Shrine of Amana

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NPCs in the area

  1. Felicia the Brave


  • Homing Crystal Soul Mass
  • Estus flask shard
  • Item


  • Mages
  • Archdrake warriors
  • Water-dwelling humanoid fish people
  • Mushroom Children
  • Mushroom Parent
  • Boss: Boss Page Link


You get to this area after defeating the Looking Glass Knight in Drangleic Castle. You go down an elevator which leads to some tunnels with vines, and then to the Shrine of Amana. There's a bonfire as soon as you get there - there's also a few treasures lying around before you descend. After descending to the bottom, you'll want to walk on the pathway until you get the end. Any, by the way, don't stray too far in the water, some of it is 'deep' and you'll just fall down and die. If you feel the need to transverse the water for treasure, look down to see some kind of floor, or if you light your torch it makes it infinitely easier to see. On the way, you'll see the "water-dwelling humanoid fish people" that I have aptly described. They have a VERY small aggro range, so if you decide to just ignore the ones close to the walkway then be wary that one may be following you. In my experience, they seem to be very resistant to lightning damage, despite being water dwelling beings. A chop or two with a weapon and they'll die. They have a fairly high chance of dropping Human Effigies, so it's worth killing any you see, as they don't pose much of a threat. You'll soon reach a hut with a woman inside it, exhaust her text and you'll get a smooth and silky stone. Leaving that house, continue on the pathway to the cave in the distance. On the way there, there will be some more water people and some Knights (of some kind). They, on the other hand, have a very big aggro range, so I'd just pull one at a time. They also hit very hard and can combo you, so don't be greedy: they're easy to kill, but they'll easily kill you. In this cave there's a few more of the water creatures and a fog gate at the end.
The fog gate leads to another area, and now there'll be some NPCs that you'll just love. They are mages that can target you from lightyears away. They shoot like a homing soul arrow, except it travels very slowly, allowing you to anticipate it (as well as seeing it from a mile away, literally) and defend yourself as needed. Seems okay, right? No. There will be multiple mages attacking you from different angles, so it can get tricky. Unless you have a shield that works well against magic, your best bet is to roll to avoid these soul arrows, but this becomes quite tricky when there's two of them targeting you at once. "Don't give up!" You can go behind pillars and whatnot for a safe spot for you to heal, or to pre-emptively cast a spell. Oh, and they are easily sniped, since the don't move at all. And remember, there are still some water-creatures about - especially just beside the bonfire as soon as you leave, one will attack you - so be careful. Once you get to the end, you'll enter another area similar to the first. Same deal, water-monsters and the mages. There's also one of those one eyed hippo things on the far side of what looks like the wreckage of a colosseum - you'll know what I mean when you see it. You can far cast or deal with it however. You can also just not engage it, by sticking to the left side of the area.
If you do kill the hippo cyclops, be aware that behind it there's an area that looks like open water with a colonnade leading away from the main path. There is a very narrow and difficult to see path you can take to follow this colonnade to the end without falling - you will need definitely need a torch. There is also a mage at the end of the colonnade, and she's a real hassle to fight because of your extremely restricted mobility. Inch closer to her by moving from column to column, then kill her. your Your reward will be an Estus Flask Shard and Sunlight Blade, an exceptionally powerful miracle.
Continuing further, you'll reach a small house which you can use as your base of operations (no bonfire, sadly). Even better, though, is an NPC summon: Felicia the Brave. She's an absolute baller - she has an obscene amount of health and quickly dispatches enemies that she comes across. If you're apprehensive about continuing or want that extra bit of help (believe me, it's worth it), then definitely summon her. Following that, continue on the path: you should see a fog gate. This isn't a boss, don't worry. But just as bad, there are quite a few mages, as well as many knights that can swarm on you and easily destroy you. Thankfully you may have Felicia, which makes this part a lot easier.
When you reach the end of that part, you'll come across another bonfire in another cave - it's in a big indentation to the left as you walk in. After that; still in the cave, there will be some mushroom children and also a mushroom parent - or probably a mushroom grandparent (it may actually be some kind of insect, think Parasect from Pokemon) - who just sits there and exhumes armour-degrading dust, so don't stand near it - or if you have to melee it, just quickly learn the pattern so you can easily kill it - it has about 1k or so health. Now comes the tricky part. Upon leaving this area, you'll be faced with two mages who are in close proximity of each other. They're more than likely to wreck your shit if you're too greedy. There's a lot of treasure in this puddle-area, so it's worth pillaging - just remember to watch out for the water-monsters. After that, continue through the path lined with pillars and you'll see a third mage. This is the last mage of the area, so rejoice and slay her mercilessly. Congratulations - you just reached the end of the area.

Now comes the boss - the Demon of Song. It's extremely easy.


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