Main Screen/HUD | How to View Minimum Required Stats and Bonus Params

Main Screen/HUD

  1. HP Bar: Current Hitpoints (life force). This decreases as the player is damaged until it reaches zero causing death.HP will recover if you rest at a bonfire, use a healing spell or a healing item such as the Estus Flask.
  2. Stamina Bar: Current amount of Stamina. This decreases as the player performs actions such as: attacking, running, blocking, rolling jumping etc. When it reaches zero, the player will be unable to perform actions that require stamina. Stamina automatically recovers over time.
  3. Equipment Boosts: Current boost's from the players equipment. Under the Stamina Bar there may be an icon showing that you have a boost status from something you have equipped. Usually, these boosts are mainly given by equipped rings.
  4. Covenant Icon: Current Covenant.
  5. State Icon: Sometimes special capacity increases will be reflected here when the player is under a specific state.
  6. Equipment Icon: Currently equipped weapons, armor, spells and items. The player can switch easily with the D-pad:
    Up: Spell
    Down: Item
    Left: Left Hand Weapon
    Right: Right Hand Weapon
  7. Soul Count: Current souls the player has.

How to View Minimum Required Stats and Bonus Params

  1. Open the Equipment screen
  2. Select a slot in which to equip a weapon (e.g., Right Weapon 1)
  3. From here, you can scroll through any weapons you have and view the minimum stat requirements and bonus params at the bottom of the UI

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