's Mace
Wiki DS2 WepCA 06.jpg

Charioteer's Crossbow
Wiki DS2 WepCA 05.jpg

Corpse Catalyst
Wiki DS2 WepCA 03.jpg

Manacle Catalyst
Wiki DS2 WepCA 02.jpg

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