Demon of Song

HP 6,500 (Standard Game)
Weakness Lightning, Dark
Resistance ?

The Demon of Song is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Demon of Song Information 

Demon of Song is a boss in Dark Souls 2. A giant, grotesque frog demon with a corpse skull and arms protruding from the sides of its mouth, and a long tail.
Upon entering the boss area you can find the Demon of Song sitting and waiting, as if to lure prey in. The face will use its corpse arms to pull the upper and lower jaw of its body together to hide and protect itself, whilst making itself look like as if it is imitating an actual frog.

  • When the demon developed a taste for human flesh, it was contained within the Shrine of Amana, but the line of priestesses who looked after the shrine and appeased the creature have died off.









Counter Measures

Charge Squats and then thrusts with its back legs to charge forward, sliding through the water towards the player with a surprisingly large hit area.  
Body Slam Boss will raise up high on its hind legs and attempt to land on the player, crushing them.  
Grab Uses both of its corpse arms to attempt to grab the player if they are close by.  
Slap He will smack its hands or legs on the ground towards the closest player. A slow attack with usually two slaps (if you side roll he will swipe twice, first from left then from right), preceded by the Demon of Song raising its hands. Note that he may use a slap attack also while he is closed; in this case the range is shorter since he will use the 'frog's arms, also he will hit blindly in front of and near him  
Water Spit Boss will lift its head slightly up as if taking a breath in, and then spit out a large amount of water that travels forward quite a distance 1-3 times.  
Escape The boss jumps up high backwards to release from any heavy player attacks. Sometimes it's also preparing for Body Slam.  

NPC Summons

Felicia the Brave can be summoned for this encounter. Her summon sign is located a fair distance away from the fog gate, just after the Crumbled Ruins bonfire, in a small circular room.


The Demon of Song is quite slow in its attacks and easily telegraphs, with many opportunities to attack.

Melee Strategy

The best way to kill this boss, if you're melee, is to not use the lock on feature and to just position yourself in front of the him (preferably where his arms reach maximum length). When he goes in for a melee attack, he will always follow it up with one more strike or grab. Quickly, after the boss finishes its second melee attack, close in to his face and hit as many slashes or smashes as you can, (You can also hit his arms) after hitting a few shots, always go back to your initial position and repeat the same process. It is also recommended to equip a Chloranthy Ring as it makes stamina recovery faster, when blocking consecutive hits.
Sometimes he will use water spit if you are a bit too far, so to avoid this just roll out of his aim as he does this 3 consecutive times depending on what side you are rolling to. When the boss actually decides to jump out backwards, quickly sprint over to where his head is and repeat the same position strategy. If you get too close to him while his lining up another attack, this attack will most likely be a grab/hug, to avoid getting caught in this move, simply just roll backwards until he executes the attack.

  • It is advisable to wear any piece of armour with high physical defence, as most of the attacks are melee related.

Alternatively, you can stand just stick to his face , when the 'opening' animation start step back (or roll back) out of his attack range and, once his attack is over, charge. Once he close himself stay in position and repeat (you can either use or avoid lock since the 'opening' animation last enaught for you to get out of range). This way he will stay where he is and you will have him keep using a 2 slam attack and rarely the grab but you can just use the same tactic: step back and attack once he's closing. If he jump backwards follow him. Only notes is that he might still use the body slam, this time while stepping back also mouve on the left or on the right and you should easily avoid him and finding yourself close to his face. I tested this tactic by far more than once and and i've never seen his split. If well executed can let you win untuched (with not even blocking anything tho it's better being redy to rise the shield while stepping back, just for precaution). If you get hit don't rush and wait for him to execute his next attack: once out of range, heal; since after the attack he will always close himself you'll have plenty of time.

Alternate Melee Strategy

If going solo, ensure you have a shield with 100 physical defence. Keep yourself just outside the fighting arc of the boss and constantly circle it using lock on. When it 'stands' to do it's body slam, continue to circle, moving backwards as you do and raise your shield. The boss will most likely miss (if you are hit, your shield/stamina will take the full force so long as you've moved enough). After this move, it's susceptible to 4-5 hits before it regains its footing. Repeat this and with a decent weapon (I used a magic mace+10) the fight should be over in 5-6 cycles. It's not the fastest method, but for a pure melee build, it's one of the safest.
This will avoid the grab attack (Which can do ~750dmg in NG) completely as you'll never be close enough while it's attacking. If the boss uses the Water spit, continue to circle and raise your shield. The third spray will hit your shield but again, won't cause you anything more than stamina loss. Because of the distance you're maintaining, the boss won't try to use it's escape unless you overdo your attacks. During the body slam, be careful of rolling as if you screw it up, you're dead.

Ranged Strategy (Cleric, Mage, Archer)

At the start of the encounter, just after entering the fog, the boss is shown just standing at the other end of the cave with its jaws open. This will make it easy to hit 1 - 2 arrows or spells right at the start, giving you a health advantage. When engaging in the actual fight with the boss, use the melee aggro method (melee positioning strategy) to bait his attacks. All you have to do is make sure you position yourself just in front of the boss a bit further away from his arm's reach. As soon as the boss decides to attack you, roll away at a distance and fire away spells and arrows directly to his head or arms. The miracle Sunlight Blade (or any type of lightning based damage) is incredibly helpful.

Video Strategy:



  • The boss cannot be harmed when he retracts his jaws.
  • Lunge attacks may easily hit his body and therefore bounce on him even while he is open
  • Two soul geysers will make the fight easier.
  • It's very weak against lightning.
  • It's also very weak to dark, tested with +10 Magic Sorcerer's Staff at NG+.
  • You can only damage the boss by hitting its face or arms.
  • Watch when the boss tries to "stand" up because it may either be a full fatal body slam or just a block-breaking nudge.
  • For a melee approach, use a shield that grants 100% physical block as it makes recovering easier.
  • Spells such as Fire Storm and Scraps of Life have a very low chance to hit
  • You can Poison it before the fight starts if you start firing arrows the second you get through the fog gate. I was able to get five shots off before he got his mask down. His health continued to drain after the mask was down, but numbers were not showing up on the screen. This also works with toxic cloud type spells



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