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Fight Clubs are a popular type of community event in many of the game in the Souls Series. They consist of numerous spirits being summoned to the world of a host and fighting one and other. Typically, a host will designate the arena by using Prism Stones and will proceed to summon several spirits. Usually Dark Spirits will be summoned through their Darksign or will invade the world of the host normally. White Phantoms can also be summoned to participate, although this is noticeably rarer. Additionally, a host may choose to wear the Delicate String ring in order to increase the likely hood of them getting invaded by addition Dark Spirits. Once there is a sufficient number of spirits, two will enter the fighting area and proceed to battle. The losing spirit will be vanquished, however they can easily by summon by the host again. The winning spirit will then return to the host to receive healing. Fight Club etiquette indicates that the host of the Fight Club should always have Warmth in order to heal other players when they have finished battling. Dark Spirits are continually summoned and subsequently vanquished in battle at some point. This allows for Fight Clubs to be run no stop for very long periods of time. By using items to replenish their spells, hosts can maintain the Warmth Pyromancy for quite some time, allowing the Fight Club to go onward.


Fight Club etiquette consists of rules that are generally agreed upon by the community. Several examples are listed below.
  • Standard PvP rules and etiquette still apply to Fight Clubs. White Phantoms should not use Estus, players should use an emote to indicate that they are ready to fight, and so on.
  • The host should not be killed unless they actively designate that they would like to participate in a battle.
  • If two players are fighting, one should not attempt to disrupt their fight by damaging one of the players, getting in the way of the players, healing one or both of the players, or doing anything else that would alter the outcome of the fight.
  • Unless a player has designated that they want to participate in a fight, you should not attack them.
  • If you are attacked by a player accidentally then you should not attempt to seek vengeance. If you are attacked by a player in jest then you should avoid the player and if they continue to harass you then you may attack them if you fear for your safety.
  • If you witness another player attempt to kill someone who has not designated that they would like to fight them, then you and other members of the Fight Club should attempt to damage or possibly kill them so that they cannot disrupt the event further.
  • While not required, hosts are urged to use Prism Stones to designate that they are hosting a Fight Club.
  • Hosts should always be prepared to heal other players with warmth once they have finished battling.
  • If you are the first spirit to be summoned to a potential Fight Club then you should not kill the host. If no other spirit is summoned after several minutes then you should indicate that you want to fight the host before proceeding to do so.
  • Fight Clubs are meant to be fun and entertaining so do what you can to ensure that this is the case


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