The moonlight marauders is a covenant based on pve and pvp elements. We are both helpful and harmful and require some proof of either your helpfulness or hurtfulness. We stand by the blue sentinels and way of blue. We stand ready to be summoned to help newcomers or our very own. But we also have a dark side, invading our own and the people who simply don't want invaders. Here are the following requirements and ranks..

Footmen- people seeking membership

Squire- wearing knight set, be in way of blue or blue sentinels.

Knight- elite knight set, 30 tokens of fidelity or 15 of spite

Regal- imperious set, 50 tokens of fidelity regrinded or 20 spite

Warmaster-mad warrior set, 55 fidelity tokens regrinded or 25 spite. -only one member can reach this rank, can be replaced if found unworthy.

And here are ranks for mages

Novice- 25 tokens of fidelity or 20 of spite, demonstrate spell skill at founders 

Apprentice- 35 tokens of fidelity regrinded or 25 of spite , proof of skill improvement

Magister- 50 fidelity regrinded or 30 spite, another show of improvement

Visionary- 55 fidelity or spite (do not have to regain them), defeat each of the three founders with just magic.


Pvp events

  1. Challenge the founders- must be sm 7mil or up and meet at exile cells in bastille
  2. Fight clubs in lost bastille exile cells bonfire

DO not cheat the system of acquiring tokens of spite

DO not heal unless your opponent heals

DO not be a*****to your own, not cool


Our hub area is located in lost bastille at the exile holding cells bonfire, apply there.


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