magomortu==== ====

Warrior(starting as sorcerer,but using strenght build)

Soul Memory/6234293

SL - 182

Looking for co-op,just starting ng,all DLC(Scholar of the first Sin)


Character name:El Lek



75,000 SM/ 47 SL

(I]ry major rise)

I'm on my first playthrough and I'm going at a happy rate, though I would be more than happy to participate in some Jolly Cooperation. Add/message me on Steam and I hope we can bask in fun and glory.

My character name is "Cleric Sandor"



SM 2799858

SL 162

NG+, No DLC currently, Sun Bro 4 lyf

Character name: Sorceress Vera



SM 2600000

SL 143

Planning on going to NG+ soon, looking for people to be regulars in fight clubs at the undead crypts 1st bonfire, and possibly some jolly cooperation.

Character name: Len Sherin


[IMPORTANT: due to reasons of safety people with private profiles will not be accepted,you can however reach me in skype under deniz.reincke and contact me there]


SM ~500000

SL 87

Im in New Game right now with about a day of work put into it, however i would both gladly take any help provided. I will also in my Duty as A Sunbro try and help everyone who needs a strong shield at their side. so yeah ADD/message me on steam/skype for some JOLLY COOPERATION.


Character name: Gardeth

This page now does exist and with hope it will be used well. Oh and don't forget PRAISE THE SUN!

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      I need some friends in dark souls 2, im struggling with a few bosses here and there, help would be greatly appreciated :)

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