Weapon Attack Rating & Scaling Calculator for Dark Souls II is a tool to calculate your damage output per weapon based on your Stats. This is updated for Crown of the Ivory King.


Weapon Attack Rating & Scaling Calculator by Naeeli



1. Put your stats in the yellow boxes on the first tab. (Please don't mess with other boxes if you want it to work)
2. Switch between tabs to find the weapon you want.
3. ???
4. Profit!

If you don't like the size (even I find clicking the arrows to move between tabs frustrating), here is a link to a full size version.
. Will open in a new tab.


  • The weapons listed are at MAXIMUM reinforcement (so +10 or +5 for twinkling/boss weapons)
  • This is only for NON-INFUSED weapons as infused weapons follow different rules.
  • This also does not take into account if you don't have the stats to wield a weapon. (I'm lazy and haven't done the research for that.)
  • If a weapon is not on here it either has no scaling or it is Ruler's Greatsword, Dark Pyromancy Flame, Lost Sinner's Sword, or Curved Nil Greatsword.
  • The reason these four weapons aren't on this list is because they have their own modifiers outside of the base stats which affect bonus damage so I couldn't calculate them on this. (Working on a solution for Curved Nil Greatsword)
  • Staff of Amana assumes you are human otherwise there is a damage cut. (Unknown how much).
  • Chime of Scream's faith bonus varies depending on your faith, working on this but for now you'll need to know your final faith value.
  • Sorcerer's Twinblade is not listed because while it has scaling, the amount it adds is tiny ( +7 AR at 99 strength and 99 dexterity). Magic/Dark AR does not scale.
  • Weapons Part 1 has daggers, straight swords, greatswords, and ultra greatswords.
  • Weapons Part 2 has curved swords, curved greatswords, katanas, thrusting swords, axes, and greataxes.
  • Weapons Part 3 has hammers, great hammers, spears, and halberds.
  • Weapons Part 4 has reapers, lances, twinblades, whips, fist weapons, bows, and greatbows.
  • Elemental Weapons has any weapon with non-physical damage and the pyromancy flame.
  • Catalysts has staves and chimes.
  • If you have any questions, comments, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, or if any of the data is incorrect, you can send a private message to Naeeli on the fextralife forums. Make sure you mention the calculator in the subject line.

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