This is a player created Build for Dark Souls II.

  • Build Name: The Fallen
  • Build Author: s1apsh0t
  • Starting Class: Deprived
  • Starting Gift: Petrified Something
  • Build Focus: PVE
  • Main Stats: Dex/Adp


Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Dagger
  • Left Hand: Rapier
  • Helmet: Imported Hood
  • Armor: Imported Cloak
  • Gauntlets: Imported Manchettes
  • Leggings: Imported Trousers
  • Spells: None
  • Rings: Ring of Binding; Ring of Steel Protection; Ring of Blades; Covetous Serpent Ring
  • Items: Any


Build Strategy

After playing through the game a few times, I've found this to be my favorite type of build. The story in Dark Souls II seems to be; you're just like every single enemy in the game, they all came to break the curse, and all fell, cursed to wander the area of their downfall, hungry for the souls you possess. The Red Phantoms in the game enforce this idea, as characters who once took the same journey as you, only to give up part way through. On this note, I've really enjoyed playing through the game in the clothes you start in, with common weapons. My fastest runthrough yet was with only a dagger and the imported set, however I ran into issues parrying some enemies with just the dagger. I solved that problem with this build. The rapier in the offhand not only adds a method of attack thats much better than the dagger earlygame, but you press the same button to parry as you would 2 handing the dagger, with more parry frames. This build is based around parries, and therefor you can switch the rapier for the parrying dagger, or anything else that parries instead of a heavy attack. Stats will come soon as I'm still rather earlygame myself in this run, however you should focus on getting ADP, DEX, and END to 15 before anything else, then focusing on getting your weight to under 25% and work on DEX scaling. (If someone could please help me put the image in the top right corner like most builds have, I'll come back and update the stats <3) Later Game you can add the Hunters Blackbow to your offhand, I enjoy using Magic/Lightning Arrows, and if you dont imbue the bow you get S dex scaling at +10.

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