User-made Covenants

This page features covenants created for the purposes of roleplay by Dark Souls II players. They are not official and are listed here for fellow players to find allegiances and collaborate or coordinate pvp.
If you would like to discuss these covenants, check out the dedicated User-made Covenant Subforum.

Moonlight Marauders

The moonlight marauders is a covenant based on pve and pvp elements. We are both helpful and harmful and require some proof of either your helpfulness or hurtfulness. We stand by the blue sentinels and way of blue. We stand ready to be summoned to help newcomers or our very own. But we also have a dark side, invading our own and the people who simply don't want invaders. Here are the following requirements and ranks..

Footmen- people seeking membership

Squire- wearing knight set, be in way of blue or blue sentinels.

Knight- elite knight set, 30 tokens of fidelity or 15 of spite

Regal- imperious set, 50 tokens of fidelity regrinded or 20 spite

Warmaster-mad warrior set, 55 fidelity tokens regrinded or 25 spite. -only one member can reach this rank, can be replaced if found unworthy.

And here are ranks for mages

Novice- 25 tokens of fidelity or 20 of spite, demonstrate spell skill at founders 

Apprentice- 35 tokens of fidelity regrinded or 25 of spite , proof of skill improvement

Magister- 50 fidelity regrinded or 30 spite, another show of improvement

Visionary- 55 fidelity or spite (do not have to regain them), defeat each of the three founders with just magic.


Pvp events

Challenge the founders- must be sm 7mil or up and meet at exile cells in bastille
Fight clubs in lost bastille exile cells bonfire
DO not cheat the system of acquiring tokens of spite

DO not heal unless your opponent heals

DO not be a*****to your own, not cool


Our hub area is located in lost bastille at the exile holding cells bonfire, apply there.

Founder gamertags




All on ps3


Honorable Samurai

Sir Alonne is our leader, and we are his underlings, we must duel to make us quicker and stronger in battle, only then can we please our lord.
-Must own Crown of the Old Iron King and Crown of the Ivory King DLC
-Wear Alonne's armour (Helmet is excluded, you can wear any non-owned helmets, like no Cale's Helmet or Crowns) and the Ring of The Living is a must
-Must use a Katana, although reserve the Bewitched Alonne Sword, that will come later.
-Must be honorable during duels, you must do the normal bow before the fight, and if you host, all healing items are banned (but spells are ok)
-No enchanting your Katana, one must not hinder the looks of it.
-Never use a shield, shields are for the weak. (never have something in your offhand, if you have a staff/etc, put it away until needed)
-Must always have a Katana in it's "hilt" (put it at your side and 2h your fist) while you're not fighting.
-And lastly, if you're health goes too low, and the Seppuku stab will kill you, you must quick swap your katana out to the Bewitched Sword and commit hara-kiri/Seppuku, it's the only honorable way to die.

Shepherds of the Sun
- Recommended to be an heir of the sun, otherwise the title makes less sense
- Use whatever equipment you want
- No trolling host players
- Leave you summon sign near bonfires or at the entrances to areas
- Guide your host through the area, showing them secrets, short-cuts and items
- Be a teacher and a helpful player
- Contact Decker ( ) on steam if you wish to join.This is a prestigious order, after all

The Nights' Watch
- Must run this build at all times Taking The Black.
- Protect your allies and defeat your enemies.
- Join the Blue Sentinels' Covenant.
- Punish sinners and protect those that need it.

Mirror Squires
-Only invade worlds through the Mirror Knight (Use red sign in hallway before boss)
-Preferably bring along AoE heals (Warmth, bountiful sunlight, etc) to heal both yourself and your lord, the Mirror knight

Dark Hunters
- Must be wearing Dark Set
- Focus on PvP play after NG+

Embers of Chaos
-Always have at least one Chaos pyromancy.
-Focus on anything to make one "become" the flame.

Undead Kinship
-You must join the Blue Sentinels, and equip one name-engraved ring, set for Kremmel, God of Struggle.
-Help each other out by summoning one another in duress, and face the calamity of the worlds ire together.

The Steady Handers
- For the glory of our lord, McDuff.
- Preferred weapon of choice: Craftman's Hammer
- Preferred Miracle of choice: Emit force/Wrath of the Gods.
-As a PvP or PvE phantom, keep yelling :
"Be Gone!" as you proceed to kill any enemy and/or player.
- If you're defeated say:
"flame dear flame" or any other variation, for example: " flan dear flan"
-Ask yourself this: "What would McDuff do?"

