Upper Earthen Peak

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Bonfire Location:

Located in Earthen Peak.

Starting at the central earthen peak bonfire, continue through the level normally until you encounter the area with a Desert Sorceress and a Suspicious Shadow to the right, and a pit and stairs with two Grave Wardens on the left. In front of you there will be a lit staircase. Follow the staircase up, take a left going up more stairs, another left towards some pots, and finally a right. To the right of you will be a hidden wall. Behind this wall will be the Upper Earthen Peak bonfire.



Bonfire Ascetic Use:

Burning a bonfire ascetic here respawns the following items/enemies/bosses:


  • Boss: Mytha, the Baneful Queen
  • Poison Stone on the skeleton before the boss room, inside the poison if you have not burned the windmill.
  • Chest containing a Petrified Something, behind the illusory wall next to the bonfire.
  • Small smooth and silky stone on the room with the Mimic and the Door of Pharros.


  • Mimic (along with its treasure when you kill him).
  • Red Phantom next to the bonfire.
  • All the Poison Horn Beetles on Mimic's room.
  • 2 Grave Wardens guarding the boss room.

Burning a bonfire ascetic here spawns the following new items/enemies:

  • Grave Warden on Mimic's room.
  • Another Grave Warden behind the two that guard the boss room.


  • Confirmed 7 Poison Horn Beetles in Mimic's room before and after bonfire ascetic


Special Notes:

There is a black phantom enemy who guards the room above the boss, wielding a Full Moon Sickle and Brigand's armor. He can drop the armor at +5 (random drops, weapon too maybe?). Also, behind him there are two illusory walls, one with the bonfire of Upper Earthen Peak and another one with a chest containing a Petrified Something.

Notable Summoning/PvP Spots:

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