Soul Ambassadors
-Use Red Sign Soapstone or Red Eye Orb and armor of your choice. The Zweihander, Uchigatana, Rapier, and Claymore are common weapons of Soul Ambassadors, but have been seen using all kinds
-Focus on willing PvP, that is, fight people who want to fight you. For DS1, this means invade in PvP areas, such as Darkroot Garden or Oolacile Township, or use the Red Sign Soapstone in DS2
-Mainly, the Ambassadors occupy Lordran, but have been spotted in Drangleic as well
-Contact PSN Dastardly72 for more information

Way of Gavlan
-You wheel.
-You deal.
-You make many, many soul.
-Covenant ring: Covetous Silver Serpent Ring (best one you have)
-Equipment that increases soul yield is preferred wear, but wear the Gyrm Warrior Set if you wish to let others know of your wheeling, dealing ways.
-When you are victorious as a phantom, chug your remaining Estus before you despawn.

Knights of Catarina
- Mmm… Hrmmmmm…
- Oh-hoh! Your first step on your way to becoming a proud Knight of Catarina is to exclusively wear the full Catarina set,
as should be obvious! You will surely find yourself admiring the armor's skillfully crafted, strategic design in due time!

- Focus on co-op, 'tis the fate of vanguards like you and I. We can overcome this, together!
- Use only the most jovial of gestures! Welcome, Bow, Warm-Up, Righty-Ho, and Praise the Sun!
- Bonus points for wielding a Zweihander, Bastard Sword, Broadsword or Crossbow. They are simple, yet wondrously efficient in battle!
- Small shields such as parmas are the preferred choice, since there's sadly no Pierce Shield this time around.
- If you are a miracle user, make sure to equip Emit Force. It'll put your opponents in quite a pickle!

- If you happen to have duplicates of the Catarina set, spread them around! Allies, enemies, it doesn't matter. Anyone you encounter, if they desire to become a fellow Onionbro, they should be gifted with this beautiful set of armor, or at least the knowledge of where to obtain it.

Covenant of Death
- Wear the Dark Mask, Robe of Judgment, any dark colored gauntlets, and the Tights of Judgment.
- Use the Cracked Red eye orb to invade other worlds, in their world, you must kill them like a ninja. Hide in the shadows, then come out and destroy them.
- After, send a message to them saying "Dark in a everyone's weakness"

-Wear Dark Mask and kings (Vendricks) armour set
-Must be in NG+++ or higher
-No Co-Oping, must invade or summon invaders
-Cannot use Soceries at all
PSN: opFuk

Obsidian Lords

May all men and false gods pay for what they have done. Take up arms fellow dragons and let us take are vengeance on those that hurt or dishonor dragons.
-dedicated dragon lore cov
-Can join any covenant in order to gain items
-can use any weapon, spell, or armor
-Need Dragon body for events
-variety of cov events
-To join go to the sub forum here

The Cosplay Covenant

You must cosplay as a character, be it from anime, movies, tv shows and the like, or other games.

1. try to think "what would do" with being your character
2 Wear chloranthy ring *Not sure if spelled right plz help*

Ps3 leader PSN v

Xbox 360 leader Gamertag
Justice Veon11
Steam leader NA

Clerics of Sin

We are the true servants of Nahr Alma. We endlessly hunt the Undead and thirst for blood much, much deeper than a common follower. We do not simply want to turn this world red with it, we will have the entire universe run crimson! Follow the First Cleric of Sin, as you murder your foes without mercy!

-Wear the Dark Mask with any type Robe Set (Titchy Gren's Set counts)

-Wear the Blood Covenant Ring and the Name Engraved Ring (must pick Nahr Alma)

-Wield a Scythe, Sickle, Whip, Witchtree Chime, Witchtree Staff, Dark Pyromancy Flame (You may only use Hexes and Pyromancy)

-Optional: You must be Hollow

-Must be in the Brotherhood of Blood

-Must kill Cromwell, the Pardoner


-To join, you must be in Rank 1 of the Brotherhood of Blood and have 10 Tokens of Spite

-If you fail our Master in a Duel or Invasion (go below 16% health), you must use the "Incinerate" Pyromancy

-When you win a Duel or Invasion, you must use the use the Decapitate Gesture

-Comment on this page if you wish to join.

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